For all of you wondering when the next posts of my solo sessions are rolling out:

Please accept my apologies but I got distracted again with other geek stuff.

So what am I doing? Two main things actually:

Playing Neverwinter Online and the Star Wars LCG on OCTGN. For those of you who don’t know OCTGN, it’s a virtual gaming table to play card games against opponents over the net. There are several mods available from Magic to Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Android and several others.

Regarding Neverwinter: I am not really an MMORPG player. I don’t do PVP and don’t hunt for epic items. I play it casually as a single player RPG basically and the appealing thing with Neverwinter is that there is an editor included which let’s you create and publish your own quests. I played several of these player quests already and so far I enjoyed all of them. I am a level 31 trickster rogue and there are 60 levels (so far), so I got 29 to go.

So the big problem as always is time. Being a working father and husband my free time window opens up at around 20:30 hours and ends at around midnight when I go to bed. So within this time frame I have to do all my hobby activities and of course spend some quality time with my wife as well so you see….so many things to do, so little time.

But don’t worry, Ash and Cal will return. As a matter of fact I still have some sessions in store that I played but I didn’t get around typing them up yet.


Till then….


Oh, and if any of you is also playing the Star Wars LCG and interested in a game (which might be difficult to schedule because of the different time zones, depending on where you are) just let me know. My nickname is noldunar on OCTGN and my time zone is GMT +1 (Germany).