I continue Corporal Selcam’s mission in a quick and rather calm session after falling uncounscious, thanks to some lucky rolls…
-Do I recover quickly? Con roll to recover: 3, failure

-A: I recover after a while on my own. 1d6
-B: I recover after a while on my own but imperial troops are in the immediate vicinity. 1d8
-C: I fail to recover and are eventually killed by dangerous wildlife. 1d4

-B wins but only 3 vs. 2 against option C. Lucky me.

-I don’t know how much time has passed but my vision returns slowly. My mouth is dry, it is dark, nighttime, everything is blurry. My body hurts like crazy. I am in bad shape.

-I get out my medpac and tend to my wounds. Painkillers, desinfectant, syntheflesh and bacta patch later I don’t feel so bad anymore (remove wounded condition, regain 1d6 hp: 3, so back to 3 hp, use up medpac).

-I just finished my treatment as I hear the familiar sound of repulsor engines coming close at high velocity. I quickly check my surroundings. Two small lights are approaching very fast from north-west, in that direction lies the imperial installation. I need to hide quickly, they were headed towards my camp.

-I quickly hide in the underbrush, my blaster carbine ready. Wisdom roll, 2d6+3 because of my camo gear: 9+3=12. Success.

-Just in time as two speeder bikes piloted by scout troopers come to a stop at my former campsite. The scout troopers dismount, draw their blasters and check the area. I can hear their mechanical sounding voices through their helmet speakers.

-“Sensors picked up some strange readings here. Let’s sweep the area.”

-The troopers take a closer look around.

-A: They discover tracks and signs of combat. 1d10
-B: They don’t find anything. 1d6

-Lucky me: B wins 6 to 2. I wasn’t cheating. I never cheat while playing solo.

“Come on, there is nothing here. Nobody on this desolate place except us. And that night vision visor gives me a headache. Let’s head back to base.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s head back.”

-The scout troopers mount their bikes and leave. I exhale deeply. That was a close call. But since they will report this area as clear it should be safe to stay here for now and I need rest. I watch them disappear and then set-up my camp again. This time I make a makeshift resting place in a treetop using the camo netting in my survival backpack.

-I rest for two more days. I had enough concentrated rations for two weeks but not enough water packs. After these two days I need to find water but there should be plenty available once I reach the swamp. My gear includes water filters and a fusion powered kettle to boil it.

-Regenerate 2d6 hitpoints: 9 hp, back to 12 hp total.

-After those two days I feel as good as new. Those bacta patches and syntheflesh are good stuff.

-I continue towards the swamp very early in the morning, before the sun rises.

-50% chance of something happening (1-3 on d6): 6, nothing happens

-In the late afternoon I reach the edge of the swamp. According to the rough map I have if I follow the borderline of the swamp up north it will lead me to a forest area in which the target installation is located.

-However, I needed to refill my water supply. I ventured a little deeper into the swamp to find some suitable puddles or small ponds. The water in there didn’t look to well, but I had a water purifying canteen and a kettle. In only a few minutes the canteen purified the water and to be absolutely sure I also boiled the water for 15 minutes.

-I use this necessary break as a resting opportunity. According to my chronometer it was around 17:00 hours. I decide to rest for 6 hours and continue my march under the cover of darkness.

-A: A squad of swamptroopers are conducting maneuvers in the area. 1d6
-B: I encounter dangerous swamp wildlife. 1d8
-C: I step onto treacherous terrain. 1d6

-Option B wins, this is a wilderness after all…pick three random story cubes for inspiration: Alright, it is a shadowy creature that has the ability to blind it’s victims and also is rather tanky, meaning tough hide: The telbargian shadowsnake is born…

To be continued…