Cal Ozan was sitting in a dimly lit cantina, the “Happy Beggar”, in Rashdul, the spaceport city on the planet Melrash (world tag: wretched hive of scum and villany) in the Tamesh sector, right at the border between the mid-rim and outer-rim of the galaxy. Melrash was no planet for the light hearted. It was an open secret that the government and law enforcement was more or less willing to overlook almost everything as long as they got paid enough. If one was looking long enough and in the right places there was probably nothing he couldn’t get on the black market, including killed.
Smugglers, bounty hunters, information brokers, hired guns, slicers and spies, everybody was looking to make a quick credit working the streets of Rashdul, a metropolis with about 4 million inhabitants and the boring architecture of container style pre-fabricated duracrete buildings and the unattractivness of nearly constant bad weather, foggy days and cold nights.
The bartender was a scarred and overweight Trandoshan who had one arm replaced by a cheap cybernetic prosthetic. He wore a stained jumpsuit and had yellow teeth. One eye was covered with an eye patch.
Cal ordered another drink and asked:
“You know anybody around these parts who needs some cargo moved? I’ll get anything anywhere. No questions asked.”
“Do I look like an information booth?” the Trandoshan snarled back at him.
“You look like a guy who knows his way around these parts.”
“So what if I do. Why should I tell you, Human?”
“Because maybe you’re interested in growing your customer base? And maybe because I am willing to pay for a useful information?”
“Now it’s getting interesting.”
Does the bartender know somebody? (I will use the Mythic GME Fate Chart with the Chaos Factor always set and fixed at 5 and assign somewhat likely odds.) Yes.
“How much credits we’re talking?”
“Let’s make it 50 for starters. When everything works out OK I’ll come back in the future and we can talk about a little raise.”
Average Charm check. At this point I will use the Force Die to determine the available Destiny Points for the session. It’s one roll per player character and I get one light side point. I use the following rules for dark side destiny: Whenever a dark side point is available, the (emulated) GM will spend it at the first opportunity to upgrade an NPCs dice pool or to make a check more difficult for the hero. I roll the Force Die and get one light side destiny for this session.
The check is a failure, however with two advantages.
“Let’s do it the other way around. We make it 100 for starters and if you do come back and don’t make a fool out of me by blowing you assignment you will get a reduced fee in the future.”
“Fair enough.” Cal handed him the credchips. (200 left)
“The guy is a Duros named Chool. He asked me to keep my ears open for somebody. Didn’t say what he needed moved but it’s certainly of the records. He’ll be in here tonight. Come back at around eight. He usually sits at the table over there.”
“Will do.”
After spending a few hours aboard his starship, an old but trusted, even if slightly worn, YT-1300 transport he named the Never to Late, Cal set out to return to the bar a few minutes before eight.
Random event? (50/50) Yes.
What? (two random story cubes) Waves and a whip. Interpretation: A group of ruffians is harrassing a small group of three Mon Calamari. Roll 1d6: 1-3 Imperials, 4-6 Thugs, Imperials.
As he passed a back alley he heard a commanding mechanical sounding voice, spoken through a helmet speaker.
“Stop right there you smelly fishheads or we will open fire!” A detail of two stormtroopers leveled there blaster rifles at three harmless looking Mon Calamari who have been hiding out between some trashcans.
“And I thought we got all of you stinks on that disgusting planet of yours. Looks like you guys missed the fact that you belong in custody and slavery for that matter. Well, it’s your lucky day. We are here to fix this.”
The Mon Calamari were staring in fear at the stormtroopers and Cal knew this wasn’t going to end well. However, there is nothing he could or want to do about it at the moment. He had an appointment to keep and money to make and certainly no intention of shooting it out with stormtroopers, so he just kept going.
A few moments later, he arrived at the “Happy Beggar”. There was indeed a Duros sitting at the formerly indicated table. The Trandoshan was still tending the bar. Cal walked over to the Duros.
“Word’s out you need something moved?”
The Duros eyed him for a moment.
“Why don’t you take a seat, Captain….?”
“Ozan, Cal Ozan, but just call me Cal if that’s allright with you.”
“Well Mr. Cal, you are correct.” The Duros spoke basic with a very heavy accent. “As a matter of fact I do.”
“Where to?”
I will randomly determine a hex. The planet closest to that hex will be the destination. I get 10/10 which is the bottom right hex. The closest delivery point would be Zelpoint Station, which is only one hex from Melrash, so it will be a short trip.
“Zelpoint Station.”
“Alright, that is right around the corner but let me guess: You wan’t to avoid any imperial entanglements, any tariffs, and all kinds of authorities for that matter.”
“Well captain, if that wouldn’t be so I would just use a regular cargo shipping delivery freighter. So yes, I want you to be discreet about it.”
“What’s the cargo?”
Story cube: sleeping face
“I see….well….3000 credits, 1000 up front and you’re in.”
Average Negotiate roll. Failure with one advantage.
“I will pay you 2000, but up front. What do you say?”
“I prefer cash.”
Without another word the Duros reaches into his jacket and stacks several cred chips up on the table. Cal takes them without counting. (2200 credits total)
“Where is you ship berthed? I will load the cargo in 30 minutes. Be there.”
“Docking bay 87, see you in 30 minutes.”
Cal left and headed for the docking bay…
Random event? (50/50) No.
…which he reached without incident. Once there he started the pre-start sequence and got the engines warmed up. Exactly 30 minutes later the Duros showed up. He had a repulsor sled with him which contained a single 1 ton cannister marked as liquor. He handed the sled over to Cal, together with a digital document, certainly a forgery, that contained the freight papers according to which Cal was carrying Corellian Ale. He instructed Cal to land at Zelpoint Station, take the cargo out of his ship into the bay, leave the docking bay unlocked and transmit the docking bay number to a certain comlink frequency. He was then expected to leave the docking bay for 30 minutes while Chool’s associates pick up the delivery. After that he would be good to go. It sounded easy enough and Cal had no objections. After everything was stowed he got clearance and took off into the darkness of space, heading away from the planet to escape it’s gravity well and beginning the calculations for the jump to lightspeed.
Random event? (50/50) Yes. Two cubes: book and sheep. Interpretation: Cal receives a distress call which is actually a decoy to get his attention and lure him closer. The supposedly damaged ship is a pirate vessel who attacks as soon as the prey is in close range. I will roll a die to decide if they try to board Cal or attack his ship. 1-3 is boarding. Rolled a 3, they will try to board.
Suddenly Cal received a distress call.
“Mayday, Mayday, to the YT-1300 that just came in sensor range. We need assistance. We have a coolant leak, our engines are overheating. Please respond.”
Damn it! Cal really didn’t need that now, but there was something like an honor code between spacers. You have to help a fellow spacer in trouble, you never knew when it could be you. He plotted an intercept course.
“Stay tight, I am on my way.”
The ship in need was a YT-1300 just like his. Cal increased speed full throttle and slowed down as he was close to the YT-1300, which was drifting in space.
“I will dock at the lower hatch to assist.”
Moderate Pilot roll. Success.
Cal managed to dock without difficulty.
As he opened the hatch he was in for a surprise. As soon as the hatch opened a flashbang grenade was dropped.
He tumbled backwards, disoriented. Three boarders, armored with plastoid battle armor and armed with blaster rifles stormed onto his vessel.
“You will regret this!” Cal gritted his teeth. The boarders opened fire as Cal attempted to dive for cover.
The boarders are a minion squad of three, using the following stats:
All abilities at 2. Skills: Ranged (heavy) 2 (for group). 12 wounds (4 per boarder), Soak 4 (2 + 2 laminate armor), Rifles: long range, 7 damage, critical 3. They have initiative. The battle will be at short range the entire time inside Cal’s ship.
They hit for 6 (soak already deducted, Cal is at 6 wounds) and dive for cover.
Cal uses a stimpack (maneuver) and aims (maneuver, two strain) and returns fire. He hits for 9 – 4 soak equals 5 damage. That kills one minion, the squad is at 7 wounds and shooting is reduced by one rank. Cal recovers one strain because of one advantage (11 current).
The boarders aim and return fire. They hit for 7 total, reducing Cal to 3 wounds.
Cal uses a stimpack (back to 7 wounds, no more packs), aims and returns fire. He hits for 6 and activates a critical hit using three advantages that I rolled which causes another 4 damage, killing the minions.
The shots went wide except for one bolt, which grazed Cal at the shoulder. Gritting his teeth he injected a stimpack, took aim and fired, hitting one boarder square in the chest, leaving a smoldering hole in his armor and dropping him.
More blaster shots were exchanged, sparks flew but after a few lucky hits Cal dropped all boarders. Quickly he locked the airlock and ran back into the cockpit, released the docking clamps and went to full throttle.
Do the pirates give chase? Very unlikely after having lost three people and the moment of surprise. Yes!
The pirates came after him. Cal tried to loose them with fancy flying.
Opposed Pilot check.
Cal has Agility 4 and Pilot 2, the pirates are…(1-2: worse, 3-4: equal, 5-6: better) of equal skill.
Failure with two threat. The ship suffers two system strain (13 left).
The pirate captain was good and caught up with Cal. As soon as he was within weapon range he opened fire.
I rule that the pirate has initiative, since Cal didn’t get away. I will run the combat on scrap paper this time because I found typing out every move like I did above a) takes a long time and b) takes me out of the narrative. I think it’s faster doing it on scrap paper and summing up the result in a narrative. I use the standard YT-1300 stats, which you can find here:
Cal was quick but not quick enough. The quad-laser turrets hit his ship hard, causing sparks to shower out of his console.
“Come on little girl, hold together.” He made a hard corkscrew loop, killed the engines at the right time, opened up, changed his heading turning on the spot and going to full throttle afterwards. Direct hit! He saw a small explosion and his sensors showed he blew the shields of the pirate vessel. The pirate made one last pass and Cal took another heavy hit that rocked him in his chair. He established pursuit and fired, destroying the vessel which exploded in a spectecular fashion.
“Whoo. That was close. Alright baby….of we go.”
I survived the battle with 6 hull points left. It was, as always, a close call and it basically came down to the last round. Part of the reason was that the enemy pilot had the exact same skill level as Cal, as determined above. I think otherwise it would have been a little easier. However, I did it 🙂
Average astrogation check. Success with one threat, ship suffers one strain and is at strain 11 now.
The stars turned into elongated lines as the Never to Late made the jump to lightspeed and was propelled into hyperspace…
This session was played in several sittings but I decided that it is still one session because for me, a session should be played to a natural pause point. I squeezed in some playing whenever I could.
The last two battles where actually played in a Starbucks Coffee in Wiesbaden, Germany, where I am on a business trip at the moment, using this comfortable online dice roller:
So why Starbucks? Because my netbook is old and the battery is toast so I need a power outlet and because the place I am staying at is located out of town basically in the woods and even though I have an internet stick with me I don’t have any reception there whatsoever 😦
But since Starbucks provides free wi-fi I downloaded some stuff from ​​ while I was at it to have something to do tonight. Oh, and I watched the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Arrow…