Merry christmas dear readers!

After everybody in the family went to bed I enjoyed a quiet hour for myself on christmas eve and played another session of my Microlite20 shared sci-fi game. I played it old school style: A pen, scrap paper, real dice, a character sheet. I actually enjoy this way of playing a lot. It really gives me that gamey feeling, the physical process of handling the sheets, throwing the dice etc.

Anyhow, I thought I do something different for a change and just post my actual unedited raw session report in it’s ugly but authentic form as a picture. I am to lazy to write it up and I think it gives you another behind the curtain look into the way I do my solo gaming.

So, I hope you can read my handwriting and let your imagination run wild while following my story along. I picked up after I lost the trail of the anti-grav car, thinking about how I could locate it again.

For the encounter in the diner at the end of the session I didn’t use an oracle to determine the opposition since the provided hook for the shared sci-fi game, which I decided to use, already stated that a corporation would be the or one form of opposition.