The hunt for Thein continues over the holidays in handwritten form. I hope you have no trouble reading and following along…

For those of you who have trouble reading my handwriting, here is a quick summary:

After the corporate encounter Deckart decides to re-negotiate his fee and the organization agrees to pay 25% more. Deckart then proceeds to buy some needed equipment: A crowbar, some wireless recording bugs and two gps-tracking devices. After another failed attempt to break into Thein’s appartement, even with crowbar, he then went to the entertainment district and tries to increase his funds at a poker table, bluffing his way to victory with moderate success.

After a little legwork Deckart finally manages to make contact with an underworld slicer called “Lowrider” and hires him to dig up information on his quarry.

Lowrider manages to dig up two pieces of information: The name and location of a known associate and more importantly a lead to Thein’s current whereabouts.

Thein booked a room in an automated motel in a run-down industrial district and Deckart heads over there in the middle of the night…