After a long break playing Elite and First Encounters I am finally back at the gaming table. It is funny how after not playing for a while the urge to play another pen and paper session builds up to the point where I can’t resist it and just have to get out the dice again.

So, without further ado, here is session two of my Edge of the Empire solo campaign featuring Cal Ozan, Human smuggler and scoundrel (game mechanics or behind the scenes info is in italic):

Cal was relieved as he made it into hyperspace. He should be safe for now, but he had work to do. The ship was in bad shape and there was some repairing to do.

Since I went through all the trouble and created a hex map I will of course use it and play out hyperspace travel as some sort of hex crawl. I know that once you are in hyperspace you are practically safe in the Star Wars universe but that would not be much fun so I use the following mechanics: Every hex on the map equals one day in hyperspace, multiplied by the hyperdrive rating of the starship (in my case x2 for a standard YT-1300, I use the stats for consumables, cargo capacity etc. from the D6 Star Wars RPG). That means Cal needs two days for the journey to Zelpoint Station. I will assign a 30% chance per day for an encounter. I got one encounter for the first day and no encounter for the second day. The encounter is determined by Mythic GME Action/Subject tables. I get inspect/energy.

So Cal focused his attention on damage control. He got his standard toolkit which he kept onboard the Never to Late and set to work, trying to repair burnt out conduits and wires.

Difficult Mechanics check, failure with one threat, the ship suffers an additional strain and has a current strain threshold of 10.

However, the damage was beyond his skill and equipment, as he learned the hard way as a shower of sparks suddenly burned out another console.

“Damn! Looks like you are in for a little drydock vacation old girl.”

As if that wasn’t enough trouble already, the Never to Late shuddered as she was forcefully ripped out of hyperspace. Cal ran into the cockpit and looked at the scopes: An imperial interdictor cruiser loomed above at starport.

The comlink indicated an incoming transmission:

“This is the imperial vessel Locutus. Stand by for a customs inspection.”

Since the Never to Late wasn’t in any shape to risk anything, Cal complied. To his surprise and relieve they didn’t board his ship but inspected him by means of a very thorough and deep sensor scan.

I used Mythic to determine if the imperials would be satisfied by a sensor sweep only and they were.

To Cal’s relieve that seemed to satisfy them since they jumped to hyperspace without any further communication and Cal could continue his journey.

Without any further troubles he arrived at Zelpoint Station.

The space around the station was somewhat busy with small and large freighters. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and Cal was allowed to dock.

Is he bothered by a customs inspection? somewhat likely, no

So far so good. Cal was assigned a docking bay and was not bothered by any customs inspector. He left the engines in standby mode and did as he was told. He unloaded his ship, sealed his ship but left the docking bay open and contacted the comlink frequency that he had.

“Cal here to whoever is listening. The package is here and awaiting pick-up. Docking bay 342.”

He didn’t wait for a response and decided to spend the time shopping. Since he was payed in advance he had 2200 credits.

Cal headed for the Zelpoint Station promenade where a lot of shops, clubs, casinos and restaurants were located. After a while he spent everything but 60 credits to get some necessary gear.

First he needed new stimpacks so he bought 10 of them together with a leather stimpack bandolier, like an ammunition belt, that provided quick and easy access to the stimpacks in the heat of combat. He also got an electronic lockbreaker (which was not that easy to obtain) an utility belt with some basic survival gear and various other things like extra power packs for his blaster (extra reloads to cancel out of ammo results) and stuff.

He was gone well over thirty minutes as he headed back to his docking bay.

Is the cargo gone? No!

So far everything went smooth, so Cal was very surprised to see the container with the shipment still where he left it. Something must have gone wrong.

Cal tried to reach his contact.

Does he reach him? very unlikely, Yes!

To his surprised, a rough voice answered.


“Cal here. I am standing in my dockinb bay, looking at something that shouldn’t be here anymore. What’s the deal?”

“I got hold up in some imperial entanglements. Had to make a few detours and loose some shadows, I am guessing ISB. Stay put, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Will do.”

Hopefully the guy knew what he was doing. The last thing he needed right now were some tripper happy imperial ISB agents.

After a few minutes a humanoid cloaked figure with a deep rough voice entered the docking bay.

Following some advice in a D&D solitaire article (“Always give yourself a chance to fail.”) I am checking if this is actually a rip deal or double cross. But since I figured the guy Cal is working for is trying to expand his enterprise and therefore needs somebody to do the delivering I think it is unlikely. Mythic thinks so to, so everything goes smooth.

The figure eyes the delivery and seems satisfied. At least he doesn’t say anything and moves the repulsor sled with the container out of the docking bay but not before taking the forged cargo papers from Cal.

“That concludes our business here. Maybe till next time.”

“We’ll see.”

Wrap Up:

I decide the successful delivery is worth 8 XP. I have no real clue how to award XP in EotE, but in the introductory adventure the PCs get 10 XP after a few encounters. Since I had two fights I think 8 is in order. I will set the rewards at about 4 – 10 XP per concluded “adventure” or “quest” and see how it will work out. According to my house rules for character creation and advancement just using the beginner game I pick up the Dodge talent from the Bounty Hunter Talents and have 3 XP left.

That leaves me with 60 creds in my pocket and a severely damaged ship in Zelpoint Station…