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For all of you wondering when the next posts of my solo sessions are rolling out:

Please accept my apologies but I got distracted again with other geek stuff.

So what am I doing? Two main things actually:

Playing Neverwinter Online and the Star Wars LCG on OCTGN. For those of you who don’t know OCTGN, it’s a virtual gaming table to play card games against opponents over the net. There are several mods available from Magic to Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Android and several others.

Regarding Neverwinter: I am not really an MMORPG player. I don’t do PVP and don’t hunt for epic items. I play it casually as a single player RPG basically and the appealing thing with Neverwinter is that there is an editor included which let’s you create and publish your own quests. I played several of these player quests already and so far I enjoyed all of them. I am a level 31 trickster rogue and there are 60 levels (so far), so I got 29 to go.

So the big problem as always is time. Being a working father and husband my free time window opens up at around 20:30 hours and ends at around midnight when I go to bed. So within this time frame I have to do all my hobby activities and of course spend some quality time with my wife as well so you see….so many things to do, so little time.

But don’t worry, Ash and Cal will return. As a matter of fact I still have some sessions in store that I played but I didn’t get around typing them up yet.


Till then….


Oh, and if any of you is also playing the Star Wars LCG and interested in a game (which might be difficult to schedule because of the different time zones, depending on where you are) just let me know. My nickname is noldunar on OCTGN and my time zone is GMT +1 (Germany).



Encounter 3:

I rolled PC negative, Betray / Opulence. Interpretation: Ash is betrayed by his employer, who is working for an opulent Hutt. Ash is used as a decoy who got tipped off to the authorities of Aldere so that a bigger shipment of the Hutt’s organization can pass through, while the attention is focused on him.

The journey to Aldere was long and uneventful. I used the time in hyperspace for some routine maintenance and some physical exercise and target practice. I really need to upgrade this ship’s engines to cut down on this unprofitable travel time. However, it is relaxing. You don’t have to worry about much, since unpleasant encounters in hyperspace are very rare.

Also, I am not really sure about this ship. I can’t really call it my ship since I stole it out of necessity and she doesn’t have any modifications made by me. It is basically just a basic YT-1300, which is not bad. The YT-series are reliable and get the job done…but I really need to make it my own. Maybe if I spend some money on her and made some upgrades I can build a “relationship” with her. So, as soon as I have enought money I will spend it on upgrades and only then will I give her a name. Till then, the serial number has to do.

I came out of hyperspace far out in the Aldere system. Aldere was a system devastated by a planet encompassing civil war which ended just a few years ago. Large areas remain uninhabitable because of the destruction. The inhabitants are still struggling to recover. Maybe the shipment I am carrying will help them to relax a little, who knows.

I plotted a course straight for the planet. On Camil I was instructed to head for the coastline of the eastern continent where I was to land on a private landing pad belonging to a mansion. In-system traffic was sparse. It looked like I was in for a smooth trip. Nevertheless I powered up weapons and shields to be ready for any unpleasant surprises.

Halfway to the planet I picked up three contacts that launched from the planet and headed straight for me. I got a bad feeling about this. I was hailed.

“YT-1300, this is Lieutenant Knox from Aldere Planetary Security and Customs. Power down weapons and engines and prepare to be boarded for inspection.”

What the hell? Why do I always have such bad luck with the authorities?

“Lieutenant Knox, this is Commander Malik responding. I don’t intend to land on Aldere, I am just passing through. I needed to exit hyperspace because of technical difficulties with my engines. I am performing repairs as we speak. I strongly advise against boarding me. There is increased radiation from the engines that I need to get in check.”

“Acknowledged Commander. However, we still need to board and inspect you. We will be wearing shielded environmental suits. Maybe we can assist with your repairs.”

Something didn’t feel right here…

“I am afraid I will have to disappoint you. My engines just came back online. But thanks for the offer, I am leaving.”

I shut off the comlink, went to full throttle and started calculations for an emergency micro-jump out of the system.

Of course my YT-1300 was not fast enough to outrun planetary security vessels. It didn’t take them long to catch up with me. They started shooting, the show began.

I had no intention to slug it out with three planetary security craft. My goal was to keep the ship together long enough until I could make a quick exit.

BAM! I got hit by a full salvo. The aft shield collapsed. However, I still had some tricks up my sleeve…

BAM! Damn! I was the better pilot, but they had the smaller and faster ships. Another volley hit me at starboard.

Come on…only a few seconds left.

BAM! I took hull damage and was venting atmosphere. Thank god the emergency hull sealing system was still working and patched the hole with a durable foam that hardened into a solid mass upon contact with the vacuum.

Done! Let’s get out of here…

Just as another volley hit me I made the jump to lightspeed.

I had calculated just a small micro-jump out into deep space.

Time for some emergency repairs while I let things cool down for a moment…

Game Mechanics:

I failed a bluff roll while negotiating with planetary security. However, since I determined that Ash was tipped off as a result of the encounter roll the difficulty was pretty stiff (DC 25).

Space combat was once again handled as a skill challenge. I needed three successes against a DC of 20. My pilot modifier was +11 (+2 level, +4 Dex mod, +5 smuggler background) and the Combat Capability (CC) was still +0. A +11 check vs. DC 20 is not to bad, however, I managed to fail two times resulting in 2 points of hull damage (I decided on a hull rating of 4 for a standard YT-1300).

I then made an astrogation check against DC 15 for the micro-jump. This time I used my Int modifier instead of the Dex mod. I failed the check but adopting a philosophy of “fail forward” I ruled that I still made the jump but suffer another point of hull damage (because of the stress on the vessel or another parting hit).

This leaves me with one point of hull left in deep space…