Scene 9 – Showdown in Sakar Spaceport
-Alright, it’s now or never! Telrac gets out his blaster rifle. While taking aim he sets it to stun. He fires…Does he hit Rhyanna? Add one bonus die for crack shot, one penalty die for Rhyanna being alert, roll unmodified die: Yes, but it’s only a grazing hit. Rhyanna is not stunned but a little numb.
-The element of surprise was gone. Rhyanna draws her blaster and returns fire. Does she hit? Bonus for blasterslinger, penalty for being numb and for Telracs armor, roll one penalty die (roll two, take worst result): rolled 5 and 6, damn!
-The blaster bolt hits Telrac in the shoulder, wounding him. Telrac drops the rifle and draws the blaster pistol.
-The Twi’lek associate fires a quick shot while dashing back towards the docking bay entrance…does he hit? bonus for Telrac being wounded, penalty for Telracs armor, make normal roll, rolled 4
-The Twi’lek stumbles as he runs forward, the shot grazes Telracs leg, causing even more pain and immobilizing him. The Twi’lek falls prone.
-Telrac takes another shot at Rhyanna, this time he doesn’t bother with the stun setting. Does he hit: bonus for crack shot, bonus for her being numb, penalty for being wounded, penalty for her being agile, roll normal die: 6, yes!
-Telrac grits his teeth, disregarding the pain for one second, this shot has to count…he aims…and hits! The blaster bolt hits her square in the chest, her eyes widen as the intense pain runs through her body. Rhyanna collapses.
-However, Telrac is not out of danger yet! The Twi’lek takes another shot: bonus for Telrac being wounded, penalty for his armor, roll normal die: 4
-He hits Telrac in the leg but his weapon runs out of ammo after the shot.
-Telrac is in bad shape…his shoulder and leg are hit, he can barely move or keep himself up…he fires…two penalty for his serious injury, one bonus for crack shot, roll one penalty die: 2, a miss
-The bolt goes wide and hits the floor. Telrac activates his helmet comlink and calls for starport security. He then tries to duck back into cover…
-The Twi’lek quickly slaps in another power pack and returns fire…two bonus for Telrac’s injury, one penalty for his armor, one penalty for having to reload in haste, roll normal die: 5, a hit!
-Telrac was a bit to slow, another bolt hits him in the back…all goes dark, he falls to the ground, incapacitated.
-Does starport security arrive in time? (50/50): Yes! lucky me
-Is Rhyanna dead or still alive? (50/50): Alive! lucky me again
-Telrac wakes up in an infirmary (again). Starport security has stabilized him and treated his wounds. Rhyanna and her associate were taken into custody.
-Telrac asks for an officer from an imperial bureau of criminal investigations to make a statement and claim his bounty for capturing Rhyanna (sort of, with help).
-Does all go smooth or does he have to deal with some red tape? (50/50): red tape, of course
-The officer explains that technically starport security have taken Rhyanna into custody, however, he states that Telrac contributed considerably in locating her and making the arrest possible in the first place. Long story short, he only gets to claim half of the bounty (7500 credits, now 8400 total). Administrative fees, starport security costs and several other bureaucratic costs are deducted, as well as medical bills.
-Telrac know better than to argue with an imperial bureaucrat. He accepts the 7500 credits, pays his fees and bills, gathers his equipment and heads for the spacer’s section. Time to upgrade some of his equipment…

Verdict regarding FU:
A great system for fast and loose cinematic games. Either for a quick pick-up game at a convention or to try out different genres with a home group. The system does not get in the way of the story and leaves enough room for customization or house rules.
I unconciously implemented one rule already: According to the rules as written the GM does not roll any dice, only the player does. However, during combat I tend to ask: “Does the enemy hit?” and roll dice for the enemy, taking into account all modifiers instead of asking “Does the PC get out of the way?” and roll dice for the PC. I am just to accustomed to the principle of whoever acts also rolls. However, this approach does not hurt the system in any way so I will just keep it.

I am not sure if I would use FU for an extended solo campaign however, because I do get some enjoyment out of working the gears of a system as part of solo gaming. It gives me the feel of actually playing instead of just doing creative writing with limited narrative control. Personally I like systems with a medium amount of crunch for solo gaming: D6 System, Microlite 20, Edge of the Empire (and the Fantasy Flight Star Wars line in general) are good examples of systems that have just the right amount of crunch. I do like the d20 system as well, however, with one restriction: Complex PC using all the options of feats, skills and class features vs. streamlined NPCs. As long as I don’t start looking up what every feat or spell an NPC has does the d20 system is fine for solo play as well.

Just my two cents.