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Finally Cal manages to complete his assignment and hands over the datacard, collects his reward, and gets his ship back in shape. Not without further difficulties, of course…:

Session Log:

-Create destiny pool for the session: 1 dark side destiny

-So I am followed, three guys, two humans and one scaly alien. Two will probably cut me off in the front any moment now while the third one, the alien, will close in from behind.

-Time to act first and fast…

-Roll initiative! Cal uses Cool, the thugs Vigilance: Cal scores two successes vs. one success from the thugs.

-The combat starts at short range and is run on scrap paper.

-I get the jump on them and draw my blaster, set it to stun while bringing it up and fire a quick shot towards the scaly alien behind me. It is never good to be surrounded. The bolt hits him or her, hard to tell, and it goes down, limbs numb.

-The other goons were clearly surprised, but not surprised enough, and return fire, their blasters set for stun as well. I guess in an imperial controled city like Tamesh Prime nobody wants to face a murder charge after all. My reflexes kick in as I dive for cover (Dodge talent), causing the shots to go wide.

-I quickly return fire and hit one of the guys in the shoulder, however, that was enough to overload his nervous system and he goes down.

-The remaining guy however was obviously a better shot. I grit my teeth as a jolt of pain runs through my body, causing my left arm to go numb. A stun bolt hit me and even my padded and armored jacket could not fully absorb the impact. Another one of those hits and I am out cold. (Down to 6 strain)

-Can’t let that happen, I take aim and fire…direct hit in the chest. The last of them goes down.

-No time to stick around! No doubt somebody already called in the stormtroopers. My arm is still numb, dangling useless from my shoulder. I disappear into an alley and take a few erratic turns.

-I take a different route to the meeting point.

-Stormtrooper patrols on the way? 65%: 24, Yes.

-Damn! A group of four stormtroopers has set-up a checkpoint ahead, almost directly in front of the cantian were I am supposed to meet my employer. Better try to get in through the back door. I don’t know if they got my description.

-Different route available? hard streetwise check: failure, everything canceled (successes, threat, advantages)

-The streets are crawling with stormtroopers after our little mid-day shoot-out. There is no way to get to the meeting point.

-I call my contact and explain the situation. I need to reschedule at a different location. Do they agree? 80%, 23, Yes.

-”Looks like we got no choice if we want the data. We meet tomorrow at the Watering Hole Cantina in the spacer’s section.”

-Alright, so now I have to get back to my ship somehow and wait it out.

-Can Cal get to the ship without being spotted? hard streetwise check: Success with two threat.

-I manage to leave the immediate vicinity of the shoot-out. The streets are safer here. However, shortly before I reach my docking bay I am approached by some street scum. They claim I have been passing through “their” territory and demand a “passage fee”. I could have probably taken them out, however, I was hot enough already and I didn’t need any more trouble. I was able to buy my way out with 500 credits. (Now 5540 total)

-Finally at the docking bay I lock the doors, secure the hatches and get some desperately needed sleep.

-As I wake up the next day the numbness in my arm is gone. I get ready for the meeting.

-I head for the Watering Hole Cantina, it is not very far from my docking bay.

-Encounter on the way? 1-4 on d10: 9, no, lucky me.

-I finally reach the Watering Hole Cantina and meet with my employer, the guy called Mese Resa.

-Always give yourself a chance to fail: Does he try a double cross? However, I assign very unlikely odds. He needs the card and has a reputation to keep, but you never know: 1 in 6 chance of double cross…roll 1d6 and…I rolled a 1, great! So now it gets interesting…

-”Can I see the card?”

-”Money first” I reply.

-Of course…Resa puts credchips on the table with a total worth of 2000 credits. That is 2500 less than what was agreed upon (Flashback: Cal was hired for 5000 and got 500 up front as described in session 6).

-”Your math is off.” My hand comes to rest on the hilt of my blaster.

-”Oh, but it is not. See, your little shoot-out got the imperials all stirred up. I had to wait another day after I already assured my employer that I would obtain the card yesterday. See, a lot of things had to be changed around, excuses needed to be made…yadda yadda yadda, the usual, long story short: Hand over the card, take the credits and be happy that you can leave.” He wasn’t joking.

-”Well, lucky me then, because I didn’t bring the original card with me.” I gave him my best grin.

-Hard Deceit check: Yes! Success with a triumph but two threat.

-Apparently he wasn’t expecting that. His facial expression betrayed him. He needed the card desperately and he needed it now. He was staring at me with ice cold eyes, you could literaly hear him thinking is options through. Of course I knew he had backup here somewhere nearby…

-Without another word he reached into his other pocket and put another 2000 credits on the table. Still 500 short, but he did have a point, I know the business. I am not risking my neck for 500 more.

-We made the exchange and I slipped the money into my pocket and handed him the card. “Don’t worry, it’s the real deal. I fooled you.” (9540 total)

-He left, shortly afterwards three more patrons left, probably his backup. Time for me to leave as well.

-As I was about to leave, two stormtroopers enter the cantina (the two threat from my check) and start checking the patrons and asking questions.

-Try to sneak out the back door: moderate Stealth check: of course a failure, but three advantages.

-The stormtroopers notice me: “Hey you, stay there…”

-Time to do the dance again: Hard Deceit check, because of the three advantages I get to add a boost die. Lucky me, success, all threat canceled.

-Thanks to my quick wit and quicker tongue I convince them, that I was not the guy they were looking for.

-Back in my ship, I call up starport services to get a maintenance crew to do some needed repairs: Restore 12 points of hull for 500 credits each: 6000 credits (now 3540 total, ship is at 20 hull from 22 total and has all strain removed), repairs will take 6 days.

-Get 15 XP for the adventure, now at 19 XP. Purchase two ranks in Skullduggery for 15 XP, 4 XP left.


After my shared sci-fi game is finished I am continuing my Edge of the Empire solo campaign with intrepid smuggler Cal Ozan.

When we left him, he was lucky to hitch a ride on a Gthroc transport after he got separated from his ship while exploring a derelict vessel which was adrift in order to retrieve a datacard.

Now, with the datacard and a ride back to his ship it seems like he is back in business…

Again, a handwritten session report.



I finished my shared sci-fi game today. A quick summary for those of you who have trouble reading my handwriting:

Deckart heads to the autmated motel where Thein has booked a room, at least according to Lowrider’s information. Since it is all automated Deckart has no trouble getting in by booking a room as well at the check-in machine.

He sneaks through the hallways until he reaches Thein’s room, listens and forces the door open with his crowbar.

However, Thein has set up a mobile monofilament dart trap which wounds Deckart and wakes up Thein, who immediatly reaches for a hold-out blaster hidden underneath his pillow.

A shoot-out follows in which Deckart suffers another small wound but manages to stun Thein.

Taking Thein with him and luckily with no corporate types showing up he contacts his contact in an alley to inform them of his success.



The hunt for Thein continues over the holidays in handwritten form. I hope you have no trouble reading and following along…

For those of you who have trouble reading my handwriting, here is a quick summary:

After the corporate encounter Deckart decides to re-negotiate his fee and the organization agrees to pay 25% more. Deckart then proceeds to buy some needed equipment: A crowbar, some wireless recording bugs and two gps-tracking devices. After another failed attempt to break into Thein’s appartement, even with crowbar, he then went to the entertainment district and tries to increase his funds at a poker table, bluffing his way to victory with moderate success.

After a little legwork Deckart finally manages to make contact with an underworld slicer called “Lowrider” and hires him to dig up information on his quarry.

Lowrider manages to dig up two pieces of information: The name and location of a known associate and more importantly a lead to Thein’s current whereabouts.

Thein booked a room in an automated motel in a run-down industrial district and Deckart heads over there in the middle of the night…



Merry christmas dear readers!

After everybody in the family went to bed I enjoyed a quiet hour for myself on christmas eve and played another session of my Microlite20 shared sci-fi game. I played it old school style: A pen, scrap paper, real dice, a character sheet. I actually enjoy this way of playing a lot. It really gives me that gamey feeling, the physical process of handling the sheets, throwing the dice etc.

Anyhow, I thought I do something different for a change and just post my actual unedited raw session report in it’s ugly but authentic form as a picture. I am to lazy to write it up and I think it gives you another behind the curtain look into the way I do my solo gaming.

So, I hope you can read my handwriting and let your imagination run wild while following my story along. I picked up after I lost the trail of the anti-grav car, thinking about how I could locate it again.

For the encounter in the diner at the end of the session I didn’t use an oracle to determine the opposition since the provided hook for the shared sci-fi game, which I decided to use, already stated that a corporation would be the or one form of opposition.



I continue Clive Deckarts hunt for the elusive Thein in my third installment of my shared sci-fi solo game. Another quick session, which was played at work during my lunch break on a piece of paper with a pen and dice roller app on my phone.

I later did the write-up. The action during the session took place mostly in my head, I just jotted down the GM Emulator questions and the result and a few one liners to sketch the scene.

Here is the after action report:

Let’s determine some more facts:

Does Deckart see them together in the lobby (50/50)? Yes.

Do they leave together (25%)? Yes.

After a short while the guy I trailed appeared in the lobby. He was accompanied by someone else…it was Thein! They were heading towards the exit of the holotheater.

I quickly dash over to the corner to get eyes on them as soon as they appear on the street.

Do they leave by vehicle (1-3) or on foot (4-6)? Per vehicle, damn!

Can Deckart get a Taxi quick enough to follow (50/50)? No.

Is there anyone next to a vehicle in the immediate vicinity who has just opened the door (20%)? No.

It looks like they are heading for a vehicle. A parked anti-grav car. Damn! I was on foot. I quickly need to find a vehicle to pursue them or they will be gone. I signal for a taxi but thanks to Murphy’s Law no cab was available at the moment.

I also didn’t see anybody next to a car at an open door or someone about to enter a car. Alright then, they have already sat down in their car…I needed to “borrow” a car then.

I stepped up to a parked anti-grav car and drew my blaster discretely. Without further thought I blasted the door lock from point-blank range, opened the door, got in and tried to shortcircuit the car to get it started.

Int + Technology (1d20+2) vs. DC 15: 20, success!

Thanks to some street skills I picked up during my career it was no problem to get the car started, even without the keys. I had to act quickly now.

Is his quarry still in sight (50/50)? Yes! Lucky me.

I was lucky, they were stopped by a traffic light about 50 meters ahead. I quickly pulled out of the parking space and established pursuit. Now I had to trail them in without being seen but I also had no backup and couldn’t afford to lose them. Not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with the area.

Skill check: Int + Subterfuge (1d20+5) vs. DC 15 to trail them in the car: 9, failure, damn!

After about two more blocks I lost them at an intersection. I stayed to far behind and when I got to the intersection, there was no sign of them. Damn! I had to chose one out of three possible routes. I took a right…

Did Deckart chose the right route (5-6 on d6)? No, he didn’t…


Just played a quick session tonight since I started late and have to get up early but had fun still.

ooc: Time to determine some more details about the guy to see how the story unfolds.

Does he work for (1-3) or against (4-6) Thein? A 2, so he works for him. I draw the logic conclusion that he was sent by Thein to fetch some things for him.

Does he want to meet with Thein directly (very unlikely)? Rolled 03, which in Mythic terms translates into exeptional yes! Alright then, he will lead Deckart to Thein’s hideout unless Deckart loses the trail.

The area became brighter, lit by the flashing signs of pubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, holotheatres and brothels. It got more crowded and it became harder not to lose sight of the guy.

Skill check: Int + Subterfuge (1d20+5) vs. DC 15: of course, rolled a 1, 6 total, epic fail

Is somebody trying to pick a fight with Deckart (50/50)? No, so some other form of distraction causes Deckart to lose sight.

I had to concentrate to keep eyes on target without it looking to obvious. I was distracted and bumped into a street vendor, a fat, smelly guy selling fake watches.

“Hey watch where ya goin’ will ya!”

Damn! That small distraction was enough…as I looked back the guy was gone. Come on, he can’t be to far away.

I increased my pace and quickly closed the gap to where I last saw him. I looked around…(1d4 different possibilities, a one, lucky me) the only thing where he could possibly have disappeared into was a holotheatre. I quickly enter and check the lobby.

Does Deckart see him in there (unlikely)? 95, exceptional no! Not only does Deckart not see him, he is also immediately approached by bouncers.

I am immediately approached by two burly bald men in black suits.

“Hey you! This is a private party and you are not invited. What do you think you are doing? Sightseeing? Get the hell out or we will throw you out!” They came closer.

I quickly think about what to do. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Fighting these guys in close combat might not end well for me and I don’t want to escalate the situation by drawing my blaster, besides, I was on private property and they had every right to ask me to leave. So I just had to hope that I could pick up the trail again if the guy leaves while hoping that he would still lead me to some place or someone useful.

“You can keep your pants on. I am leaving.” I quickly exit and check the outside of the building for additional exits (50/50).

100, exceptional no, which in this case is actually good.

I was lucky for once. No additional exits and while checking the outside I discovered a small window through which I could see the entire lobby area. I only had to stand on something. A trashcan was quickly found and a moment later I was staring through the window into the lobby from outside. So far, so good…

Dear readers,

sorry that I went into a longer hiatus again. The reason was once again Elite: Dangerous and the new updates like the engineers and the guardians. I know the critics are divided regarding Elite: Dangerous but for me this is just THE space game. I play it as a solo rpg if you will, with my own commander backstory and I just love the flight model, the space combat, the gritty universe. I have played the Elite serious during my entire computer gaming life, starting on the C64 in 1989 and I will probably play it as long as computers or I am around.

But back on topic: The longer the hiatus, the greater the urge to also start solo rpg-ing again. I planned on continuing my Edge of the Empire campaign, especially after watching Rogue One, but something else caught my interest.

I am a member of the Lone Wolf Roleplaying Google+ group and one of the group members came up with an interesting idea for a gaming experiment. He proposed that we could do a shared world solo game where we agree upon a backdrop for the game but everybody does his own solo game at his own pace, using his/her system of choice, with the option of crossing his game over into other games or using characters or locations others have created. A poll was had and a Sci-Fi theme was chosen, together with some characteristics, as explained here:

The genre is Sci-Fi (thanks again to everyone who voted!)
• Characters can be anything: criminals, psychic knights, mech pilots, rebels, etc.
• The setting is deliberately vague—there’s FTL, and a number of planets. There’s some aliens and some broad government(s?), but the exact situation will vary based on your preferences.
• Use any game system you like, as well as any GM Emulator. It’s your game, after all!
• Post your AP’s where you like. But, please post a link on this thread, so we can all follow along. You don’t have to do an AP, but hopefully it’ll be fun. When you post, please use the following hashtag: #SharedSciFi
• Your story is the only “canon” story—how much, if any, of others stories you choose to add to your game is entirely up to you.

Also, an initial prompt was provided to use or not:

“The main character must [Fight] [Technician], at [Entertainment District], but have to contend with [Trap] while being confronted by [Corporation].”

So that is the setup and it wasn’t long before the first actual play reports appeared in the Lone Wolf group. Naturally I wanted to get in into the action and one of the actual plays inspired me so that I already used it as a starting point for my own game. It can be found here:

I liked the gritty picture it painted. Somehow it also made me think of the movie Bladerunner. So meet Clive Deckart, ex-cop and freelance bounty hunter as I take part in this experiment using Microlite20 in a slightly modified version:

Shared Sci-Fi – Session 1

Character: Human Bounty Hunter 1

Clive Deckart
Str 10, Dex 18, Int 12, Cha 16, HP 14, Init +4, Defense 15 (+4 Dex, +1 level)

Subterfuge +4
Communication +4
Knowledge +1
Technology +1
Physical +1

bounty hunter license, plastoid weave heavy leather jacket (DR 3), heavy blaster pistol (+5 ranged/1d8+4), combat knife (+1 melee/1d6), comlink, datapad, 1 medpac, credchip (2000)

My name is Deckart, Clive Deckart. I was a cop, now I am a freelance bounty hunter. I had to leave the force due to some misunderstanding with an influential politician. He was involved in some nasty stuff involving minors, money, exotic tastes and pictures, if you know what I mean. However, nobody wanted to hear about it, since he was a generous benefactor of the departement. I was leading the investigation, I digged to deep. The whole thing was covered up and swept under the rug and I was swept out of the departement.

So now I work as an independent bounty hunter, all properly licensed of course, and hunt criminals for money. But not just criminals. Persons of any kind that somebody wants found for whatever reason. I don’t care anymore.

So I was contacted by this guy who works for somebody who goes by the name of Dehaan. He apparently runs some kind of operation out of Krakatoa. A stinking volcanic hell-hole of a planet. I don’t ask to many questions any more, learned that lesson the hard way. The only thing important for me was the name and description of the guy I was supposed to locate. The guy goes by the name of Gerritt Thein. He is a technician and apparently he was a mole and tipped of important facts about Dehaans organization to the cops. So now Dehaan wants to have a little talk with him and Thein was nowhere to be found.

His trail went cold at the spacedocks of Krakatoa, after he apparently led the cops to a warehouse of contraband run by his organization. At least that was the info the buy who contacted me got from one of his guys, a fixer who goes by the street name of “Lucky”, who almost stumbled into the cop’s raid as he went to talk to Thein.

So my contact provided me with cheap transportation to Krakatoa, where I intend to pick up the trail. He offered me the nice little sum of 10,000 credits if I would bring him Thein alive.

I figured sooner or later I had to talk to this guy “Lucky” but I wanted to do some investigative work before that. I was never really a tech guy so I prefer the “classic” form of legwork: Visiting places, talking to people, asking around.

Sometimes things can be simpler than you think. I had to start someplace and figured the tech’s appartement would be a good place. Maybe he hasn’t caught wind of the fact that his employer is looking for him and turns up there, after all he had to sleep someplace and maybe not a reason to believe that they caught onto him.

His appartement was in a middle-class neighborhood if you could consider anything middle-class in this depressing, dimly lit, underground city sprawl with stale air and stinking smoking puddles of sulphur here and there.

I checked if the door to the main appartement complex building was open. (50/50) I was lucky, the lock shortcircuited a while ago and nobody got around to fix it so I slipped into the building, checking the area inside for surveillance cameras (unlikely). I couldn’t see anything and took the stairs up to the third floor, where Thein’s appartement was located.

I drew my blaster and pressed myself against the wall to the right of the door, listening (noise? very unlikely). Not a sound. I knock…(answer? very unlikely).

“Who’s there!?”

I was surprised, that was unexpected.

“Postal service, I got a delivery for your neighboor. Would you be so kind and take it for him?” (does he? unlikely)

“I can’t. Got things to do. Leave.”

Well, that would have been to easy. I checked the lock. Standard security electronic lock. Easy to pick if you have the right tools. I didn’t. I briefly considered smashing the door but that would be a mistake. I had no clue if the door was reinforced or trapped in some way and I would stumble blindly into a hostile environment. Patience was the way to go.

I went back downstairs and checked the building for additional exits, like through a basement or parking garage (50/50). There was one additional exit through the parking garage which was located underneath the building and sadly you couldn’t watch both exits from the outside. The parking garage exit came out at the back of the complex.

I could of course call my contact and report my findings, however, I hadn’t verified that the guy who answered the door was indeed the guy I was looking for. Also, if I did report it and they took him themselves I might be cut out of my promised bounty. So I had to get eyes on the guy first before I would consider a course of action like that.

I would just have to make a guess. I chose the main entrance and hid in a nearby alley.

Does the guy leave before Deckart had to eat, sleep and take a toilet break? (50/50) Yes.

Does he take the exit Deckart is watching? (50/50) Yes! Lucky me!

Is it indeed the wanted Thein? (33%) 87, No, would have been to easy anyways.

I was lucky. After a short while the lights in the stairway went on and a humanoid silhouette exited Thein’s appartement. The figure went downstairs and out the front gate.

But sadly it wasn’t Thein. I had a pretty good holopicture of him which I memorized and this guy didn’t match. However, he must be connected to him in some way, otherwise he wouldn’t be leaving his appartement. Maybe Thein sent him to get some stuff. It was a lead at least, so I trailed the guy.

Skill check: Dex + Subterfuge (1d20+8) vs. DC 15: 18, success.

The guy didn’t seem to notice me. I followed him through a few alleys into what was apparently an entertainment district…