Here comes session two of Ash’s adventure featuring the 13th Age ruleset. I said before that I limited the adventure to a prelude and six further encounters. So here comes encounter number one (technically, it is number two, since the prelude featured an encounter as well, but I count the prelude as prelude and the encounters as encounters…I know, it doesn’t really make sense….).

Encounter 1:

I rolled PC Negative, punish/extravagance, interpretation: Ash is followed by the members of the street gang he encountered in the prelude who want to get revenge for his extravagant show of superiority in the cantina. They tracked him down via a network of informants and wait for the perfect moment to strike…

I lay low for two days, mostly staying in my ship. However, I needed a few things before I could head off towards the coordinates to load the cargo. So in the morning of the second day I had to make a short trip into town. I locked the ship down good, checked my blaster, threw over my trusted leather jacket and headed towards the market district.

Something felt wrong. I had the distinct feeling that I was tailed. I used a few tricks I picked up during my career to single out any possible shadows. Nothing special, basic stuff, walking around in circles, quickly running behind a corner and waiting there and stuff like that. Sure enough, without much effort I was able to confirm my suspicion. Three thugs, a Rodian, a Shistavanen Wolfman and a Twi’lek, were on my tail.

I drew my blaster, stared right at the Twi’lek who I thought to be the leader of the pack and addressed him directly:

“Listen buddy! If you want to get the jump on me you have to do better than that. That little dance in the cantina was just a warning. You guys are way out of your league if you think you can mess with me. We don’t want to ruin a beautiful day like this one with a little bloodshed that early in the morning do we now? I was just about to leave and mind my own business, so let us just be reasonable and drop this thing.
I will count to three. If you are still there I swear I’ll put you down so fast, you wouldn’t know what hit you! One! Two!”

I could basically see the Twi’lek thinking about it, trying to estimate his odds. He was uncertain…..but not stupid. Before I got to three he made a quick gesture with his lekku and turned away. The others followed. I was relieved. I didn’t really need any more attention but I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Fortunately, no killing was necessary.

I finished my business in town, went back to the ship and lifted off, setting a course for the coordinates I got…

Game Mechanics:

This was a short session, however, by my standards it was still an encounter. In my book, an encounter is any situation that involves risk and a chance of failure. In this case, I had three decision points that could have affected the outcome and turned the encounter into something nasty.

First, I had to check if Ash notices his assailants. I made a skill roll using his Wisdom modifier + Man of the Streets background + level for a total of +8 and I set the difficulty at 18, which is between a normal and a hard task (normal is 15, hard is 20). I succeeded which gave me the chance to try to intimidate them. Second I intimidated with Charisma mod + level + Man of the Streets background (total of +9) vs. a DC of 20. I succeeded again so third I determined if they let me go by using Mythic. I ruled the successful check would not automatically mean that Ash gets away, just that the possibility is there. If Ash had failed the check, he would have been attacked for sure. However, because of the successful check I assigned somewhat likely odds and rolled a yes result, so I got away and the encounter was over.

So even if it was a peace of cake encounter it still featured three chances to fail.

And like I said before: A good piece of advice for solo rpging that I read is: Always give yourself a chance to fail!

I got this from this wonderful article here:

Credits go to Lora Allen for writing it.