Dear readers,

a member of the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying asked me to write a short summary of the final session that ended Cane Selcam’s mission.

I know my handwriting is hard to read so I will gladly comply:

After the encounter with the aggressive birds Cane set-up camp within the forest and decided to rest.

At this point it was time to determine what the installation actually was so that I had an idea about what to expect as the story progresses. So I whipped up a quick table with six possibilities and rolled. The result: The installation was a deep space scanning post, it didn’t have surface to air defenses and no TIE-fighter launch facilities but a landing pad on the roof of the compound. It’s surrounding defenses consisted of regular speeder bike patrols with scout troopers (all determined randomly).

While making camp Cane was attacked by a boarlike creature that was protecting it’s territory (random encounter). He managed to defeat it but suffered a minor wound.

After sundown the next day Cane moved closer and observed the base from all sides, took pictures and noted troop movements. The base had four large sensor dishes and a small building with a landing pad on the roof. All the time he had to avoid several patrols which he did thanks to some good rolls, his high level, skill and camo poncho.

After the recon was done he withdrew and headed for the pick up point, which was a three day march.

During the march I made random encounter checks. On the third day, shorty before Cane reached the pick up point, he encountered a small group of native savage-looking centaur-like horsepeople. They had long braided hear and muscular tatooed bodies. Cane decided it was not a good idea to stick around and managed to hide once again.

Since he had to wait at the pick-up coordinates for a while (I didn’t track the exact number of days but I figured the mission so far took about 12 days or so: 4 days march to the installation, 3 days march to the pick up point, and around 5 days resting and scouting) he set-up a more permanent camp and waited. I make one final encounter check and the check indicated an encounter. Cane encountered another group of native horsepeople, obviously on a war path. He heard the sound of war drums and a group of armed and tatooed horsepeople marched directly towards his camp. He managed to move his camp out of the way just in time and followed the group, who met the other group on a battlefield and it appeared to be some sort of clan feud. Cane decided to stay out of it and returned to the pick-up site.

Staying true to my principle “always give yourself a chance to fail” I made a final check, however with a 90% success chance, to see if the alliance would pick me up and they did.

Because of the weak defenses and the small troop contingent, the alliance decided to raid the base for information, technology and supplies after the mission debriefing.