I finished my shared sci-fi game today. A quick summary for those of you who have trouble reading my handwriting:

Deckart heads to the autmated motel where Thein has booked a room, at least according to Lowrider’s information. Since it is all automated Deckart has no trouble getting in by booking a room as well at the check-in machine.

He sneaks through the hallways until he reaches Thein’s room, listens and forces the door open with his crowbar.

However, Thein has set up a mobile monofilament dart trap which wounds Deckart and wakes up Thein, who immediatly reaches for a hold-out blaster hidden underneath his pillow.

A shoot-out follows in which Deckart suffers another small wound but manages to stun Thein.

Taking Thein with him and luckily with no corporate types showing up he contacts his contact in an alley to inform them of his success.