Encounter 2:
I rolled NPC Action, vengeance/war.
As NPC I rolled randomly on my race / profession table and got Quarren Mercenary. My interpretation: The Quarren Mercenary was hired by another smuggling group to exact vengeance against the group that hired Ash in the ongoing drug war.

I wanted to avoid drawing attention from planetary security so after launch I headed straight for the atmosphere and orbit first. In space, I made a small detour around the planet and re-entered the atmosphere on the far side of the spaceport. I flew low, avoiding settled areas as much as I could and headed for the coordinates.

The landing site was a small jungle clearing. I gently sat my ship down but kept the engines in standby mode, just in case I needed to make a quick exit. I lowered the ramp and stepped into the clearing, hand on my blaster.

“Anybody here!?”

A few moments later, a group of four Rodians came out of hiding. Two of them were pushing a repulsor sled with five large crates loaded onto it.

“You are late.” one of the Rodians said.

“I wanted to make sure that nobody takes notice of our little exchange, so I made an effort to avoid any planetary security scans.”

The Rodian just nodded and signaled his men to load the cargo. They complied.

I got some instructions to follow after arrival on Aldere and then the Rodians disappeared into the jungle.

I took of and backtracked my course to orbit. As I entered the higher atmosphere my scopes showed a vessel on an intercept course. A Firespray patrol craft. These vessels were not used by planetary security and I got a bad feeling about this.

I tried to contact the vessel, but it didn’t respond. It kept a short distance but by now it was obvious that it followed me. I calculated the shortest path to the edge of the planets gravity well and went to full throttle. The Firespray followed.

The attack came at the halfway point between the planet and the edge of the gravity well. Without a warning the Firespray started shooting. I had my shields up, now it was time to fly!

I pushed the ship to the limit. The enemy pilot was good, but I gained on him. However, I took two heavy hits. The aft deflector shield collapsed. I really needed to invest some money in this ship to upgrade her specs! Come on baby, hold together!

I had to resort to every trick in the book but I managed to get to the edge of the gravity well. The jump to Aldere was already calculated. The Firespray gained on me again and fired as I punched it and made the jump to lightspeed…

Game Mechanics:
To get to the rendezvous point in the jungle without drawing the attention of planetary security I rolled a pilot check vs. DC 20 to “fly casual”.

The dogfight was my first try of my narrative, skill challenge like, space combat “rules”. I enjoyed it. I ruled that I needed three successes to “win”, which in this case meant I got away. I gave my ship a hull rating of 4 and a Combat Capability of zero, since it is an of the rack ship. The check was a pilot check vs. DC 20. I rolled three successes in a row, so I took no hull damage and escaped unscathed.

For the hyperspace calculations I made an astrogation skill check vs. DC 15.