We continue our story as unlucky bounty hunter Telrac Kendrall has to start from square one…

Scene 6 – Back to square one
Location: imperial infirmary
-Telrac wakes up in a hospital bed. An imperial officer waits in a chair at his bedside.
-”Ah, Mr. Kendrall, nice of you to wake up. You were lucky that you had such a good armor, otherwise we wouldn’t have this conversation. Would you tell me what happened?”
-Telrac explains that he is a licensed bounty hunter and that he was chasing an imperial fugitive that he tracked down, filling the officer in on all the details.
-He also asks to block all outgoing traffic in case Rhyanna is still in the city and trying to escape.
-Does the officer comply? No.
-The officer denies the request: “You have to understand Mr. Kendrall, that we can’t take such extreme measures for just one person who is not on the galaxy’s most wanted list. There are business interests of the empire to consider that outweigh the chance of a possible escape of your quarry. Deliveries need to be made, the imperial military depends on their supplies getting to them in time. I am sorry. But the doctors have told me that you are free to go, all your injuries have been taking care of. So you can continue your investigation.”
-Remove all conditions, gain one FU point for the battle.
-After some administrative formularities Telrac is free to go. He gathers his gear and immediately heads for starport traffic control…

Scene 7 – Investigations at the starport
Lurag City spaceport traffic control center:
-Telrac heads for the control center administration office. There he shows is imperial bounty hunter license and demands that all arrivals from small craft and tramp freighters within the last three days be cross referenced with all arrivals and departures from one week before the bombing until three days after the bombing. Does the officer in charge comply? Yes, but it will take a while and there is a service charge of 400 credits.
-Telrac is in no mood for a fuss, he needs results quick, so he pays 400 credits (900 left). Does this cross reference produce any hits? Likely, roll two dice, take best result. Yes, and even though there are several matches, one of them is a tramp freighter registered to a pilot whose pilot and owners registration picture shows the Twi’lek Telrac met at the Dancing Gaslight cantina.
-Telrac looks at the security camera footage from the docking bay where the ship landed before the bombing incident to see who disembarked the ship. Does he see his quarry? Rolled a 5, Yes!
-So the guy he met is an associate of her and brought her here before the bombing incident. Most likely he also brought her here for the meeting with him.
-Is there any video footage from the arrival before his recent meeting with his quarry? Likely, roll two dice: Yes, and it shows the Twi’lek disembarking together with a Twi’lek wearing a hooded cloak but who definetly is female.
-Is the ship still docked here? No, damn!
-When did it leave, it can’t be that long ago? 1d6 hours ago, one hour! He just missed them.
-Telrac takes note of the ship’s name, type, registered transponder code and of the owners personal data. He copies everything to his datapad.
-Did they offer traffic control a target destination? Very unlikely, roll two dice, take worst one: No.
-Telrac now has learned of a new associate and of the ship she uses. He is certain he can put these leads to good use.
-He quickly heads for his transport and takes off and plots a course to the Helska system, where according to his data the Twi’lek’s ship, the Quickblade, was purchased and registered first by the Twi’lek. With a little luck this might be something of a home system or home base for the Twi’lek captain or he might have some ties there.
-Telrac makes the jump to lightspeed, heading for the Helska system…

Scene 8 – The Helska system
Helska System: controlled by imperial governor, heavy manufacturing industry, polluted atmosphere, a great percentage of the land is made up of mountain ranges, planetary capitol is Kaska Prime where the planet’s main imperial class starport is located. A smaller standard class starport is within the city of Sakar in the southern hemisphere.
-After pulling up the planetary database data for the Helska system Telrac decides to go for the smaller starport in the city of Sakar, located in the southern hemisphere. It just seems unlikely that a wounded imperial fugitive would land in an imperial class starport with increased security.
-But maybe they didn’t land at a starport at all but at some sort of hidden wilderness base? Time to find out.
-On his approach Telrac scans the area and surrounding traffic. Maybe the wanted ship hasn’t landed yet or had a delay and is still in transit. Does he locate the wanted vessel while approaching? very unlikely, roll three dice, take worst result: Rolled 3, 3, 4, close. No, but on his approach he sees a ship sitting in an open air docking bay that looks just like the one he is looking for, same type, same markings.
-Is there a docking bay available in the immediate vicinity? No, but in the same cluster of docking bays. Telrac sets his vessel down within the same docking bay cluster.
-He immediately runs towards the docking bay where the suspicious vessel is docked. Can he open the docking bay doors? Unlikely, roll penalty dice: No.
-He contacts starport security via comlink, states his intend, identifies himself and asks security to override the docking bay doors. Do they comply? No.
-Telrac curses under his breath. He then hides himself in another doorway and waits, observing the docking bay entrance.
-Does something happen within the next hour?Yes!
-Somebody approaching (1-3) or leaving (4-6)? The doors open and somebody is about to leave…
-Is it his quarry? No, damn!
-Or her associate? Since it is not his quarry I say it is unlikely and roll penalty dice: Yes! rolled 6 and 6…Yes and…
-Telrac was lucky: The man coming out of the docking bay was indeed the very Twi’lek he met in the Dancing Gaslight cantina and who he fought at the plaza.
-He makes a few steps, Telrac was ready to follow him, as he suddenly turns toward the docking bay entrance and talks to a yet unseen figure: “Are you coming? We don’t have all day. We need to see this streetdoc now.”
-”Coming!” Telrac hears a female voice. Shortly thereafter now one armed Rhyanna exits the docking bay…

To be concluded…