This blog will be my first foray into the blogosphere and I will use it to post about my experiences and adventures playing RPGs solo. Yes, you heard right. Solo as in nobody else is playing just me. No GM and no other players. While that might sound weird I am not alone with this and in good company. As a matter of fact, I developed the idea of creating my own solo tabletop gaming blog while reading the great Solo Nexus blog from John Fiore and also the very motivating tabletopdiversions blog.

Let me get one point straight: I do have a social life and a regular gaming group that meets almost every Friday night. During our weekly sessions we mostly play the Star Wars living card game at the moment, alternating with Star Wars Miniatures scenarios. So, as John Fiore would say “Why solo?”

Because I am a working father and husband and like probably a lot of you potential readers out there I can’t game as much with other people as I would like. So I use the few hours here and there, when the little one is asleep or the lady of the house is at work, to squeeze in a quick session of my favorite RPG, do a quick miniature dungeon delve or test some house rules. Because of the flexibility required and the sometimes odd hours when free time is available the only way I am able to do that is by going solo. On my own schedule.

So why not just play one of these new “free-roam open world next gen” video RPGs? Simple answer: Because I like the noise of physical dice falling, the smell of plastic miniatures and the physical sensation of actually moving pieces on a tabletop. For me, a solo rpg session is the ultimate open world game. The definition of free roam. There is no better graphics processor than the human brain and no better AI than the human talent for improvisation.

So what do I wish to accomplish with this blog?

First, I want to have a place where I can store my game sessions. Something like an electronic archive. Second, I want to give encouragement to other people who are kicking the idea of a solo rpg session around and show them what works for me.

So you can expect to see session reports, house rule ideas, solo rpg tools and ideas and examples of game mechanics in use.

To close my first post I want to give you a little more information about me.

Like I said I am a working father of a beautiful little girl and husband to a beautiful wife and loving mother. I am in my mid to late thirties and I have been playing RPGs and fantasy boardgames since I was eleven years old, which makes it over 20 years. I love to GM and create new content and to tinker with rules. I also love Star Wars, Star Trek, high fantasy, prepainted miniatures and I think 4th Edition D&D is a great game. English is not my first language as I live in Germany, so that might explain the occasional grammar error. I have a M.A. in Criminology and Police Science and work in a related field.

That’s it for now. I hope I’ll be able to post my first session report soon, so that you can see what I have been talking about.