I continue Clive Deckarts hunt for the elusive Thein in my third installment of my shared sci-fi solo game. Another quick session, which was played at work during my lunch break on a piece of paper with a pen and dice roller app on my phone.

I later did the write-up. The action during the session took place mostly in my head, I just jotted down the GM Emulator questions and the result and a few one liners to sketch the scene.

Here is the after action report:

Let’s determine some more facts:

Does Deckart see them together in the lobby (50/50)? Yes.

Do they leave together (25%)? Yes.

After a short while the guy I trailed appeared in the lobby. He was accompanied by someone else…it was Thein! They were heading towards the exit of the holotheater.

I quickly dash over to the corner to get eyes on them as soon as they appear on the street.

Do they leave by vehicle (1-3) or on foot (4-6)? Per vehicle, damn!

Can Deckart get a Taxi quick enough to follow (50/50)? No.

Is there anyone next to a vehicle in the immediate vicinity who has just opened the door (20%)? No.

It looks like they are heading for a vehicle. A parked anti-grav car. Damn! I was on foot. I quickly need to find a vehicle to pursue them or they will be gone. I signal for a taxi but thanks to Murphy’s Law no cab was available at the moment.

I also didn’t see anybody next to a car at an open door or someone about to enter a car. Alright then, they have already sat down in their car…I needed to “borrow” a car then.

I stepped up to a parked anti-grav car and drew my blaster discretely. Without further thought I blasted the door lock from point-blank range, opened the door, got in and tried to shortcircuit the car to get it started.

Int + Technology (1d20+2) vs. DC 15: 20, success!

Thanks to some street skills I picked up during my career it was no problem to get the car started, even without the keys. I had to act quickly now.

Is his quarry still in sight (50/50)? Yes! Lucky me.

I was lucky, they were stopped by a traffic light about 50 meters ahead. I quickly pulled out of the parking space and established pursuit. Now I had to trail them in without being seen but I also had no backup and couldn’t afford to lose them. Not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with the area.

Skill check: Int + Subterfuge (1d20+5) vs. DC 15 to trail them in the car: 9, failure, damn!

After about two more blocks I lost them at an intersection. I stayed to far behind and when I got to the intersection, there was no sign of them. Damn! I had to chose one out of three possible routes. I took a right…

Did Deckart chose the right route (5-6 on d6)? No, he didn’t…