Keira (Solo 9Q)

After you have read a few posts about Keira I think it is time you get to know her a little better by taking a look at her character sheet. This post is my first try to add a file into a post, so let’s see how this goes.

I created the character with the D&D Insider online character builder and as you can see, I have to admit I did a little min-maxing as AC 18 is pretty good for a 1st level Wizard wearing only cloth armor. I dropped her strength somewhat but thanks to her melee training feat she can use her intelligence modifier for basic attacks with her staff. Let’s see if she survives because honestly, even though I started the session quite a while ago, I will finish it live here on this blog since I am not quite at Q9. Who knows, maybe Keira doesn’t make it. However, my philosophy is let the dice fall where they may. With no chance of failure there is no sense of accomplishment. Also, if I would fudge the dice results I might as well just write a fantasy story, since the gamist aspect would be gone.