Alright, I finally continued my adventure in the Tamesh Sector with Ren “Ash” Ashfield testing the 13th Age ruleset. I returned to my old and favored method of posting, which is a full prose writeup of the session with game mechanics and behind the scenes notes as a seperate paragraph at the end of the session report.

So, here we go…

Encounter 4: Consulting Mythic I got NPC action, transform/peace. I interpret that as follows: The actions of an NPC enable me to end the hostilities with the planetary security in Aldere and enable me to pass through. I figure the Quarren from the prelude who gave me the mission got wind of the intended set-up. He takes it personally because it would ruin his reputation if people know that one of his jobs he procured and gave out went bad. He actually has a score to settle with Ash’s employers because of that.

So there I was, drifting through the darkness of space between the stars. My ship hold together but only barely. I suffered severe hull damage, a lot of circuts melted in the firefight. I would need all my hotwiring skills to patch that baby up. So I better get to it. I got my toolkit out and assessed the damage. Or to be more precise, I tried. I had no idea how the hell I was supposed to fix this mess. Wires were melted together, chips burned to crisp. This was way beyond my skill. Looks like I wouldn’t make a delivery anytime soon.

To make things worse, the proximity alarm went off. Something approached. Great, just what I needed! How did they find me so quick? I was in the middle of nowhere. The ship that approached me was one of those fancy new YT-2400 transports. A successor to the famous YT-1300 and better in every aspects. I was hailed, a rough aquatic voice came over the intercomm:

“Glad to see you are still in one piece. Looks like you have some skill afterall.”

“Who is this? And how the hell did you find me out here?”

“The name is Lurak. We have met before. I am afraid I am the one responsible for this mess you find yourself in. I was the one who hooked you up with this job back on Camil. Regarding your second question, I had a little something installed on your ship while you waited for the pickup on Camil, just in case if you had decided to bail on me.”

“The Quarren! You got a lot of nerve showing up here. That smelled like a set-up back there in Aldere. You don’t happen to know anything about that do you?”

“It was a set-up. Shortly after you left one of my contacts on Camil who owed me a favor warned me about the possibility that the people I worked for were looking for a decoy. Some poor guy who could be used as a diversion, a distraction, so that a bigger shipment could go through unnoticed.”

“And that guy just happened to be me, great. Now what?”

“Well, I have a reputation to lose. I don’t like to be taken for a fool. If word of this unfortunate event gets out I will have a hard time getting people to trust me. A man in my line of work values his reputation highly you know.”

“I don’t care much about your reputation. I am in it for the money. I expected to get paid. Now it looks like I have a several thousand credit repair bill that I have to worry about and a hold full of spice that I can’t drop off because the recipients actually turned on us and wrote that shipment off. Great. See, I am a mover, not a dealer. I don’t have that many connections in this part of space to find a lucrative offer for this stuff.”

“Relax, I have an alternate buyer. And they pay premium, double your agreed upon fee. You will get 10,000 credits upon delivery.”

“And what about my repair bill?”

“That will be taken care off. After you made the drop, I will give you the contact details of a good mechanic. You go see her and she will fix up your ride.”

“Alright, you got yourself a deal. So where is the new drop off point?”

“A space station called Zelpoint Station. Do you know this place?”

“Yeah, I have heard that name a few times. Never been there though. A civillian station that features some heavy industry and large scale production facilities for all kinds of stuff.”

“That’s the place. Just set her down there, go into the Wild Goose cantina and tell the bartender that “the eagle has landed”, together with your bay number. Then you just enjoy a nice drink, wait 30 minutes, after that the bartender will pay you if all goes well.”

“And what about the mechanic?”

“The bartender will call me after he payed you, I will call you and give you the details.”

“Got it. You are willing and able to help with my repairs by any chance?”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m here. Prepare the hatch, I will dock at your lower hatch.”

It took us about a day of work before basic functionality was restored, I had minimal shielding and weapons power. Lurak left and wished me well and I plotted a course for Zelpoint Station.

Game Mechanics:
First off, the encounter played out differently than I first interpreted or imagined but that is a good thing. Nothing should be set in stone in a solo rpg. This was a rather calm and peaceful encounter but part of that is thanks to Mythic. So first I made a repair skill check using my unconventional mechanic background and Intelligence as the used ability. I only got a +4 bonus and failed a check against DC 20.

The conversation was guided by Mythic GME questions. I used the Fate Chart with the Chaos Factor locked and set at 5. I asked if the Quarren had alternate buyers and assigned somewhat likely odds (65%) and got a yes answer.

I then asked to see if I got more money with 50/50 odds and got a result of 4 which is an exeptional yes, therefore double pay.

I then assigned unlikely odds (35%) regarding the mechanic contact and the assistance with the repairs but again I was lucky and got two yes results.

To see if Ash knew anything about Zelpoint Station I made a skill check using his Intelligence and his Well-Connected Man of the Streets background for a total bonus of +6. I rolled 14 and got a total of 20. I figured that’s high enough, so Ash heard of the place.