After a very long time I will continue my Edge of the Empire campaign. When we left our hero, he was about to get into a firefight with a stormtrooper squad…

As soon as the lead stormtrooper issued his orders, the hallway was lit up by blaster fire. Deadly red blaster bolts filled the air. My Twi’lek passenger dartet forward towards the docking bay entrance, in which I waited for her. She was firing blindly backwards to cover herself.

“Come on! Get in here!” I shouted and drew my own blaster, the trusty DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. Every smugglers favorite weapon.

I wanted to shut the blast door of the docking bay as soon as the Twi’lek was inside but one of the stormtroopers must have anticipated that and blasted the control panel. Sparks flew, circuits burned, and the control panel was disabled. Obviously I underestimated their accuracy.

I returned fire myself, dropping a stormtrooper who ventured to far out of his cover. But stormtroopers were highly disciplined and known for keeping their cool under fire. My passenger managed to drop a stormtrooper but in a coordinated attack they took aim and dropped her as she was just about to reach me. They hit her in the shoulder, the distinct smell of burned flesh was immediately in the air.

I was distracted only a split second. A stormtrooper hit my left arm. I gritted my teeth, the burning pain was intense. I had to fight on. I ignored the pain and returned fire, dropping another stormtrooper. Only one stormtrooper left! With one hand I grabbed a stimpack and thrust the auto-injector into my thigh, with the other I kept shooting singlehanded, finally dropping the last stormtrooper.

I knew I didn’t have much time. Reinforcements were probably already on the way. I grabbed the Twi’lek and dragged her onto the ship, stabilized her with two stimpacks, and jumped straight into the pilot seat. Traffic control warned my to power down the engines, I didn’t have clearance as I expected. I made an illegal blastoff and went to full throttle.

Out in space a pair of TIE-fighters was already hot on my tail. I tried to lose them with some fancy evasive maneuvers but they were to fast and fairly skilled pilots. I didn’t manage to get away far enough. However, thanks to my fancy flying one of them slipped up and collided with the other one, causing some minor damage to their maneuvering thrusters. Even though I already started the calculations for the jump to lightspeed I still had to keep them at bay a little while. We exchanged heavy fire. I did my best to stay out of their field of fire with limited success. I managed to destroy both TIE-fighter but took some hard hits myself before I finally managed to jump into hyperspace.

Game Mechanics:
The session consisted of two battles which were played using pretty standard combat rules. The stormtrooper blasting the docking bay doors was the result of a triumph rolled by the stormtroopers. The evasive maneuver of the Never to Late was done with an opposed pilot check vs. the TIE-fighters. I failed the check but I had two advantages and one triumph left. According to the rules, the positive effect of the triumph happens even if the check fails so I ruled that the TIEs suffered a minor collision and lost their handling dice as a result.