After we were safe in hyperspace I took a breather and went to look after my Twi’lek passenger. The stimpacks I injected her stabilized her and the bacta already started to heal her wounds. She was in good shape everything considered but then again it was only a shoulder hit.
She introduced herself to me as Val’ryl.

“Nice to meet you. That was a close call. I figured you would eventually mean trouble, but I didn’t think it would find us so soon.”

“Sorry Captain….”

“Call me Cal.”

“Well, Cal, like I said, if I could have taken a passenger liner I wouldn’t need your services.”

“Yeah, I know the business. Well, thanks to our little imperial entanglement I think I better go and see if I can mask our transponder code signiature. The imps probably have us on their wanted list now. We are on route to Ord Tamesh as requested and it will take us about four days to get there. Plenty of time to talk some more later on, I better get the transponder altered, just in case we are interdicted or something.”

“Thanks again for getting me out of there.”

I tampered a little with my transponder code signiature and altered it to broadcast a different ID, however, I burned some circuits in the process. The little girl really needed a good overhaul once I got the money. Since I didn’t trust my passenger I also encrypted all consoles and hatches with a security code, except for the passenger cabins of course and the recreational area. The fact that Ord Tamesh was a military stronghold with several garrisons didn’t make this mission easier. After I while I went to see Val’ryl.

“So, I got our transponder code altered, that should be enough to deceive any imperial patrols, hopefully. Speaking of the imperials, I would think Ord Tamesh is not really the right place for someone like you, who is not exactly on friendly terms with the imperials. What is your business there?”

“Forgive me Captain, but that is none of your business. Like I said, no questions asked. The less you know the better. You know the business.”

“Fair enough.”

Later that day I received a distress signal via hypertransceiver. Apparently a passenger ship has come under pirate attack. Even though I despise pirates the Never to Late was not in any shape for a serious engagement. I couldn’t help it and ignored the call, leaving the poor souls to their fate. For the duration of the trip I tried to fix what I could and get the damage under control but some of it was to severy for my onboard toolkit and my limited ability.

On the third day of the journey the Never to Late received another call for assistance. A pleasure cruiser was experiencing technical difficulties and offered a reward of 1000 credits in casino tokens for assistance. I have a weakness for casinos and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and see what I could do so I altered our course slightly and dropped out of hyperspace at the designated coordinates.

I docked alongside the pleasure cruiser and assessed the damage. I realized it is beyond my ability, however, the grateful travel agency still gave me 100 credits worth of casino tokens for the effort. Never one to let a gambling opportunity slip I tried my luck in the casino but lost.

We continued our trip without further delay and arrived in the Ord Tamesh system. As soon as I exited hyperspace I was intercepted by a pair of TIE-fighters on patrol. They scanned me and checked my transponder signiature but luckily they didn’t find anything at odds with transponder, we came out clean.

However, they noticed that the Never to Late had some battle damage and demanded to know what happened.

“Yeah, that’s battle damage alright. I thought you guys had this sector under control. Apparently not. I responded to a distress signal. A passenger liner claimed to have lost all life support. Guess what, it was a decoy. As soon as I arrived at the coordinates, a bunch of pirates jumped me. I was lucky to get out alive.”

There was a moment of silence…

“Understood. You are cleared to land.”

That worked out alright. I was directed to Tamesh Prime, the planet’s capital city, and put the Never to Late down on a landing pad. Whenever possible I prefer to land at a pad with the clear sky above me, just in case I needed to make a quick exit. Lucky for me there were a few unoccupied pads that met that requirement.

I exchanged contact data with Val’ryl just in case she needed a reliable pilot in the future. I was pleasantly surprised that she paid me 6000 credits instead of the agreed 4000 credits.

“For your trouble and some necessary repairs.”

Then we parted ways. I spent 4000 credits on repairs and bought some armored clothing. Pants and a vest padded with concealed plastoid plates. After the Never to Late was in decent shape again, it was time to look for another assignment…

Game Mechanics:
The journey to Ord Tamesh was handled like a classic hex crawl with random encounter checks made every day. The encounters were inspired by the Mythic action/subject table.
The events after the arrival in Ord Tamesh were triggered by closed questions put to the fate chart:
Has the word of my illegal blastoff spread to Ord Tamesh? Yes
Has the empire increased security? Yes
Am I inspected after exiting hyperspace? Yes
The TIE pilots had to pass an average perception check to detect my fake transponder and they failed with two advantages so they noticed the combat damage.
Cals lie regarding the matter was an opposed deceit check vs. perception which I passed.
After touchdown I asked Mythic if the Twi’lek pays without trouble and got an exceptional yes result, so I figured I would get the 6000 credits that Cal wanted to begin with.