I have just finished session 6 of my Edge of the Empire solo campaign. Like I did once already with my Pathfinder adventure, I will post another unedited (or RAW, as I like to call it) session report which is exactly 1:1 the notes I took while playing the session. Why do I do that? Two reasons.

First, because it is less work of course. Usually I would write up a cohesive full prose narrative of the events with some direct dialogue added in and a short paragraph of game mechanics at the end. Although I find that more entertaining to read and it better helps to capture the feel of the universe (in my opinion) it is still additional work. By doing it like this every once in a while I get the sessions done.

Second, because I am a regular reader of other solo rpg blogs and member of the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ community and one question that pops up fairly regular is the question of people just starting out playing solo rpgs how to acutally do it. And while they usually have an idea of what it is about they still ask for some advice or insight about how you actually get started. It appears that people like to read as much about mechanics, play area set-up, methods of documentation etc. as they like to read actual play reports.

So, therefore I pull back the curtain and give you an idea of how I do my gaming. I wrote the notes while playing, rolling dice, adjusting character sheets etc. in the good old fashion way (real dice, pen and paper). This time I did the documentation using Quip and a notebook but I would do it in the exact same way with a pen and a paper notebook. And from the notes I would then write a narrative a short while later.

But not this time, this time, it is only the raw footage:

Session Log:
Tamesh Prime on Ord Tamesh:
-looking for another assignment: success with one threat, gets assignment but someone overhears the conversation
-after asking around and observing some people Cal is pointed to an indistinct cantina in a small alley of the spacer’s section
-he is pointed toward a wealthy looking human male who needs somebody for a job
-Cal approaches the man, he introduces himself as Mese Resa
-He needs somebody to salvage an important item from a derelict spaceship that was lost in one of the asteroid belts
-The item in question is a datacard with sensitive information. Cal is told he needs to know no more.
-Does Cal notice that their conversation was overheard? failure with two advantages
-Unnoticed, the listener leaves the cantina to make preparations…
-Cal wants 6000 credits for the job. Mesa wants to pay only 5000. Negotiate: failure, Cal accepts for 5000 but wants 2000 in advance. Negotiate: failure with one advantage, Cal gets 500 in advance (1560 total)
-Cal gets coordinates to last known position and access codes for internal security systems. Is told to hurry.
-The asteroid belt is 3 hexes away. It takes six hours to get there. I will make an encounter check for every hex I travel through
-Cal needs to buy some equipment that he might need: a plasma cutter, a grappling hook gun with magnetic grappler and of course a space suit.
-However, he doesn’t have enough funds. He decides to try his hand at some gambling to make more money.
-He finds a game in a cantina and bets 250. The first round is a draw. He gets his wager back.
-Second round: success with triumph! Cal wins back his wager + an additional 1000 credits (now 2560 total).
-Tries another round and bets 500: success with three successes and two threat, wins 500 (now 3060 total) but is accused of cheating (since he won two times in a row with great results)
-Can he talk his way out of this? no, failure
-The gamblers demand that he returns the money and threaten him
-Combat against two gamblers (minions): wounds 8 (4 each), soak 3, damage 3, critical 5 (unarmed strike), AAP
-Initiative: gamblers go first, Cal second
-the gamblers move to engage and take a swing but Cal dodges out of the way
-Cal draws his blaster and sets it to stun (-2 strain) and fires at the closest gambler and stuns him (6 damage, drops one gambler), regains one strain (for one advantage)
-The gambler takes another swing and misses, Cal shoots and stuns him as well.
-Cal gets the hell out of there. All strain recoverd at end of the encounter.
-Cal purchases a space suit, a grappling gun and a plasma cutter and orders it to his spacecraft, pays 1000 credits total (now 2060 total).
-Encounter on way to spaceship? 2 in 6 chance: no
-Cal reaches the Never to Late without incident, a short while later his purchased items are delivered.
-Cal askes for clearance and lifts off, leaving the atmosphere and starting calculations for the jump to lightspeed.
-Since the target coordinates are at the edge of an asteroid belt, the astrogation check is of average difficulty: failure with three advantages.
-His calculations are off, as Cal will notice once he gets there in six hours…