I finally got around to play the last session of my Star Wars one-shot adventure testing out the 13th Age ruleset. So here is what I got from Mythic: Encounter 6: NPC action, increase bureaucracy
Interpretation: This one is simple and it fits perfectly. Because of the increased security and the imperial lockdown Ash is greeted by lots of red tape after landing…

After the intense encounter with imperial customs in station space I was relieved to finally touch down inside a hanger bay of Zelpoint Station. But my joy didn’t last long: Out of the cockpit window I could see two stormtroopers standig guard at the hangar bay exit doors and one stormtrooper accompanying another imperial customs inspector who was already waiting for me. What the hell?! I was just checked…alright, so let’s see how this goes. I lowered the ramp and walked down into the hangar.

“Greetings citizen. I am imperial customs inspector Bane. I need to see your cargo manifest.”

“Well hi there insepctor Bane. Call me Ash and I think there must be some kind of misunderstanding here. I was just checked and inspected by your colleagues out in space. They found everything to be in order. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now, would I?”

“You probably wouldn’t but I need to see your papers none the less. I have strict orders to inspect every vessel after touchdown. No exceptions. So please Mr. Ash, your cargo manifest.”

I was glad that I had those forged cargo papers. They already passed one inspection, I am sure they will pass another one. So I handed him the datacard…

“Hmm, there seems to be an irregularity with the verification checksum…”

“Oh, yeah, that. That’s nothing to worry about. The guy who filed the manifest got the loading dates mixed up with another shipment and had to alter the loading date after the manifest was filed…just a minor bookkeeping error, nothing more.”

“Is that so? Well, I am afraid I have to run a very thorough forensic diagnostic on this cargo manifest. Until this matter is resolved I am afraid I have to detain you and confiscate the cargo until the issue is resolved.”

He signaled the stormtrooper next to him to put me into binders. Damn! I hate this forsaken sector of space. It has brought me nothing but complications. I had to make a split second decision: Let them take me and hope that it all works out, the chances of that being practically zero, or make a run for it while I still have access to my ship and only a short way towards the ramp. Here goes nothing…

As the stormtrooper moved I jumped back and pulled my blaster. While firing a few distracting shots at the stormtrooper I dashed towards the ramp. Blaster fire erupted and deadly red blaster bolts sizzeled through the air. A few of them hit the ramp and hull of the ship. A stray shot grazed my shoulder but thanks to my heavy plastoid weave leather jacket I was not injured badly, just some minor burns. I finally managed to close the ramp behind me before the stormtroopers could board the ship.

Thank the maker the engines were still warm so I could make a quick exit without a long warm-up sequence but the imperials still got enough time to sound an alarm so the first vessels to greet me out in space were four imperial TIE-fighters in close formation.

I immediatly calculated a small micro-jump just away. I needed to get out of here fast. The ship was in bad shape and I had to be gone before the bigger vessels managed to close in on me. Green laser fire zipped past the ship. I twisted and rolled and pulled every trick in the book to keep the TIE-fighters at bay and the ship out of their sights.

Finally, the navicomputer was ready. I pulled the levers and escaped into the safety of hyperspace. A few moments later I reentered realspace in the vast emptiness of the endless void. The first thing I did was to jettison the cursed cargo. This sector and I, we didn’t get off to a good start. I failed to complete a delivery, I was set-up and on the imperal wanted list in this region of space. I know when it is time to leave and I was overdue. I calculated a course into a more familiar region of space. So long Tamesh Sector. You won’t see me in a while. I engaged the hyperdrive.

So this concludes my adventure with Ash in the Tamesh Sector and my test of the 13th Age system. Coming from 4th Edition D&D I quickly adapted to the mechanics and I enjoyed the adventure, but I think I will stick to lighter systems for solo roleplaying. I will also retire Ash in the Star Wars universe because for future Star Wars adventures I will stick to my Edge of the Empire campaign that I will continue.

Last but not least the game mechanics:
I asked Mythic if I will be checked after touchdown and assigned very likely odds. Mythic said yes.
I then asked if my forged papers pass the inspection and assigned likely odds, because they already did before. However, Mythic said no.
I then tried to fast-talk my way out somehow with a skill check vs. DC 20 which I also failed.
Finally a short battle against a group of mooks (using the 13th Age stats by level table to quickly whip up the opposition) during which I fled back onto the ship.
The space chase and dogfight was another skill challenge. I needed 4 successes against DC 20 which I managed to get before getting blown up.