After Cal completed his assignment I take another short break from Edge of the Empire to take advantage of the pros of solo rpging and that is the freedom to try out different systems.

On my list of systems to try is the Apocalypse World engine, which uses 2d6+modifiers as task resolution and is more on the narrative side. I got interested in it because of this Star Wars hack for it:

I used the basic engine but tinkered with it a little:

I use the classic six ability scores that can range from +0 to +3 at character creation and I don’t use classes or special abilities. Just skills which work as described in the hack. I generated my scores by rolling 1d6 six times and assigning the results, using this table:

1: +0

2-3: +1

4-5: +2

6: +3

Hitpoints are equal to 12 + Constitution. I get to pick three skills and used the Pathfinder Unchained consolidated skill list for options.

I decided to combine this test with another test and that is a test or better, tryout, of the Miso RPG which helps a solo player create interesting stories.

It was cooked up by Sophia Brandt, who is a member of the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying community.

Check it out here:

So far, I like how the story unfolds. This time, a lone wilderness fighter embarks on a scouting mission for the alliance:


Corporal Cane Selcam, Rebel SpecForce Wilderness Fighter
Str +1
Dex +3
Con +3
Int +2
Wis +2
Cha +1

Skills: Athletics, Stealth, Survival

HP: 15, Armor: 0

backpack with survival gear, survival combat knife, electrobinoculars with nightvision and high resolution camera, datapad, comlink, medpac, camo clothing and cloak (+1 to stealth rolls in outdoor woodland/jungle/grassland environments)
blaster pistol (1d6 damage)
blaster carbine (1d6+1 damage)
combat vibroblade (1d6+1 damage, melee)

Mission Briefing onboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser “Liberty”:

-An rebel probe has discovered an imperial installation on the forest and swamp covered planet Telbarg 3 in the Telbarg-System while searching for a suitable rebel base site.

-The installation is relatively small. It is unclear from the probe telemetry what exactly it’s purpose is. It could be a storage site, a research facility or even a prison.

-However, it might be a suitable target for a rebel raid to gain supplies, weapons and information.

-Therefore, first hand information is needed. The rebel leadership has decided to mount a one-man recon mission.

-Your mission, Corporal Selcam, is to scout out the base, take pictures, determine it’s purpose and the approximate size of the imperial presence on Telbarg 3 and get out without being noticed.

-You will be inserted via upper atmosphere high altitude drop with parachute and wing suit. A small shuttle will enter the atmosphere and drop you off. Once on the ground you have two weeks to accomplish your mission and you are to keep radio silence during that time. After two weeks we will extract you from the pick-up point. Don’t miss your appointment, otherwise be prepared to get comfortable on Telbarg 3.

-A rough map created by the probe will be provided to you in digital form and in paper.

-The mission will start in two days. Get your gear ready. Dismissed.

The mission begins:

-After the briefing I did as I was told: checked my weapons and gear, reviewed the map, made some mental planning exercised going through different “what if” scenarios. The next day I just relaxed, trained a little and enjoyed the ship’s recreational facilities.

-Time to leave: I pack my gear, board the shuttle and wait. Shortly before we enter the Telbarg system I put on my sealed wingsuit, check the parachute, put on my helmet and oxygen mask and wait for the drop off.

-The shuttle is shaking violently as we enter the atmosphere. Thruster power was reduced to minimum to cut down on emissions and keep a low sensor profile. It was a rough ride.

-10 seconds! I get into position…

-5 seconds! Here goes nothing…

-Go! Go! Go! May the force be with you! I jump…

-I race towards the ground at neckbreaking speed. All is dark, my helmet has nightvision and paints everything in an eerie green. As the atmosphere gets thicker I use my wing suit to decelerate a little. I have to be careful, need to slow down nice and easy.

-I use the suit to make some minor course corrections in order to land as close to the drop-in point as possible.

-Enter Miso RPG:
Option A: All goes smooth and I land at the drop-in coordinates. 1d10
Option B: Severe weather and storms make the landing difficult. I might land way off course or injure myself. 1d8
Option C: I land at the coordinates without difficulty, however, an imperial army detachment is currently conducting maneuvers in the area, possibly spotting me. 1d6

-Option A wins, 7 to 6 to 2: I am lucky for once. The weather stays calm, it doesn’t seem like my insertion was noticed and I land smoothly at the coordinates.

-I immediately look for a good hiding place for the parachute, helmet and wing suit and hide it in a thick thorny bush. The area around the drop-in point is mostly grassland with knee high grass and small pockets of tiny woodland, made up only of a few trees.

-I get out my binoculars, turn on the night vision, and look around to get an idea of my surroundings.

-A: I don’t see anything noteworthy. 1d6
-B: Something catches my interest. 1d6

-B: Wait, whats that?…(random idea generator: two randomly drawn story cubes: house, arrows pointing circular in all directions)

-I spot something, I focus the binoculars…it looks like some kind of bowl or dish…connected to a small building…damn! An imperial scanning post! That’s a sensor dish. If they have spotted me this mission is over bevor it begins.

-A: They indeed picked up something and send somebody to investigate. 1d6
-B: All stays quiet. 1d10

-B wins 9 to 5: I keep the scanning post in my sights and hold my breath. I wait…nothing. No activity increase. No repulsor engine hum in the air. I think they missed me.

-But I need all the information I can get on this post, so I sneak up closer. I hide in the grass about 150 meters away from the scanning post, get out my binoculars again, activate it’s high resolution camera and take a few pictures of the installation. So far no activity. I will hold this position until dawn and see if they have some kind of morning routine.

-A: In the morning, a patrol exits the scanning post. 1d8
-B: All stays calm. 1d10.
-C: I encounter some dangerous wildlife. 1d6

-B wins: It is cold and I can feel my limbs stiffen, but I endure and hold out until well after sunrise. Nothing. No activity at the post. Maybe this post is on an automated scanning cycle and not even staffed? So far no troop movement, no vehicle activity.

-I leave my position and head west, towards a large swampy area. There I should have enough cover for my march towards the main imperial installation…

To be continued…