Ash’s adventure nears completion in encounter 5 of my one shot adventure testing the 13th Age ruleset.

Encounter 5: Consulting Mythic I got NPC Action, oppress/prison: Taking the advice straight out of the Mythic GME book to create a little sentence I read that as an NPC oppresses somebody or something to imprison them. So for me this one is obvious: The Empire has blockaded Zelpoint Station to root out and imprison suspected rebel sympathizers that are hiding on the base. In my Edge of the Empire campaign I ruled that one hex on the space map equals one day of hyperspace travel, multiplied by the ship’s hyperdrive multiplier. However, I think that is a little to much. It would take forever to get anywhere and it does not really fit with what we see in the movies. So it will be one hour per hex, multiplied as usual. So to get from Aldere to Zelpoint Station takes 7 hours x 2 = 14 hours. If I would play a more sandbox style game I would make a random encounter check with a 10% encounter chance per hour or set interval of hours. However, since this is a one-shot and I determined beforehand that I will play a total of six encounters I will not do that in this case.

After the Quarren left I ran a self-diagnostic to check the hull strenght after our emergency repairs. Structural integrity was at around 50% and I had restored the deflector shields. That was good enough for now. I calculated a course to Zelpoint Station and engaged the hyperdrive. 14 hours later I arrived at Zelpoint Station and was in for an unpleasant surprise: The station was under some sort of imperial blockade!

Three strike class cruisers have set up a triangular perimeter around the base. Thank god I dropped out of hyperspace pretty far away. I powered down immediately and reduced all energy emissions to the bare minimum. It got pretty cold pretty quick in my YT-1300 since life support was also powered down to minimum. So there I drifted in space thinking about what to do next. The only logical, sane and reasonable thing would be to immediately turn back and come back some time later. But then again I was itching to complete this damned delivery. If I could pull this off and sneak this crate in right under the nose of the imperials that would certainly increase my reputation around these parts which in turn would probably make it easier to find high profile contracts. So I got cocky and figured “What the hell, let’s do this!”

I started with a very limited narrow bandwith sensor sweep to get some flight data on the TIE patrol patterns. Even though I couldn’t make them out with my naked eye from this distance I was sure there were TIEs around. There always are. So I gathered some data and started to plot my course.

My plan was to close in from below the base, powered down, all systems off, no life support and just drift in, carried by momentum. Once close to the structure I would sneak into a docking bay. In theory it sounded easy enough.

My course calculations were pretty good. I drifted in slowly, everything was powered down including life support. I was wearing a sealed spacesuit. Almost there…

Damn! Suddenly the proximity alert went off. A flight of two TIEs crossed my path. I must have missed them on my initial scan. I was hailed. The usual line. Stop your ship, prepare for scan…bla…bla…bla.
I did my best and tried to fast-talk myself out of this one like so many times before, making up some story about burnt out control ships that rendered most of my ship’s systems useless, that I needed emergency repairs at the station and stuff like that.

However, they didn’t buy it. They ordered me to hold position and prepare to be boarded by a customs inspection team. A shuttle was already on it’s way.

I thought about the right course of action for a few moments. Should I make a run for it? I didn’t give myself decent enough odds for that, not with this ship in it’s current state. So I figured I had to trust my “negotiating skills”.

A few moments later two imperial custom officers and a detachment of four stormtroopers boarded my ship and searched everything. Of course they found the crate of spice but I had forged cargo papers declaring the content as a fine shipment of Devaronian Pepper. However, they insisted that I open the crate for a visual confirmation.

Here goes nothing. I hoped that whoever prepared the shipment was smart enough to indeed hide the spice somehow within the crate. With one hand I opened the crate, the other hand wandered slowly towards my heavy blaster pistol, ready for anything…

Thank the gods! The spice was indeed hidden within or underneath Devaronian Pepper. The custom officers inspected the content of the crate but found nothing at odds. I relaxed a little. I didn’t expect this to go so smooth. I was free to leave and landed at Zelpoint Station shortly afterwards…

Game Mechanics:
The initial scan conducted by Ash was a skill check using the Wisdom modifier and the Corellian Smuggler background against a DC of 20, which I failed. I determined that because of the failure, Ash’s data was incomplete.
The stealthy approach was a skill challenge (as in 4th Edition DnD). I needed 5 successes (against DC 20 using again my smuggler background and my Dex modifier as a pilot check) before three failures. I completed the challenge successfully with one failure. However, since I failed the initial scan check, I consulted Mythic (50/50 odds) if I was still detected and I was.
Fast talking was the usual bluff check using Charisma and the Man of the Streets background against a DC of 20. I failed the check therefore I had to face a customs inspection. I consulted Mythic to see if my shipment was indeed concealed and I got an exceptional yes result and therefore asked Mythic again if the inspectors buy it and assigned pretty good odds because of the exceptional success before and they did.
Looking forward to the final session…