Just played a quick session tonight since I started late and have to get up early but had fun still.

ooc: Time to determine some more details about the guy to see how the story unfolds.

Does he work for (1-3) or against (4-6) Thein? A 2, so he works for him. I draw the logic conclusion that he was sent by Thein to fetch some things for him.

Does he want to meet with Thein directly (very unlikely)? Rolled 03, which in Mythic terms translates into exeptional yes! Alright then, he will lead Deckart to Thein’s hideout unless Deckart loses the trail.

The area became brighter, lit by the flashing signs of pubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, holotheatres and brothels. It got more crowded and it became harder not to lose sight of the guy.

Skill check: Int + Subterfuge (1d20+5) vs. DC 15: of course, rolled a 1, 6 total, epic fail

Is somebody trying to pick a fight with Deckart (50/50)? No, so some other form of distraction causes Deckart to lose sight.

I had to concentrate to keep eyes on target without it looking to obvious. I was distracted and bumped into a street vendor, a fat, smelly guy selling fake watches.

“Hey watch where ya goin’ will ya!”

Damn! That small distraction was enough…as I looked back the guy was gone. Come on, he can’t be to far away.

I increased my pace and quickly closed the gap to where I last saw him. I looked around…(1d4 different possibilities, a one, lucky me) the only thing where he could possibly have disappeared into was a holotheatre. I quickly enter and check the lobby.

Does Deckart see him in there (unlikely)? 95, exceptional no! Not only does Deckart not see him, he is also immediately approached by bouncers.

I am immediately approached by two burly bald men in black suits.

“Hey you! This is a private party and you are not invited. What do you think you are doing? Sightseeing? Get the hell out or we will throw you out!” They came closer.

I quickly think about what to do. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Fighting these guys in close combat might not end well for me and I don’t want to escalate the situation by drawing my blaster, besides, I was on private property and they had every right to ask me to leave. So I just had to hope that I could pick up the trail again if the guy leaves while hoping that he would still lead me to some place or someone useful.

“You can keep your pants on. I am leaving.” I quickly exit and check the outside of the building for additional exits (50/50).

100, exceptional no, which in this case is actually good.

I was lucky for once. No additional exits and while checking the outside I discovered a small window through which I could see the entire lobby area. I only had to stand on something. A trashcan was quickly found and a moment later I was staring through the window into the lobby from outside. So far, so good…