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The adventure continues with our heroes racing through the streets towards the docking bay…

Encounter 6: All aboard

Option B: The docking bay is guarded by stormtrooper squads (2 of them with three troopers each) instead of security droids. Trex is alerted and has taken up a defensive position inside the docking bay. A wins 7 to 2, by the book.

-As we race towards bay Aurek I use my last stimpack on myself to recover from the blaster burn I suffered during the stormtrooper encounter (regain 4 hp, back at 5). Oskara uses one of her stimpacks as well, since she still has pain (regain 4 hp, back at 7, one stimpack left).

-The large circular structure ahead has a giant letter aurek stenciled onto the building’s side. It’s the landing bay! The bay doors are open and I can see the YT-1300 transport inside. The loading ramp is lowered and guarded by two security droids. Two more security droids stand guard at the entrance to the bay.

-I signal Oskara to halt, we take cover in a doorway and watch the bay for a few moments, thinking about a plan to get in.

Out of character remarks:

At this point in the adventure it becomes apparent that the adventure is actually not well thought out if you read the options given for the PCs in the book. I mean Mos Shuuta is probably not a very big city with only two landing bays. Teemo is the Hutt crime lord that runs the place and has his residence there, meaning he will have eyes and ears on the streets and knows what is going on. The characters have all worked for Teemo in the past and for a while, so their faces are probably familiar to Teemo’s men and even if not, after they decided to leave his services he will have put the word out to look for them, as implied by encounter one and two.

So, so far the characters have killed or seriously injured a few of Teemo’s Gamorreans, then they (apparently) robbed a junk dealer using force and killed a total of six stormtroopers, that were also looking for them. The starport control encounter also had the option for using force. At this point one would expect the heroes’s faces plastered all over the place on holo broadcasts etc.

Even if the security droids are “neutral” starport guards and not Teemo’s droids I would expect them to be updated with the newest local wanted lists, including pictures. So in my book, walking up to the droids and making some kind of story should have no chance of success whatsoever and the droids should immediately recognize the heroes as the current most wanted criminals.

Then again, it could be that it all happens so fast that the local security can’t keep up with all the events.

However, I do know that the adventure is primarily designed to ease new players and GMs into roleplaying and teach the mechanics, so it certainly does a good job at that.

Now back to the game…

-“As I see it, we have only two options: Fight our way in or try to find a different entrance. Since we don’t have anything to lose I suggest we scout out the area first, the fighting does not run away.”

-Oskara agrees. We decide that I will cover her from here while she takes a quiet look around.

-Stealth check (Body) vs. the droid’s Mind of 2: 5, 4, 2 vs. 5, 2, draw, roll off: Oskara 1 vs. Droids 5, fail.

-Time for some stats: Security Droid: B: 2, M: 2, C: 1, HP 2, Damage 1 (built in blaster pistol)

-Determine initiative: Pash 5, 4, 3, 1, pass; Oskara 4, 2, 1, pass, so Pash, Oskara, Droids

-Round 1:

-The security droids have noticed Oskara and move to intercept. I fire at the nearby droid: 3, 1, a miss, damn!

-Oskara is alerted by the shooting and turns to fire as well: 6, 2, 1, 1, a hit, 2 damage, one droid goes down.

-One droid goes down as the second one fires at Oskara: 3, 3, miss, the shots go wide. The droids from inside the bay move outside to assist (move) and also fire at her (action): 6, 1, a hit and 3, 2, a miss (difficulty is 4 since target is nearby). Oskara takes one damage and is at 6 hp.

-Oskara manages to dodge the last split second, the bolt grazes her armor.

-Round 2:

-I fire at the closest droid: 4, 1, hit, 1 damage, one droid at 1 hp.

-Oskara shoots a different droid: 4, 3, 2, 2, a hit, 2 damage, droid goes down.

-Two droids are still standing. One of them turns to fire at me: 4, 1, a hit, 1 damage, Pash at 4 hitpoints. The shot grazes my jacket and leaves a burn mark. The other one fires at Oskara: 6, 4, hit, 1 damage, Oskara at 5 hp.

-Round 3:

-I fire at the droid that I hit before: 4, 3, hit, 1 damage, droid goes down. I hit it square in it’s metal chest and it goes down. I then race towards the loading ramp of the freighter inside the bay.

-Oskara shoots the last remaining droid: 6, 6, 4, 3, hit, 2 damage, droid down. The last droid goes down and she races to join me.

-I reach the loading ramp but come to a sudden stop as a blaster bolt hits the ground in front of me. At the upper end of the ramp is a tough looking Trandoshan, armed with a blaster rifle and wearing battle armor. It’s Trex! (Stats: B: 3, M: 2, C: 1, HP: 7, Damage 2 (ranged/melee), Cliches: ruthless slaver, cruel bounty hunter

-Round 4:

-I duck behind a loading ramp strut and fire at Trex who is nearby: 4, 4, hit, 1 damage, Trex at 6 hp.

-Oskara takes up position behind the other strut (move) and fires: 6, 3, 2, 1, hit, 2 damage, Trex at 4 hp.

-Trex moves to engage us in melee combat (move) and attacks me with his vicious claws. However, I manage to sidestep, use the strut for leverage and swing around it to kick him in the side! Trex failed the check so he took damage, he is down to 3.

-Round 5:

-I have no intention of fighting this Trandoshan in melee so I try to disengage and withdraw up the ramp (1d6: 5, odd, failure). However, he grabs me and drags me back down. I try to shoot him at point blank range (difficulty 6): 2, 4, miss.

-Oskara tries to get a shot in as well (difficulty 6 as well since engaged): 4, 3, 3, 1, miss.

-Trex continues to slash at me with his claws. He wins with 9 (Rule of 6) vs. 4. I take 2 damage (down to 2).

-Round 6:

-I am desperate and try again to get away (move, 3, failure). As that fails I try to shoot him: 5, 2, a miss.

-Oskara tries to withdraw up the ramp (move, 1, failure) but he can keep both of us in the infight. Oskara tries to bring her rifle to bear: 6, 5, 2, 1, a hit!, 2 damage, Trex at 1 hp.

-Trex slashes at me: He fails and takes damage and goes down!

-I block his blow and kick him off the loading ramp. He lands on his back and stays down.

-Quick! Into the ship. Let’s get out of here…


Continuing my playthrough of the Beginner Box adventure I present encounter 5, in which our intrepid heroes fight off two squads of imperial stormtroopers. I was very pleased with the combat rules in action.


The adventure continues as the heroes try to gain access to starport control in order to release the docking clamps that hold the ship in place…


The adventure continues with the intrepid heroes leaving the cantina and heading for the junk shop to aquire a spare part needed to repair the hyperdrive of the ship they eventually plan to steal. However, you have to put up with handwritten notes again.

Encounter 3: The junk shop



A member of the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying community whipped up a nice little rules-light solo system called so1um. You can get the latest version here:

Credits go to Matt Jackson for creating it and sharing it with the community.

Unfortunately I have to bother you with hand written notes again, since I played on the train and during small stolen moments of time during which jotting down a few notes is just faster than firing up the laptop. So I hope you are familiar with my messy handwriting by now. If you can’t read it, try saving the pictures on your machine and zooming in.



Dear readers, I have to be hard on your eyes again. I went to visit my parents in Berlin, Germany and had time for solo role-playing during the five hour train ride from Cologne, Germany to Berlin.

Even though I have my laptop with me I decided on an old school approach and used a classic notepad, a pen and my android phone with a dice rolling app and the app called Tales of Mobile Entertainment or Tome, which is basically the Mythic GME with some extra functions for Android devices. I didn’t want to clutter my seat and table to much and I like this method of documentation as well.

So here is the final session of Cane’s mission. Oh, I also converted him to the ruleset I whipped up to test that as well and managed to advance to level 3 (I figured the advancement that he already had put him at level 2). However, a bonus of +5 with skill and equipment (camo clothing) is pretty high. Pretty hard to fail completely. But that’s alright since the original rules that I used state that you can’t fail if you have a skill. My rules make it hard to fail but not impossible, if you have a skill.

So here is the final session of Cane Selcam’s mission:


My recon mission with Corporal Selcam continues and things are looking grim…

-According to my map I had about a day’s march ahead of me until I reach the swamp. I was awake all night and grew tired. I decide to get a few more kilometers between me and the scanning post and then find a suitable and hidden resting place in a small pocket of woodland.

-A: I find a secluded resting place and take a quiet rest. 1d8
-B: I find a secluded resting place but it is already occupied by dangerous wildlife. 1d6

-B wins 5 to 3: Up ahead I spot a small area of woodland, maybe about a dozen trees or so standing close together. It fits the bill, carefully I move closer.

-A dangerous predator, a telbargian tigerlizard, is lurking in the grassland. It is the size of a tiger and has the anatomy and agility of a tiger but the needlesharp teeth and tough scaly hide of a lizard, as well as razor sharp claws. It has spotted Cane and is about to make it’s move. Stats: 10 hp, armor 1, 1d6+1 damage with claws and bite

-Does Cane notice it? Wisdom roll: 2d6+2: 8 total.

-Wait, what was that? Movement? I slowly raise my blaster carbine…as suddenly a terrifying creature charges forward out of the grass and jumps, aiming right for my throat. I barely manage to dodge out of the way, one of its claws slashes me (reduced damage of 1d3, 3 great) and cuts into my arm (12 hp left).

-The adrenalin blocks out the pain. The creature charges again, I fire three quick bursts with my blaster carbine…(Dex roll: 2d6+3: 10 total, yes!)

-The blaster bolt hits the creature (1d6+1 damage, 7 total -1 armor, 6 damage, 4 hp left). It hisses in pain and presses the attack, now in a killing frenzy. It charges at me.

-I fire two more shots while moving sideways and backwards…(2d6+Dex: 10 total again, lucky me, 4 damage after armor)

-One shot goes wide but the other one hits the creature dead center in mid-air. With a final painful roar it hits the ground, lifeless.

-I now have time to look at my wound. A deep cut.

-A: The creatures claws where coated with some sort of poison. 1d4
-B: It is just a deep cut that needs cleaning and sewing. 1d8

-A wins 4 to 1: Damn!

-I suddenly feel dizzy. Something is not right here…a disturbing thought enters my head…I quickly examine the claws of the dead creature. Just as I feared, they are coated with some sort of clear substance.

-I have to act quickly before I pass out…(Con roll: 13 total, lucky me). I fight the poison, gritting my teeth. Quickly I get out my survival gear. It includes an universal antidote in an auto-injection tube. I stick the tube into my thigh, with a hiss it injects the antidote.

-A: It works. 1d10
-B: It doesn’t work. 1d6

-A wins 6 to 1: Thank the maker, I can feel the antidote working. The dizzyness gets better. I still have to treat the wound. I get the skin stapler out of my medkit. This is going to hurt a little…I quickly staple the cut together and clean it with a desinfectant before I put a bacta patch over it.

-This should do for now. Exhausted I finally reach the trees and set-up a secluded camp. I get out a field ration and some beef jerky, as well as water and settle in for the rest of the day. I will continue my march towards the installation after sundown.

-A: nothing happens during the night. 1d8
-B: I once again encounter dangerous wildlife. 1d10
-C: Imperial troops are in the area. 1d6

-B wins: use as random idea generator to determine creature using MAG: Wisdom roll to see if I notice the creature: 9 total, barely missed a total success.

-I set a timer to wake me up after 6 hours and dozed off. I fell asleep pretty quick. Even though the timer didn’t go off yet I woke up after a while. I don’t know…was that a noise? A hiss maybe? I look around. What the hell!

-Clinging to a branch above me was a vicious looking creature. The size of a dog but with a more lizardlike anatomy. It was furry but it’s back was made up of bony spikes like those of a hedgehoc and it had a tail that split into two tails. One end ended in a bony sawblade, the other one had a scorpion-like sting. It hissed. It’s spikes were standing up…

-Out of instinct I rolled to the side, not one second to late as the creature unleashed two spikes that were shooting out of it’s back, however, one spike still got me. (1d6 damage, 3 damage, 9 hp left). After the spike attack it drops to the ground. Creature stats: 8 hp, no armor, 1d6 damage with spikes, 1d6+1 with tail ends.

-I ignore the pain and get on my feet, drawing my vibroblade in the process. As the creatures tail lashes forward I dodge to the side and slash at the tail with my razorsharp blade. (Dex roll: yes, natural 11, 14 total, but only three damage, creature down to 5).

-The creature hisses as I cut of the sting of one of it’s tail ends. I lunge forward and make another attack. (Dex roll: Ups, natural two, 5 total, complete failure, ouch)

-I stumble and fail to catch my fall. I drop prone on the ground. The creatures bony sawblade slashes viciously over my back. (3 damage, 6 hp left for Cane).

-I manage to roll around just in time as the creature lunges forward. I thrust upwards with my vibroblade…(Dex roll: rolled three, six total, another failure) but missed the creature. It is now on top of me, I can smell it’s foul breath, and buries it’s teeth in my shoulder (1d6 damage, lucky me, only 1 damage, 5 hp left).

-This was probably my last chance: I mobilize all my strength and attempt to thrust the vibroblade into the creature while hoping to push it off me to the side. Strength roll: rolled 5, 6 total, another failure, come on…

-But before I could land a blow the creature took another bite. (4 damage, 1 hp left…).

-Desperately I pull out my survival knife from my belt. It is smaller and easier to use in close-quarter combat. I was running out of options fast. I thrust it into the side of the creature…(Str roll: rolled 6, 7 total, at least a success, but with a price…and I deal only two damage, creature at 3 hp)

-I can feel the blade enter the belly of the beast. It howls and rolls over to the side, but while doing so it rips out a chunk of flesh out of my arm…I scream as I have never screamed before…(since I will suffer at least one point of damage I now have the wounded condition, meaning I get -3 to all rolls according to the Streets of Mos Eisley rules)

-Time to see if fate might save me: Since the creature is also severely wounded with a cut-off tail end and a knife in it’s belly I imagine the scene as a standoff: Creature and human stare at each other, wounded, circling…waiting for a move.

-A: The creature retreats. 1d6
-B: The creature attacks again. 1d6

-B wins, 4 to 3: The creature is in a killing frenzy now. It jumps…I try to bring my blaster pistol up in time and shoot (Dex roll with -3 penalty: Yes, natural 11, 8 total, partial success…3 damage, enough to kill the creature, but it was only a partial success…).

-As the creature falls to the ground it’s getting dark around me as I pass out…

To be continued…

After Cal completed his assignment I take another short break from Edge of the Empire to take advantage of the pros of solo rpging and that is the freedom to try out different systems.

On my list of systems to try is the Apocalypse World engine, which uses 2d6+modifiers as task resolution and is more on the narrative side. I got interested in it because of this Star Wars hack for it:

I used the basic engine but tinkered with it a little:

I use the classic six ability scores that can range from +0 to +3 at character creation and I don’t use classes or special abilities. Just skills which work as described in the hack. I generated my scores by rolling 1d6 six times and assigning the results, using this table:

1: +0

2-3: +1

4-5: +2

6: +3

Hitpoints are equal to 12 + Constitution. I get to pick three skills and used the Pathfinder Unchained consolidated skill list for options.

I decided to combine this test with another test and that is a test or better, tryout, of the Miso RPG which helps a solo player create interesting stories.

It was cooked up by Sophia Brandt, who is a member of the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying community.

Check it out here:

So far, I like how the story unfolds. This time, a lone wilderness fighter embarks on a scouting mission for the alliance:


Corporal Cane Selcam, Rebel SpecForce Wilderness Fighter
Str +1
Dex +3
Con +3
Int +2
Wis +2
Cha +1

Skills: Athletics, Stealth, Survival

HP: 15, Armor: 0

backpack with survival gear, survival combat knife, electrobinoculars with nightvision and high resolution camera, datapad, comlink, medpac, camo clothing and cloak (+1 to stealth rolls in outdoor woodland/jungle/grassland environments)
blaster pistol (1d6 damage)
blaster carbine (1d6+1 damage)
combat vibroblade (1d6+1 damage, melee)

Mission Briefing onboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser “Liberty”:

-An rebel probe has discovered an imperial installation on the forest and swamp covered planet Telbarg 3 in the Telbarg-System while searching for a suitable rebel base site.

-The installation is relatively small. It is unclear from the probe telemetry what exactly it’s purpose is. It could be a storage site, a research facility or even a prison.

-However, it might be a suitable target for a rebel raid to gain supplies, weapons and information.

-Therefore, first hand information is needed. The rebel leadership has decided to mount a one-man recon mission.

-Your mission, Corporal Selcam, is to scout out the base, take pictures, determine it’s purpose and the approximate size of the imperial presence on Telbarg 3 and get out without being noticed.

-You will be inserted via upper atmosphere high altitude drop with parachute and wing suit. A small shuttle will enter the atmosphere and drop you off. Once on the ground you have two weeks to accomplish your mission and you are to keep radio silence during that time. After two weeks we will extract you from the pick-up point. Don’t miss your appointment, otherwise be prepared to get comfortable on Telbarg 3.

-A rough map created by the probe will be provided to you in digital form and in paper.

-The mission will start in two days. Get your gear ready. Dismissed.

The mission begins:

-After the briefing I did as I was told: checked my weapons and gear, reviewed the map, made some mental planning exercised going through different “what if” scenarios. The next day I just relaxed, trained a little and enjoyed the ship’s recreational facilities.

-Time to leave: I pack my gear, board the shuttle and wait. Shortly before we enter the Telbarg system I put on my sealed wingsuit, check the parachute, put on my helmet and oxygen mask and wait for the drop off.

-The shuttle is shaking violently as we enter the atmosphere. Thruster power was reduced to minimum to cut down on emissions and keep a low sensor profile. It was a rough ride.

-10 seconds! I get into position…

-5 seconds! Here goes nothing…

-Go! Go! Go! May the force be with you! I jump…

-I race towards the ground at neckbreaking speed. All is dark, my helmet has nightvision and paints everything in an eerie green. As the atmosphere gets thicker I use my wing suit to decelerate a little. I have to be careful, need to slow down nice and easy.

-I use the suit to make some minor course corrections in order to land as close to the drop-in point as possible.

-Enter Miso RPG:
Option A: All goes smooth and I land at the drop-in coordinates. 1d10
Option B: Severe weather and storms make the landing difficult. I might land way off course or injure myself. 1d8
Option C: I land at the coordinates without difficulty, however, an imperial army detachment is currently conducting maneuvers in the area, possibly spotting me. 1d6

-Option A wins, 7 to 6 to 2: I am lucky for once. The weather stays calm, it doesn’t seem like my insertion was noticed and I land smoothly at the coordinates.

-I immediately look for a good hiding place for the parachute, helmet and wing suit and hide it in a thick thorny bush. The area around the drop-in point is mostly grassland with knee high grass and small pockets of tiny woodland, made up only of a few trees.

-I get out my binoculars, turn on the night vision, and look around to get an idea of my surroundings.

-A: I don’t see anything noteworthy. 1d6
-B: Something catches my interest. 1d6

-B: Wait, whats that?…(random idea generator: two randomly drawn story cubes: house, arrows pointing circular in all directions)

-I spot something, I focus the binoculars…it looks like some kind of bowl or dish…connected to a small building…damn! An imperial scanning post! That’s a sensor dish. If they have spotted me this mission is over bevor it begins.

-A: They indeed picked up something and send somebody to investigate. 1d6
-B: All stays quiet. 1d10

-B wins 9 to 5: I keep the scanning post in my sights and hold my breath. I wait…nothing. No activity increase. No repulsor engine hum in the air. I think they missed me.

-But I need all the information I can get on this post, so I sneak up closer. I hide in the grass about 150 meters away from the scanning post, get out my binoculars again, activate it’s high resolution camera and take a few pictures of the installation. So far no activity. I will hold this position until dawn and see if they have some kind of morning routine.

-A: In the morning, a patrol exits the scanning post. 1d8
-B: All stays calm. 1d10.
-C: I encounter some dangerous wildlife. 1d6

-B wins: It is cold and I can feel my limbs stiffen, but I endure and hold out until well after sunrise. Nothing. No activity at the post. Maybe this post is on an automated scanning cycle and not even staffed? So far no troop movement, no vehicle activity.

-I leave my position and head west, towards a large swampy area. There I should have enough cover for my march towards the main imperial installation…

To be continued…

Finally Cal manages to complete his assignment and hands over the datacard, collects his reward, and gets his ship back in shape. Not without further difficulties, of course…:

Session Log:

-Create destiny pool for the session: 1 dark side destiny

-So I am followed, three guys, two humans and one scaly alien. Two will probably cut me off in the front any moment now while the third one, the alien, will close in from behind.

-Time to act first and fast…

-Roll initiative! Cal uses Cool, the thugs Vigilance: Cal scores two successes vs. one success from the thugs.

-The combat starts at short range and is run on scrap paper.

-I get the jump on them and draw my blaster, set it to stun while bringing it up and fire a quick shot towards the scaly alien behind me. It is never good to be surrounded. The bolt hits him or her, hard to tell, and it goes down, limbs numb.

-The other goons were clearly surprised, but not surprised enough, and return fire, their blasters set for stun as well. I guess in an imperial controled city like Tamesh Prime nobody wants to face a murder charge after all. My reflexes kick in as I dive for cover (Dodge talent), causing the shots to go wide.

-I quickly return fire and hit one of the guys in the shoulder, however, that was enough to overload his nervous system and he goes down.

-The remaining guy however was obviously a better shot. I grit my teeth as a jolt of pain runs through my body, causing my left arm to go numb. A stun bolt hit me and even my padded and armored jacket could not fully absorb the impact. Another one of those hits and I am out cold. (Down to 6 strain)

-Can’t let that happen, I take aim and fire…direct hit in the chest. The last of them goes down.

-No time to stick around! No doubt somebody already called in the stormtroopers. My arm is still numb, dangling useless from my shoulder. I disappear into an alley and take a few erratic turns.

-I take a different route to the meeting point.

-Stormtrooper patrols on the way? 65%: 24, Yes.

-Damn! A group of four stormtroopers has set-up a checkpoint ahead, almost directly in front of the cantian were I am supposed to meet my employer. Better try to get in through the back door. I don’t know if they got my description.

-Different route available? hard streetwise check: failure, everything canceled (successes, threat, advantages)

-The streets are crawling with stormtroopers after our little mid-day shoot-out. There is no way to get to the meeting point.

-I call my contact and explain the situation. I need to reschedule at a different location. Do they agree? 80%, 23, Yes.

-”Looks like we got no choice if we want the data. We meet tomorrow at the Watering Hole Cantina in the spacer’s section.”

-Alright, so now I have to get back to my ship somehow and wait it out.

-Can Cal get to the ship without being spotted? hard streetwise check: Success with two threat.

-I manage to leave the immediate vicinity of the shoot-out. The streets are safer here. However, shortly before I reach my docking bay I am approached by some street scum. They claim I have been passing through “their” territory and demand a “passage fee”. I could have probably taken them out, however, I was hot enough already and I didn’t need any more trouble. I was able to buy my way out with 500 credits. (Now 5540 total)

-Finally at the docking bay I lock the doors, secure the hatches and get some desperately needed sleep.

-As I wake up the next day the numbness in my arm is gone. I get ready for the meeting.

-I head for the Watering Hole Cantina, it is not very far from my docking bay.

-Encounter on the way? 1-4 on d10: 9, no, lucky me.

-I finally reach the Watering Hole Cantina and meet with my employer, the guy called Mese Resa.

-Always give yourself a chance to fail: Does he try a double cross? However, I assign very unlikely odds. He needs the card and has a reputation to keep, but you never know: 1 in 6 chance of double cross…roll 1d6 and…I rolled a 1, great! So now it gets interesting…

-”Can I see the card?”

-”Money first” I reply.

-Of course…Resa puts credchips on the table with a total worth of 2000 credits. That is 2500 less than what was agreed upon (Flashback: Cal was hired for 5000 and got 500 up front as described in session 6).

-”Your math is off.” My hand comes to rest on the hilt of my blaster.

-”Oh, but it is not. See, your little shoot-out got the imperials all stirred up. I had to wait another day after I already assured my employer that I would obtain the card yesterday. See, a lot of things had to be changed around, excuses needed to be made…yadda yadda yadda, the usual, long story short: Hand over the card, take the credits and be happy that you can leave.” He wasn’t joking.

-”Well, lucky me then, because I didn’t bring the original card with me.” I gave him my best grin.

-Hard Deceit check: Yes! Success with a triumph but two threat.

-Apparently he wasn’t expecting that. His facial expression betrayed him. He needed the card desperately and he needed it now. He was staring at me with ice cold eyes, you could literaly hear him thinking is options through. Of course I knew he had backup here somewhere nearby…

-Without another word he reached into his other pocket and put another 2000 credits on the table. Still 500 short, but he did have a point, I know the business. I am not risking my neck for 500 more.

-We made the exchange and I slipped the money into my pocket and handed him the card. “Don’t worry, it’s the real deal. I fooled you.” (9540 total)

-He left, shortly afterwards three more patrons left, probably his backup. Time for me to leave as well.

-As I was about to leave, two stormtroopers enter the cantina (the two threat from my check) and start checking the patrons and asking questions.

-Try to sneak out the back door: moderate Stealth check: of course a failure, but three advantages.

-The stormtroopers notice me: “Hey you, stay there…”

-Time to do the dance again: Hard Deceit check, because of the three advantages I get to add a boost die. Lucky me, success, all threat canceled.

-Thanks to my quick wit and quicker tongue I convince them, that I was not the guy they were looking for.

-Back in my ship, I call up starport services to get a maintenance crew to do some needed repairs: Restore 12 points of hull for 500 credits each: 6000 credits (now 3540 total, ship is at 20 hull from 22 total and has all strain removed), repairs will take 6 days.

-Get 15 XP for the adventure, now at 19 XP. Purchase two ranks in Skullduggery for 15 XP, 4 XP left.

After my shared sci-fi game is finished I am continuing my Edge of the Empire solo campaign with intrepid smuggler Cal Ozan.

When we left him, he was lucky to hitch a ride on a Gthroc transport after he got separated from his ship while exploring a derelict vessel which was adrift in order to retrieve a datacard.

Now, with the datacard and a ride back to his ship it seems like he is back in business…

Again, a handwritten session report.