In my solo Edge of the Empire campaign I am using some house rules that I would like to share with you dear readers.

The first rule is about spending advantages in combat. As a solo player I prefer to resolve effects immediately instead of in the next round. It adds more bookkeeping and things to keep track of so I try to avoid what I call “carry over” effects at all costs. So I came up with these additional ways to spend advantages in combat (in addition to those listed in the rulebook):

-Three advantages can be used to gain one additional success while attacking, but only if the attack itself was successful. You can’t spend advantages to generate a success if you don’t have any initial successes.

-Three advantages can be used to cause one point of direct damage (no soak value deducted) to the target. This option can be used only if the attack itself was a failure (no successes). Think of it as a grazing hit. The attack is still considered a miss and no weapon qualities can be used or activated.

-Two advantages can be used to heal one point of wound damage.

The second batch of house rules deals with the pilot skill. I personally like the idea that the pilot skill matters and that a good pilot should have an advantage over a bad pilot in dogfights. However, the rules as written don’t reflect that in a way I am satisfied with, so I implemented the following rules regarding the pilot skill:

-Gain the Advantage: This is a maneuver now, rather than an action, allowing you to perform another maneuver (by suffering system strain) and attack in the same round.

-The Pilot skill is used to determine initiative in space combat. So better pilots have an edge and get to shoot first.

-The Pilot skill is used to attack under certain circumstances: If the pilot is firing a starship or vehicle weapon, which is not mounted on a turret but fixed to the vehicle and aimed at the target by moving the vehicle itself (like the lasers on an X-Wing or TIE or a turret set to fixed forward fire and operated by the pilot), the Pilot skill is used for the attack roll instead of the gunnery skill.
The gunnery skill is still used if the weapon is mounted on a turret and moveable independently from the vehicle, operated by a gunner.

-Defensive Flying: As a pilot only maneuver, the pilot of a starfighter or tramp freighter can try to avoid incoming fire. Make a hard pilot check. If the check succeeds, the attack difficulty for all attacks against this vessel up until the next turn of this vessel is upgraded once. If the check fails however, the attack difficulty for all attacks made by this vessel until it’s next turn is upgraded once.

Boost and setback dice are added to all checks as usual for stats like handling etc.

In my experience, these minor changes, especially regarding initiative and attacking with the pilot skill while piloting starfighters or tramp freighters with fixed weapons, help to make the difference in pilot skill matter and give good pilots an edge.