After Keira’s demise I will start a new Star Wars Edge of the Empire solo campaign live here on this blog. I already started one campaign but like Keira my hero perished while dropping off some smuggled contraband in a rocky canyon as he got attacked by a large Rock Dragon (a relative of the Krayt Dragon who prefers rocky canyons to deserts). It was my first time trying out EotE however and I think I didn’t get the encounter balance right the first time. So lets see if I do better now. But before I can start I need to do a little prep work and generate a random space sector as a sandbox to play in and of course a new hero.

So, first things first. I am using the EotE Beginner Box as a stand-alone rules light system and I have made up my own character generation rules by looking at the stats of the included pre-gens to get them right balance wise. Here they are:

Homemade character generation rules:


These rules are not compatible with the core rulebook. I am using the Beginner Game as a rules-light stand-alone rpg system and these rules are intended to create characters for that purpose.

1. Assign ability scores: Every character gets 15 points to distribute between the six ability scores. A score needs to have a minimum value of 1 and can have a maximum of value of 5. Ability scores can’t be increased after character generation.

2. Determine wound and strain threshold: Wounds are 10 + Brawn, Strain is 10 + Willpower.

3. Determine basic soak: soak = brawn

4. Choose career skills: There are no fixed classes. Choose 8 skills that fit your character concept and mark them as career skills.

5. Distribute skill points: Starting characters get 10 points to distribute between all skills. One skill point buys one rank in the skill. You can purchase a maximum of two ranks for a career skill and a maximum of one rank for a non career skill at character creation. These values might by adjusted by racial bonuses (see below).

4. Choose race: Pick one of the following or create your own.

Humans get +1 career skill and +1 skill point at character creation.

Wookies get +4 wound threshold and +1 rank in Brawl.

Bothans get +1 rank in Stealth and +1 rank in Streetwise.

Trandoshans get +1 soak (natural armor) and +1 rank in Brawl.

Twi’leks get +1 rank in Knowledge and +1 rank in Charm.

Rodians get +1 rank in Survival and +1 rank in Streetwise.

Duros get +1 rank in Pilot and +1 rank in Astrogation.

Sullustans get +1 rank in Astrogation and +1 rank in Perception.

Droids get +2 skill points and droid traits (no need to sleep, eat, breathe etc. Immunity to poison, disease, heat, cold etc.)

As a rule of thumb a race does not provide an ability bonus but a bonus to certain skills.

5. Choose one starting talent from the available talent trees in the Beginner Game. You don’t need to worry about class restrictions. Choose what fits the concept.

6. Spend up to 1000 credits on starting equipment. You start with your leftover cash + 300 credits pocket money.

That’s it. You can advance your character as described in the Beginner Game rulebook by using XP to buy skill ranks or talents.

So why use the EotE-system and not another edition of a Star Wars RPG?

1. Because it’s shiny and new :-).

2. Because it uses a dice pool mechanic which is geared towards supporting narrative play.

3. Because combat is handled in a more narrative and abstract fashion without the need for miniatures or maps, which will make the sessions go smoother (I hope) as I can just type everything and roll the dice in between.

4. The same goes for equipment and other stuff which can be used by just adding boost dice to the dice pool depending on the situation and equipment used. No long lists of modifiers and stats.

Because I like playing scoundrels and smugglers flying hot junk freighters I will create a human smuggler named Cal Ozan. I will go with the following ability scores:

Brawn 2, Agility 4, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 2, Presence 2

I will be a Human so I get 9 career skills and 11 skill points. I choose the following skills as career skills:

Astrogation, Pilot, Streetwise, Ranged (light), Gunnery, Skulduggery, Mechanics, Deceit, Perception

I distribute my points as follows:

Pilot 2

Ranged (light) 2

Astrogation 2

Streetwise 2

Deceit 2

Perception 1

Wounds 12, Strain 12, Soak 3 (includes heavy clothing)

Talent: Natural Jockey


heavy blaster pistol (DL-44): medium range, 7 damage, critical 3, stun setting

heavy clothing (heavy leather jacket, padded pants, leather boots, pullover): soak 1



2 stimpacks (restores 4 wounds, one use item)

2 extra reloads (cancels an out of ammo result, one use item)

300 credits cash

beaten YT-1300 transport

Next I need to create a space sector:

I will play this campaign as a sandbox campaign and will limit myself to one space sector for now, which I will create randomly. I am using this hexpaper template which has hundred hexes:×10-Hex-Grid

It is free 🙂

Now I will fill twenty hexes with randomly generated content by rolling a d20 twenty times, using the following chart:

1-12: planetary system (determine world tag for each system)

13-14: asteroid belt (1: light, 2: medium, 3: dense field, use 1d3)

15-16: space nebula (1: light, 2: medium, 3: dense nebula, use 1d3)

17-18: space station (1-2: civilian, 3-4: pirates, 5-6: military)

19: space debris field (1: light, 2: medium, 3: dense, use 1d3)

20: hidden base (1-3: rebels, 4-5: smugglers or pirates, 6: military)

The content will be placed in a random hex determined by rolling 2d10, one for the column and one for the hex in that column.

After twenty rolls I got the following results:

13 planetary systems, three asteroid belts (one light, one medium, one dense), two civilian space stations, one hidden rebel base, one medium nebula

Every planetary system will get a name and a world tag from the following table (1d12):

1: metropolitan trade hub

2: breadbasket

3: wretched hive of scum and villany

4: military stronghold

5: struggling backwater planet

6: untamed wilderness

7: recreational resort

8: heavy industry

9: natural resources

10: religious enclave

11: warzone

12: devastated by war, natural disaster or industrial accident

The world tag is all that is needed at first, to get a general idea of what the planet is about. Further detail will be provided once the planet is visited and explored by the hero.

The names and world tags are:

Aldere: devastated by war

Ludram: warzone

Zelrox: natural resources

Ord Tamesh: military stronghold

Melrash and Taskona: wretched hive of scum and villany x 2

Wilgore: untamed wilderness

Camil: religious enclave

Somal and Credo: recreational resort x 2

Kosh and Belrash: struggling backwater planet x 2

Plagare: breadbasket

The completed sector map looks like this:


I will play this campaign a little more freeform than Keira’s adventure, not using the 9Qs at first but instead describe the world around my hero and what he does with random encounters depending on his actions in storywise fitting intervals. Sort of like an actual open-world video rpg with random quests and “quest givers”. When my hero gets a quest or mission or staggers into an adventure I will decide if I use the 9Qs to generate the adventure or try out some other methods. As I am at least planning this as a long term thing I will do some other posts in between, so that you potential readers don’t get bored just reading Star Wars stuff.

Whenever I describe game mechanics I will use ITALIC print.

Stay tuned for the first session of EotE, coming soon to a blog near you.