I know I haven’t updated in quite a while. Just want to let you guys and girls that are still checking every once in a while know that I am still alive.

So why don’t I update more frequently? As always, life, the universe and everything. Those of you who read my posts about the Elite space game know that I am a die hard Elite fanboy. And guess what, Elite: Dangerous came out December 2014. I was a premium beta backer as well and got beta access together with a life long expansion pass so that’s what is keeping me busy on the gaming front.

Since December 2014 I am playing Elite constantly almost every day and having only limited free time Elite took priority over solo gaming for the moment. For those of you who care I have two accounts to play to different commanders and of course I am playing in-character so to speak with a detailed backstory that guides my in-game activities.

So that’s one reason. The other reason is, that if I have the choice between doing actual gaming or writing up a session I always prefer actual gaming, however, I am thinking about just posting my actual play notes in a somewhat raw and unedited format. It would not be as time consuming and better than not posting at all. So I will think about it.

Another important reason: I became a father again 🙂 On January 12th 2016 my second daughter was born. Of course she is a beauty and cute and everything, so there goes another portion of my time.

But fear not! I have picked up solo gaming again just recently I am determined to post another session report soon.