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Scene 9 – Showdown in Sakar Spaceport
-Alright, it’s now or never! Telrac gets out his blaster rifle. While taking aim he sets it to stun. He fires…Does he hit Rhyanna? Add one bonus die for crack shot, one penalty die for Rhyanna being alert, roll unmodified die: Yes, but it’s only a grazing hit. Rhyanna is not stunned but a little numb.
-The element of surprise was gone. Rhyanna draws her blaster and returns fire. Does she hit? Bonus for blasterslinger, penalty for being numb and for Telracs armor, roll one penalty die (roll two, take worst result): rolled 5 and 6, damn!
-The blaster bolt hits Telrac in the shoulder, wounding him. Telrac drops the rifle and draws the blaster pistol.
-The Twi’lek associate fires a quick shot while dashing back towards the docking bay entrance…does he hit? bonus for Telrac being wounded, penalty for Telracs armor, make normal roll, rolled 4
-The Twi’lek stumbles as he runs forward, the shot grazes Telracs leg, causing even more pain and immobilizing him. The Twi’lek falls prone.
-Telrac takes another shot at Rhyanna, this time he doesn’t bother with the stun setting. Does he hit: bonus for crack shot, bonus for her being numb, penalty for being wounded, penalty for her being agile, roll normal die: 6, yes!
-Telrac grits his teeth, disregarding the pain for one second, this shot has to count…he aims…and hits! The blaster bolt hits her square in the chest, her eyes widen as the intense pain runs through her body. Rhyanna collapses.
-However, Telrac is not out of danger yet! The Twi’lek takes another shot: bonus for Telrac being wounded, penalty for his armor, roll normal die: 4
-He hits Telrac in the leg but his weapon runs out of ammo after the shot.
-Telrac is in bad shape…his shoulder and leg are hit, he can barely move or keep himself up…he fires…two penalty for his serious injury, one bonus for crack shot, roll one penalty die: 2, a miss
-The bolt goes wide and hits the floor. Telrac activates his helmet comlink and calls for starport security. He then tries to duck back into cover…
-The Twi’lek quickly slaps in another power pack and returns fire…two bonus for Telrac’s injury, one penalty for his armor, one penalty for having to reload in haste, roll normal die: 5, a hit!
-Telrac was a bit to slow, another bolt hits him in the back…all goes dark, he falls to the ground, incapacitated.
-Does starport security arrive in time? (50/50): Yes! lucky me
-Is Rhyanna dead or still alive? (50/50): Alive! lucky me again
-Telrac wakes up in an infirmary (again). Starport security has stabilized him and treated his wounds. Rhyanna and her associate were taken into custody.
-Telrac asks for an officer from an imperial bureau of criminal investigations to make a statement and claim his bounty for capturing Rhyanna (sort of, with help).
-Does all go smooth or does he have to deal with some red tape? (50/50): red tape, of course
-The officer explains that technically starport security have taken Rhyanna into custody, however, he states that Telrac contributed considerably in locating her and making the arrest possible in the first place. Long story short, he only gets to claim half of the bounty (7500 credits, now 8400 total). Administrative fees, starport security costs and several other bureaucratic costs are deducted, as well as medical bills.
-Telrac know better than to argue with an imperial bureaucrat. He accepts the 7500 credits, pays his fees and bills, gathers his equipment and heads for the spacer’s section. Time to upgrade some of his equipment…

Verdict regarding FU:
A great system for fast and loose cinematic games. Either for a quick pick-up game at a convention or to try out different genres with a home group. The system does not get in the way of the story and leaves enough room for customization or house rules.
I unconciously implemented one rule already: According to the rules as written the GM does not roll any dice, only the player does. However, during combat I tend to ask: “Does the enemy hit?” and roll dice for the enemy, taking into account all modifiers instead of asking “Does the PC get out of the way?” and roll dice for the PC. I am just to accustomed to the principle of whoever acts also rolls. However, this approach does not hurt the system in any way so I will just keep it.

I am not sure if I would use FU for an extended solo campaign however, because I do get some enjoyment out of working the gears of a system as part of solo gaming. It gives me the feel of actually playing instead of just doing creative writing with limited narrative control. Personally I like systems with a medium amount of crunch for solo gaming: D6 System, Microlite 20, Edge of the Empire (and the Fantasy Flight Star Wars line in general) are good examples of systems that have just the right amount of crunch. I do like the d20 system as well, however, with one restriction: Complex PC using all the options of feats, skills and class features vs. streamlined NPCs. As long as I don’t start looking up what every feat or spell an NPC has does the d20 system is fine for solo play as well.

Just my two cents.


We continue our story as unlucky bounty hunter Telrac Kendrall has to start from square one…

Scene 6 – Back to square one
Location: imperial infirmary
-Telrac wakes up in a hospital bed. An imperial officer waits in a chair at his bedside.
-”Ah, Mr. Kendrall, nice of you to wake up. You were lucky that you had such a good armor, otherwise we wouldn’t have this conversation. Would you tell me what happened?”
-Telrac explains that he is a licensed bounty hunter and that he was chasing an imperial fugitive that he tracked down, filling the officer in on all the details.
-He also asks to block all outgoing traffic in case Rhyanna is still in the city and trying to escape.
-Does the officer comply? No.
-The officer denies the request: “You have to understand Mr. Kendrall, that we can’t take such extreme measures for just one person who is not on the galaxy’s most wanted list. There are business interests of the empire to consider that outweigh the chance of a possible escape of your quarry. Deliveries need to be made, the imperial military depends on their supplies getting to them in time. I am sorry. But the doctors have told me that you are free to go, all your injuries have been taking care of. So you can continue your investigation.”
-Remove all conditions, gain one FU point for the battle.
-After some administrative formularities Telrac is free to go. He gathers his gear and immediately heads for starport traffic control…

Scene 7 – Investigations at the starport
Lurag City spaceport traffic control center:
-Telrac heads for the control center administration office. There he shows is imperial bounty hunter license and demands that all arrivals from small craft and tramp freighters within the last three days be cross referenced with all arrivals and departures from one week before the bombing until three days after the bombing. Does the officer in charge comply? Yes, but it will take a while and there is a service charge of 400 credits.
-Telrac is in no mood for a fuss, he needs results quick, so he pays 400 credits (900 left). Does this cross reference produce any hits? Likely, roll two dice, take best result. Yes, and even though there are several matches, one of them is a tramp freighter registered to a pilot whose pilot and owners registration picture shows the Twi’lek Telrac met at the Dancing Gaslight cantina.
-Telrac looks at the security camera footage from the docking bay where the ship landed before the bombing incident to see who disembarked the ship. Does he see his quarry? Rolled a 5, Yes!
-So the guy he met is an associate of her and brought her here before the bombing incident. Most likely he also brought her here for the meeting with him.
-Is there any video footage from the arrival before his recent meeting with his quarry? Likely, roll two dice: Yes, and it shows the Twi’lek disembarking together with a Twi’lek wearing a hooded cloak but who definetly is female.
-Is the ship still docked here? No, damn!
-When did it leave, it can’t be that long ago? 1d6 hours ago, one hour! He just missed them.
-Telrac takes note of the ship’s name, type, registered transponder code and of the owners personal data. He copies everything to his datapad.
-Did they offer traffic control a target destination? Very unlikely, roll two dice, take worst one: No.
-Telrac now has learned of a new associate and of the ship she uses. He is certain he can put these leads to good use.
-He quickly heads for his transport and takes off and plots a course to the Helska system, where according to his data the Twi’lek’s ship, the Quickblade, was purchased and registered first by the Twi’lek. With a little luck this might be something of a home system or home base for the Twi’lek captain or he might have some ties there.
-Telrac makes the jump to lightspeed, heading for the Helska system…

Scene 8 – The Helska system
Helska System: controlled by imperial governor, heavy manufacturing industry, polluted atmosphere, a great percentage of the land is made up of mountain ranges, planetary capitol is Kaska Prime where the planet’s main imperial class starport is located. A smaller standard class starport is within the city of Sakar in the southern hemisphere.
-After pulling up the planetary database data for the Helska system Telrac decides to go for the smaller starport in the city of Sakar, located in the southern hemisphere. It just seems unlikely that a wounded imperial fugitive would land in an imperial class starport with increased security.
-But maybe they didn’t land at a starport at all but at some sort of hidden wilderness base? Time to find out.
-On his approach Telrac scans the area and surrounding traffic. Maybe the wanted ship hasn’t landed yet or had a delay and is still in transit. Does he locate the wanted vessel while approaching? very unlikely, roll three dice, take worst result: Rolled 3, 3, 4, close. No, but on his approach he sees a ship sitting in an open air docking bay that looks just like the one he is looking for, same type, same markings.
-Is there a docking bay available in the immediate vicinity? No, but in the same cluster of docking bays. Telrac sets his vessel down within the same docking bay cluster.
-He immediately runs towards the docking bay where the suspicious vessel is docked. Can he open the docking bay doors? Unlikely, roll penalty dice: No.
-He contacts starport security via comlink, states his intend, identifies himself and asks security to override the docking bay doors. Do they comply? No.
-Telrac curses under his breath. He then hides himself in another doorway and waits, observing the docking bay entrance.
-Does something happen within the next hour?Yes!
-Somebody approaching (1-3) or leaving (4-6)? The doors open and somebody is about to leave…
-Is it his quarry? No, damn!
-Or her associate? Since it is not his quarry I say it is unlikely and roll penalty dice: Yes! rolled 6 and 6…Yes and…
-Telrac was lucky: The man coming out of the docking bay was indeed the very Twi’lek he met in the Dancing Gaslight cantina and who he fought at the plaza.
-He makes a few steps, Telrac was ready to follow him, as he suddenly turns toward the docking bay entrance and talks to a yet unseen figure: “Are you coming? We don’t have all day. We need to see this streetdoc now.”
-”Coming!” Telrac hears a female voice. Shortly thereafter now one armed Rhyanna exits the docking bay…

To be concluded…

After a few sessions of Edge of the Empire I took a short break from the campaign to test out the FU rpg by Nathan Russel (get it over at I am playing an ex-imperial soldier who is now a bounty hunter.

The “drawback” of solo role-playing, if you want to call it a drawback, is the fact that you can play any system, any genre, any time. This ultimate freedom makes it hard to focus on a specific system, which in turn “forces” you to try out different rulesets.

So regarding FU I am pleasantly surprised: It lends itself to fast and cinematic gameplay with basically a GM emulator already built into the game (regarding Yes/No questions). The combat at the end of the session report was pretty intense. After reading the rules I had my doubts if that system lends itself well to combat, but it does.

And regarding my posting format I think I have found my preferred method for future postings. It is the unedited 1:1 posting of the actual write-up. Even though full prose captures the feel of the world better (in my opinion) the time factor is just to big to ignore. I actually would have to devote the time I could use to play a session to writing up a past session.

And since I prefer playing over writing I think I will stick with this format. So here is how the session went:

Telrac Kendrall – Character Sheet
Background: Former imperial army trooper who became independent bounty hunter.
Edge: crack shot
Edge: intimidating presence
Flaw: tends to use excessive measures to reach his goal
Gear: customized battle armor, masterwork vibroblade
Props: comlink, datapad, medpac, credchip (1300), bounty hunter license, utility belt, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, old worn out Gthroc transport
FU Points: 0
Conditions: wounded, incapacitated
Drives: To become a well known, wealthy and feared bounty hunter.

Session Log:
Scene 1 – Starting the hunt.
Starting Location: Heldara III – recreational resort and untamed wilderness – located in the mid-rim – warm to tropical climate – rich vegetation
-Telrac has landed in Dara City, the capital city of the planet. He walks into an imperial security office to check the local bounties.
-A wanted posting caught his attention (random NPC from Donjon’s generators): A female Twi’lek blasterslinger is wanted for murder and assault on imperial property. She is suspected to have ties to the Rebel Alliance. A Duros engineer is listed as a known associate, his name is Abis Dee and he was last registered on the planet Lebak II in the Outer Rim.
-The bounty is 15.000 credits for an alive capture. The name of the quarry is Rhyanna Ryl.
-She planted a bomb onboard an imperial weapons transport.
-An imperial officer and two pilots died in the explosion. Her actions have been recorded by a hidden security camera, therefore the bounty.
-Have the crimes been commited here on Heldara III? No.
-In this sector? Yes.
-Where? Kerulag System, mid-rim, gas giant with floating city (Lurag City) that has large gas mining facilities.
-Telrac boards his space transport, an old worn out Gthroc transport, and plots a course for the Kerulag system.
-Does he get there without incident? Yes and he sets a new record!

Scene 2 – Investigations in Lurag City
Lurag City: floating city in the clouds, hard working people, noticeable imperial presence
-Telrac gets landing permission and sets his ship down on an outside landing pad.
-He heads for the crime scene to take a look around. Is the crime scene freely accessible again? Yes, but it has been severly altered and reconstructioned after the explosion.
-Telrac takes a look around and makes note of all possible escape routes that he can see. He records everything by voice recorder on his datapad.
-Are there any access panels to sewers, air ventilation shafts or similar hidden passages? Yes, and they are freely accessible.
-Does he see any surveilance cameras near the entry points or within the passages? No.
-After his quick sweep of the area he heads for the security control center to take a look at the video footage from the incident.
-At the security center he shows his bounty hunter license and demands to see the video footage from the surveillance cameras around the crime scene from the day of the incident. Do they comply? Get one bonus die for his intimidating presence. Yes, but the security officer demands a fee.
-”How much?” 1d6 x 100 credits: 400 credits.
-Telrac threatens the man to report him to the imperials for hindering an investigation to locate an imperial fugitive and for abusing his position for personal gain. Does he still insist on his fee? Very unlikely, get one bonus die for intimidating presence and another for the threat: No but he also doesn’t offer any assitance for using the equipment.
-”Fine, knock yourself out.” The man replies and steps away, giving Telrac access to the consoles.
-Can Telrac locate the required files? Yes, but he can’t copy and download them. He has to watch them in the security center.
-Does he see Rhyanna Ryl on the records? Unlikely: Yes, lucky me. Rolled two dice to take the worst one and rolled a 5 and a 6. I am using this table for FU rolls and GM emulation: 1: No, and… 2: No 3: No, but… 4: Yes, but… 5: Yes 6: Yes, and…
-Telrac catches a small glimpse of a Twi’lek female. She was easy to miss but he spotted her.
-Can he determine the direction she apparently disappeared into? Yes. It looks like she was heading for the northern spacer’s section district.
-He knows where to continue his search. Maybe somebody in this district will talk. Telrac leaves the security control center and heads towards the northern spacer’s section district.

Scene 3 – Legwork in the spacer’s section
Spacer’s section: not so nice district of town, rough and tumble spacers, no love for the empire, mostly offworlders dwell here
-As Telrac arrives he immediately notices the stares of the bystanders. With his armor and weapons he sticks out and he looks like trouble.
-He realizes that he won’t get very far looking like this. He looks for a storage place where he can rent a locker and leaves his armor except the breastplate and his blaster rifle in the locker.
-He then goes to buy a loose hooded cloak under which he conceals his breastplate, vibroblade and blaster pistol.
-Looking not so intimidating now he asks around for some spacer cantinas where you could hire people for certain jobs without having to answer to many questions.
-Does he learn of such a location? Yes, lucky me again.
-One of the local merchants directs him to the Dancing Gaslight Cantina.

Scene 4 – The Dancing Gaslight Cantina.
Dancing Gaslight Cantina: dimly lit and smelly cantina, populated by offworlders, this place can be a little rough, the majority of the patrons are aliens
-Before he asks anybody anything he walks up to the bar, buys a drink and just listens. Does he overhear anybody talking about the incident? unlikely, since most of the patrons speak an alien language and it has been a few days. Roll one penalty die, take worst result: No, but he spots a pair of Twi’leks in one corner booth. Maybe they know his quarry.
-He walks over to the Twi’leks: “Can I buy you guys a drink?” Without waiting for an answer he sits down at their table, while doing so he lets his right hand rest on his blaster pistol underneath the cloak.
-The Twi’leks turn to face him. As expected they know Basic: “Who are you and what do you want? Don’t you see that we are in the middle of something?” The Twi’lek across from Telrac looks annoyed.
-”Don’t worry. I’ll be quick. I am looking for somebody who can help me, hmm, how can I put it…demolish something. A demolitionist you could say. You don’t happen to know somebody?”
-”Why would we? Do we look like demolitionists to you? Why don’t you go bother somebody else?”
-”It was never my intention to bother you. I just heard word on the street that there is a certain Twi’lek who is pretty good at this sort of thing. I thought maybe you knew her, you know, so from Twi’lek to Twi’lek.”
-As Telrac awaits their response he watches them carefully.
-Do the two know his quarry? Yes, and…(lucky me again) they are prepared to get him in touch with her. For a fee…
-”Why didn’t you say that you want to talk business.” The Twi’lek smiles. “I might know just the person and I am prepared to get you in touch with her. However, for my matchmaking services I require the small administration fee of 800 credits. Payable immediately of course.”
-Telrac looks at him, apparently thinking. “What kind of fool do you take me for? I am prepared to pay you 200 now and another 500 after I met your demolition expert. How does that sound to you?”
-Does he accept? No.
-”It doesn’t work that way. Either you pay me now in advance or the deal is off. I am doing you a favor here you see. I couldn’t care less if you find who you are looking for but if you have a job to do I suspect time is of the essence. Or is it not?”
-”Alright. I will pay 700 in advance, what do you say?”Yes, but I will be at the meeting as well. Just in case you try something funny.”
-”Fine with me. When can I meet her?”
-”Give me three days. Give me your comm code, I will contact you in three days.”
-Telrac hands him 700 credits (1300 left) and gives him his comm code. “See you in three days.” Telrac stands up and leaves.

Scene 5 – The Meeting
Location: busy plaza between tall buildings in the spacer’s section: crowded, speeder traffic in the air
-Three days later, Telrac is contacted via comlink and instructed to be at the commercial plaza at noon.
-He now wears his full body armor underneath his cloak. His blaster rifle is set for stun.
-He is at the plaza an hour early to inspect the area and get a feel for the place.
-Does he recognize something unusual in the crowd? Since it is crowded roll one penalty die: No, and he is so distracted that he doesn’t notice the Twi’lek arriving with another female Twi’lek, the wanted Rhyanna Ryl (Descriptors: agile, blasterslinger, alert)!
-”I leave you two alone now to talk business” the Twi’lek from the cantina says. “I’ll be over there in case you need me.” he tells to Rhyanna and leaves.
-Is the other Twi’lek from the cantina also hidden someplace? Likely: No, but he is nearby and listening in via comlink.
-”So what business do you want to talk about?” asks Rhyanna.
-”Actually, you are my business.” Beginn combat, turn 1: With these words Telrac gets his rifle out underneath his cloak and fires at her, trying to stun her. Bonus die from crack shot but penalty dice from her being agile and alert means I roll one penalty die: No, and…she manages to leap forward and to the side, grabbing his rifle. The stun bolt hits a bystander who goes down stunned. The crowd is alerted, the Twi’lek comes to Rhyannas aid.
-Rhyanna tries to get her own blaster out and take a shot at Telrac. Telrac tries to hinder her. bonus dice for custom battle armor and for being engaged with her, penalty dice for her being agile and a blasterslinger, roll normal die. Does he manage to hinder her? No, and…he takes a hit and is wounded.
-The other Twi’lek takes a shot at Telrac. Does Telrac avoid a hit? Bonus for armor and being engaged with Rhyanna, the bystanders have gotten out of the way by now, penalty for being wounded: Yes, but he loses his blaster rifle.
-Turn 2: Telrac draws his mastercrafted vibroblade and tries to cut off Rhyannas arm with it. Bonus for mastercrafted blade, penalty for being wounded and for her being agile, spend two FU points for two additional bonus dice, roll one bonus die: Yes! With one swift stroke Telrac cuts off Rhyannas right arm. She screams, blood is squirting out of the wound.
-Rhyanna turns to run away. Does she fall unconscious because of the wound and shock? Yes, but only after she has already covered some distance.
-The Twi’lek takes another shot at Telrac. Can Telrac dodge out of the way? Bonus for armor, penalty for being wounded. Make normal roll: No, and the bolt hits him square in the chest. Without his armor he would be dead, now he is just incapacitated.
-Telrac feels an intense pain in his chest as all suddenly goes dark…

To be continued…