The journey to the asteroid belt in hex 07 07 in the Tamesh sector would take me about six hours. According to my star chart the asteroid belt was of light density, which should make it easier to navigate it. I calculated a course that would bring me close to the asteroid belt’s edge, but not to close.

About two hours before I was due to revert to realspace I picke up a distress signal: A pleasure cruise liner was experiencing technical difficulties and needed assistance. However, I got careful regarding these matters since I stumbled into a pirate trap that was set-up this way. I was also in a hurry, so I ignored the call and continued on my programmed course.

I exited hyperspace…

“DAMN!” I was heading full speed towards a large asteroid as I reverted to realspace. My calculations must have been off! They catapulted me right into the asteroid belt! A collision was imminent. The giant boulder already filled the transparisteel viewport.

I acted like on autopilot, no time to think. I pulled up and directed all emergency power to the downward thruster. The combination of pitch and downward thrust game me enough time to avoid a fatal collision. A terrible screeching noise went through the ship, sparks flew, circuits burned (again) but I was clear. That was a pretty close call.

I needed a while to catch my breath and just floated there for a while.

But then it was back to business. I had a job to do here. I scanned the area for other vessels. The scopes came up clean. The coordinates my employer gave me pointed further into the asteroid belt. I had to navigate the belt. But thanks to me flying casual and my natural talent I managed to get to the target coordinates without further trouble.

And there it was, my target. A large bulk transport was dead in space amidst the asteroids. It’s massive hull dented from several small impacts that thanks to the slow speed of the vessel didn’t cause to much damage. The scopes picked up no power or atmosphere onboard the other ship, also no life signs.

I brought the Never to Late alongside and docked at an external hatch without to much difficulty. The docking clamps locked the two ships together and my thrusters were programmed to keep us stationary. I modified my shields to encompass both vessels.

Let’s get this datacard and get out of here. I put on my spacesuit, took my essential gear and headed for the hatch. I wanted to try a subtle approach first before cutting the hatch open so I tried to hardwire the lock to restore some power and functionality.

Look what we have here. Underneath one of the panels I found some gold and platinum lined cables of the finest quality. Those metals should be worth quite a bit. A welcome extra income. I cut out the cables…DAMN! I ripped my spacesuit on one of the sharp metal edges. The pressure alarm was going off immediately and the door didn’t move one bit. I quickly moved back into the Never to Late and closed the hatch before the suit was completely depressurized.

Looks like I had some maintenance to do first…

Game Mechanics:
Since I failed the astrogation roll I figured I would be on a collision course but thanks to my advantages I had the possibility to avoid complete disaster with a hard pilot check, which I thankfully succeeded at, but the ship suffered one strain.

To get to my target coordinates I determined that I had to pass three hard pilot checks. I managed to pass all three of them and then asked Mythic if the ship would be there. Mythic said yes. It also said that the hatch won’t open so I had to pass an average mechanics check to be able to open the hatch.
I failed the test with one triumph and two threat which I interpreted as follows: I found some precious loot in the form of precious metals (the triumph) worth 1d6 x 500 credits but the threat meant that I ripped my suit in the process. And of course the door won’t open, since the check was an overall failure.

So, dear readers, I am still on the fence about how to post session reports: Unedited like I did with session 6 or as a narrative like I did here and several times before. I think both methods have their advantages: Unedited is faster, less work and gives more insight into solo roleplaying (at least how I do it). A narrative in my opinion captures the feel of the universe and the story better. So if you have an opinion on the matter, please let me know in the comments.