For the third Session of my Star Wars EotE Solo Campaing I continued a different method of documentation that I started in session two: I am still searching for the perfect method of documenting a solo session. I really enjoy writing full prose and dialogue, however, it can really be an effort, especially after a long workday. The thought of sitting down and writing sometimes kept me away from actually playing, because I didn’t feel up to it.

For the last session, I tried a different method and played the scenes mostly in my head while taking sketchy notes by hand in a paper notebook (I do think that some form of documentation is absolutely necessary to stay focused and to make the session count). A day or so later I than wrote the session report in one go from my notes. I didn’t document every roll but documented some key moments or as I thought important decisions or mechanics.

So for this session report I will try yet another approach: I played the session mostly in my head, taking notes by hand while playing. I will write the session report from my notes. I will not document game mechanics or rolls during the write-up but instead in a short paragraph at the end of the write-up. In that paragraph I will highlight some key moments or otherwise important rolls or GM emulation decision.

I am also trying a different perspective. I will write the session report using an I perspective, looking through the eyes of Cal. So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

After the cloaked figure picked up the cargo I was relieved and glad that it went so smooth in the end. Hopefully it will stay that way. The last thing I needed now were some imperial agents that this guy didn’t loose like he thought he did. I still had the the problem of the Never to Late being severely damaged and the 2000 credits which I got wouldn’t ge me far. Even if I hadn’t spent them already.

So I needed a mechanic. I already learned the hard way that the damage to the ship was beyond my limited capabilities. Time to ask around a little for a freelance mechanic. Maybe I would find somebody who needed something done so we could work out some kind of deal. Repairs for a favor or something. I had a feeling that the promenade with it’s fancy shops and restaurants was not the right place for me to look, so I headed for the somewhat seedier industrial zone and worker district in the lower levels of Zelpoint Station.

As I walked down a dimly lit sidepassage I heard a femaly voice.

“Get off me you filthy scum or you will regret it!”

“Oh come on sweety. You know you want it.”

Someone was in trouble. I drew my blaster and quickly headed towards the noise. Coming around a corner I saw two thugs, armed with vibrodaggers, harassing a human female (which was really nice looking by the way). The woman was wearing a tech’s overall and a toolbelt! This might be my lucky day. Without a second thought I intervene.

“Hey fatboy! You heard the lady. Get your damn hands of her!” I got my blaster drawn but didn’t point it at them. Maybe we can resolve this nice and quiet.

The thugs immediatly turned to face me. They seemed unimpressed. They just looked at each other, than back at me….and without another word drew their blasters and opened fire!

But I was prepared so I quickly dove for cover, returning two quick shots while in mid-air. Both shots hit them square, dropping them instantly. The distinct odor of burned flesh was in the air.

“Nice shooting hotshot.” The woman smiled at me while she offered her hand to help me get up.

human teck

“Anytime. The name is Cal. Nice to meet you Miss….”

“Fey, Trisha Fey. But please, call me Trisha. Looks like I owe you one.”

I smiled. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Well…..If you say you….looks like you do. Who am I to argue with a lady? But let’s not stick around for too long. Let’s find something quiet and talk, before anybody shows up and asks questions we might not want to answer.”

On our way to a cantina I asked what this was about. She told me she made some modifications a starship that weren’t exactly by the book. Apparently the guy she did this for didn’t want anybody except himself to know about it, so he decided to silence her. At least that was Trisha’s theory. For me it was as good as anything and I didn’t really care. The important part was, that she indeed was a mechanic. And while she, much to my dismay, resisted all my charming comments and didn’t react to my innuendo she agreed to take a look at the Never to Late and repay me in kind. So, as promised, the next day she showed up in my docking bay, carrying a professional toolkit and advanced diagnostic package with her, together with some standard spare parts.

“Uh flyboy. You got her really messed up. Didn’t they teach you how to treat a lady?”

“Well, you didn’t want to find out for yourself last night, so…”

“Knock it off, as I told you, you are not my type….let me see what I can do.”

Trisha informed me that she would need about nine days to get some essential repairs done and she made it clear she didn’t want me in there any more than necessary. According to her, I had a tendency to get on her nerves after a while, pfff I wonder where she got that idea.

So the first day I decided to raise my funds a little by taking part in some streetside gaming. Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea as I was accused of cheating and got into a little fistfight that night. Even though I won I got really roughed up so I decided to call it a night and headed back to the Never to Late to get some rest, grabbing a quick burger on the way. Trisha was already done for the day.

The next few days I stayed away from gaming and focused my attention on getting a new transport job for when Trisha was done. Thanks to my experience in the matter and my keen eye and good judge of character I came in contact with a slender Twi’lek female who looked to me as if she definitely wanted to keep a low profile. After a few probing questions we got straight to the point. She needed a discreet transport of the station to Ord Tamesh, no questions asked. Since people are harder to conceal than cargo I told her my fee was 6000. She didn’t seem to surprised, apparently she knew the fees for this line of work and how much it costs to run a starship. However she told me she could pay only 3000. We eventually agreed to 4000 credits and I generously agreed to payment after arrival. I told her I would be ready in two days, since Trisha wasn’t done with her repairs yet.

Two days later Trisha was done and she did a really good job. Even though I still wasn’t her type she agreed to exchange contact data strictly for business purposes in the future. You never know when you might need a mechanic.

Half an hour later my Twi’lek passenger approached. I waited in the docking bay entrance when I spotted them: A quad of four stormtroopers bursting around the corner. The distinct mechanical voice echoes through the hallway.

“It’s her! Blast her!”

And so the shooting starts…

Game Mechanics:

The search for the mechanic was an average streetwise roll. I got one triumph with two threat symbols. I decided the triumph would be something beneficial, however the two threat symbols quickly turned into two thugs that I first needed to defeat in order to get my triumph, in this case free repairs as payment for the favor. A roll of 1d6+4 told me that 9 hull points would be restored and I ruled that one point would need one day to fix.

The search for a job was also an average streetwise roll which netted one success with one advantage. I figured the advantage would mean that the passenger was willing to pay 4000 instead of 3000 but the result was not good enough to justify Cal getting the total of 6000.

Cals advances towards Trisha were resolved with a Presence vs. Willpower roll which Cal sadly failed.

The fistfight was a fight against a regular opponent using unarmed strikes in melee after flunking a deception roll.

Next up will be a fight against a four stormtrooper minion squad.