Keira’s adventure continues with Q5 of the 9Qs…

5. How can any heroic gains from the results of Question 4 suddenly be undermined as new information about the true face/scheme/power of the enemy becomes known?

Be the GM first: Use the random idea generator to inspire an evolution of the threats and then roll a d6 twice for an encounter featuring (1-2) betrayal, (3-4) revelation, and/or (5-6) combat. Be the player next: Use the heroes’ abilities to respond to the threats as per their heroic motivation and the RPG’s rules. Be the GM once more: Close the encounter by resolving NPC reactions to the heroes.

Symbol rolled: Stairs leading underground. Interpretation: Keira discovers some kind of cave or underground complex. This game isn’t called Dungeons & Dragons for nothing 🙂 Encounter type: Revelation (rolled it twice)

Keira discovers a small trail leading away from the clearing into the woods. She sets out to follow it.

Has her messenger stone been discovered? (somewhat likely) No.

While moving, she activates her messenger stone:

“Master, the worst has come true. Our own society has been infiltrated by our enemies. I was deceived, attacked and poisoned by one of our own. Seldrin. He is in league not only with the servants of Vecna but also with the Drow. You must warn everybody but you can’t trust anybody. Who knows how far this treachery reaches. I managed to escape and I am now trying to locate Seldrin to learn more about all of this. Don’t worry about me. You have trained me well.”

After a few minutes, Keira reaches another small clearing. Not so much a clearing but a space where some trees stand farther apart, leaving some room between them. Within this small area she sees the crumbled remains of a structure which might have been a small church or cathedral at some time. However, only a few broken pillars, a stone archway and crumbled pieces of wall, covered in moss and fungus, is all that remains now. Keira stops and listens.

Perception vs. DC 15, roll 19+0, success.

From somewhere within the structure she hears very faint noises that sound like chanting. Cautiously she continues, grasping her staff firmly. As she reaches the structure the chanting gets louder. Some kind of ritual chanting! She tries to locate the source and discovers a circular stone stairway in the corner of two crumbled wall remnants which leads underground. The chanting is definitely coming from down there. Without a second thought Keira descends down the stairs into the darkness.

The darkness does not stay dark for long as the flickering light from torches or fires can be seen, originating from somewhere at the end of the stairway, casting ghostly shadows at the stone wall.

Stealth vs. 12, roll 3+6, failure.

Keira was so focused on what might lie ahead that didn’t pay attention to her surroundings. As she takes her next step, a loose piece of stone from the step ahead breaks away and rolls and bounces down the stairway, all the way down to the end.

Is it noticed over the chanting? I’ll give it a 40% chance. 87. No, lucky me.

Keira surpresses a curse and freezes in place, stops breathing….but the chanting continues.

Cursing herself again for letting her get so distracted she reminds herself to focus and peaks around the last curve of the stairway into a large chamber.

To see what the chamber contains and to determine what exactly is going on, I am randomly drawing two story cubes from the remaining four in the bag and roll a musical note and a snake. That fits beautifully…the story cubes go back into the bag, since I will still need them for the last Qs.

What she sees makes her shiver:

The chamber clearly is a ritual chamber. Stone pillars lead up to a rune covered stone altar. Before the altar, a magic circle is engraved in the floor, currently glowing faintly in a dark green. Forming a square aroung the circle, four persons are standing around the circle, wearing brown robes. Their eyes closed, they seem in some sort of trance while there are chanting unspeakable tunes, rocking their bodies back and forth. Behind the altar, facing Keira and the entrance to the chamber are two figures. One of them is Seldrin. The other one is a Drow priestess! Both of them are fully concentrated. Keira can see the effort they are exerting.

In the center of the arcane circle, a green fog starts to rise out of which seemingly hundreds of snakes and serpents start to converge and entangle with each other, slowly taking the shape of a large humanoid figure…

That was a pretty quick but still tense session. Quick because it didn’t have any combat. Let’s face it: D&D 4e combats do take a while, even if they are fun. However, I really like how the adventure develops. At the start of the whole adventure I didn’t have any clue of what might happen. I find it interesting to see how the story developed out of a completely random adventure seed and random dice rolls to a somewhat concise story. While the other sessions have been played a while ago, this session was played “live” today (26.10.2013) using a very handy new online word-processor thingy I stumbled upon at Grewulf’s Lair called quib. I am curious what the remaining Qs have in store for me.