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The adventure continues with our heroes racing through the streets towards the docking bay…

Encounter 6: All aboard

Option B: The docking bay is guarded by stormtrooper squads (2 of them with three troopers each) instead of security droids. Trex is alerted and has taken up a defensive position inside the docking bay. A wins 7 to 2, by the book.

-As we race towards bay Aurek I use my last stimpack on myself to recover from the blaster burn I suffered during the stormtrooper encounter (regain 4 hp, back at 5). Oskara uses one of her stimpacks as well, since she still has pain (regain 4 hp, back at 7, one stimpack left).

-The large circular structure ahead has a giant letter aurek stenciled onto the building’s side. It’s the landing bay! The bay doors are open and I can see the YT-1300 transport inside. The loading ramp is lowered and guarded by two security droids. Two more security droids stand guard at the entrance to the bay.

-I signal Oskara to halt, we take cover in a doorway and watch the bay for a few moments, thinking about a plan to get in.

Out of character remarks:

At this point in the adventure it becomes apparent that the adventure is actually not well thought out if you read the options given for the PCs in the book. I mean Mos Shuuta is probably not a very big city with only two landing bays. Teemo is the Hutt crime lord that runs the place and has his residence there, meaning he will have eyes and ears on the streets and knows what is going on. The characters have all worked for Teemo in the past and for a while, so their faces are probably familiar to Teemo’s men and even if not, after they decided to leave his services he will have put the word out to look for them, as implied by encounter one and two.

So, so far the characters have killed or seriously injured a few of Teemo’s Gamorreans, then they (apparently) robbed a junk dealer using force and killed a total of six stormtroopers, that were also looking for them. The starport control encounter also had the option for using force. At this point one would expect the heroes’s faces plastered all over the place on holo broadcasts etc.

Even if the security droids are “neutral” starport guards and not Teemo’s droids I would expect them to be updated with the newest local wanted lists, including pictures. So in my book, walking up to the droids and making some kind of story should have no chance of success whatsoever and the droids should immediately recognize the heroes as the current most wanted criminals.

Then again, it could be that it all happens so fast that the local security can’t keep up with all the events.

However, I do know that the adventure is primarily designed to ease new players and GMs into roleplaying and teach the mechanics, so it certainly does a good job at that.

Now back to the game…

-“As I see it, we have only two options: Fight our way in or try to find a different entrance. Since we don’t have anything to lose I suggest we scout out the area first, the fighting does not run away.”

-Oskara agrees. We decide that I will cover her from here while she takes a quiet look around.

-Stealth check (Body) vs. the droid’s Mind of 2: 5, 4, 2 vs. 5, 2, draw, roll off: Oskara 1 vs. Droids 5, fail.

-Time for some stats: Security Droid: B: 2, M: 2, C: 1, HP 2, Damage 1 (built in blaster pistol)

-Determine initiative: Pash 5, 4, 3, 1, pass; Oskara 4, 2, 1, pass, so Pash, Oskara, Droids

-Round 1:

-The security droids have noticed Oskara and move to intercept. I fire at the nearby droid: 3, 1, a miss, damn!

-Oskara is alerted by the shooting and turns to fire as well: 6, 2, 1, 1, a hit, 2 damage, one droid goes down.

-One droid goes down as the second one fires at Oskara: 3, 3, miss, the shots go wide. The droids from inside the bay move outside to assist (move) and also fire at her (action): 6, 1, a hit and 3, 2, a miss (difficulty is 4 since target is nearby). Oskara takes one damage and is at 6 hp.

-Oskara manages to dodge the last split second, the bolt grazes her armor.

-Round 2:

-I fire at the closest droid: 4, 1, hit, 1 damage, one droid at 1 hp.

-Oskara shoots a different droid: 4, 3, 2, 2, a hit, 2 damage, droid goes down.

-Two droids are still standing. One of them turns to fire at me: 4, 1, a hit, 1 damage, Pash at 4 hitpoints. The shot grazes my jacket and leaves a burn mark. The other one fires at Oskara: 6, 4, hit, 1 damage, Oskara at 5 hp.

-Round 3:

-I fire at the droid that I hit before: 4, 3, hit, 1 damage, droid goes down. I hit it square in it’s metal chest and it goes down. I then race towards the loading ramp of the freighter inside the bay.

-Oskara shoots the last remaining droid: 6, 6, 4, 3, hit, 2 damage, droid down. The last droid goes down and she races to join me.

-I reach the loading ramp but come to a sudden stop as a blaster bolt hits the ground in front of me. At the upper end of the ramp is a tough looking Trandoshan, armed with a blaster rifle and wearing battle armor. It’s Trex! (Stats: B: 3, M: 2, C: 1, HP: 7, Damage 2 (ranged/melee), Cliches: ruthless slaver, cruel bounty hunter

-Round 4:

-I duck behind a loading ramp strut and fire at Trex who is nearby: 4, 4, hit, 1 damage, Trex at 6 hp.

-Oskara takes up position behind the other strut (move) and fires: 6, 3, 2, 1, hit, 2 damage, Trex at 4 hp.

-Trex moves to engage us in melee combat (move) and attacks me with his vicious claws. However, I manage to sidestep, use the strut for leverage and swing around it to kick him in the side! Trex failed the check so he took damage, he is down to 3.

-Round 5:

-I have no intention of fighting this Trandoshan in melee so I try to disengage and withdraw up the ramp (1d6: 5, odd, failure). However, he grabs me and drags me back down. I try to shoot him at point blank range (difficulty 6): 2, 4, miss.

-Oskara tries to get a shot in as well (difficulty 6 as well since engaged): 4, 3, 3, 1, miss.

-Trex continues to slash at me with his claws. He wins with 9 (Rule of 6) vs. 4. I take 2 damage (down to 2).

-Round 6:

-I am desperate and try again to get away (move, 3, failure). As that fails I try to shoot him: 5, 2, a miss.

-Oskara tries to withdraw up the ramp (move, 1, failure) but he can keep both of us in the infight. Oskara tries to bring her rifle to bear: 6, 5, 2, 1, a hit!, 2 damage, Trex at 1 hp.

-Trex slashes at me: He fails and takes damage and goes down!

-I block his blow and kick him off the loading ramp. He lands on his back and stays down.

-Quick! Into the ship. Let’s get out of here…


Continuing my playthrough of the Beginner Box adventure I present encounter 5, in which our intrepid heroes fight off two squads of imperial stormtroopers. I was very pleased with the combat rules in action.


The adventure continues as the heroes try to gain access to starport control in order to release the docking clamps that hold the ship in place…


Finally Cal manages to complete his assignment and hands over the datacard, collects his reward, and gets his ship back in shape. Not without further difficulties, of course…:

Session Log:

-Create destiny pool for the session: 1 dark side destiny

-So I am followed, three guys, two humans and one scaly alien. Two will probably cut me off in the front any moment now while the third one, the alien, will close in from behind.

-Time to act first and fast…

-Roll initiative! Cal uses Cool, the thugs Vigilance: Cal scores two successes vs. one success from the thugs.

-The combat starts at short range and is run on scrap paper.

-I get the jump on them and draw my blaster, set it to stun while bringing it up and fire a quick shot towards the scaly alien behind me. It is never good to be surrounded. The bolt hits him or her, hard to tell, and it goes down, limbs numb.

-The other goons were clearly surprised, but not surprised enough, and return fire, their blasters set for stun as well. I guess in an imperial controled city like Tamesh Prime nobody wants to face a murder charge after all. My reflexes kick in as I dive for cover (Dodge talent), causing the shots to go wide.

-I quickly return fire and hit one of the guys in the shoulder, however, that was enough to overload his nervous system and he goes down.

-The remaining guy however was obviously a better shot. I grit my teeth as a jolt of pain runs through my body, causing my left arm to go numb. A stun bolt hit me and even my padded and armored jacket could not fully absorb the impact. Another one of those hits and I am out cold. (Down to 6 strain)

-Can’t let that happen, I take aim and fire…direct hit in the chest. The last of them goes down.

-No time to stick around! No doubt somebody already called in the stormtroopers. My arm is still numb, dangling useless from my shoulder. I disappear into an alley and take a few erratic turns.

-I take a different route to the meeting point.

-Stormtrooper patrols on the way? 65%: 24, Yes.

-Damn! A group of four stormtroopers has set-up a checkpoint ahead, almost directly in front of the cantian were I am supposed to meet my employer. Better try to get in through the back door. I don’t know if they got my description.

-Different route available? hard streetwise check: failure, everything canceled (successes, threat, advantages)

-The streets are crawling with stormtroopers after our little mid-day shoot-out. There is no way to get to the meeting point.

-I call my contact and explain the situation. I need to reschedule at a different location. Do they agree? 80%, 23, Yes.

-”Looks like we got no choice if we want the data. We meet tomorrow at the Watering Hole Cantina in the spacer’s section.”

-Alright, so now I have to get back to my ship somehow and wait it out.

-Can Cal get to the ship without being spotted? hard streetwise check: Success with two threat.

-I manage to leave the immediate vicinity of the shoot-out. The streets are safer here. However, shortly before I reach my docking bay I am approached by some street scum. They claim I have been passing through “their” territory and demand a “passage fee”. I could have probably taken them out, however, I was hot enough already and I didn’t need any more trouble. I was able to buy my way out with 500 credits. (Now 5540 total)

-Finally at the docking bay I lock the doors, secure the hatches and get some desperately needed sleep.

-As I wake up the next day the numbness in my arm is gone. I get ready for the meeting.

-I head for the Watering Hole Cantina, it is not very far from my docking bay.

-Encounter on the way? 1-4 on d10: 9, no, lucky me.

-I finally reach the Watering Hole Cantina and meet with my employer, the guy called Mese Resa.

-Always give yourself a chance to fail: Does he try a double cross? However, I assign very unlikely odds. He needs the card and has a reputation to keep, but you never know: 1 in 6 chance of double cross…roll 1d6 and…I rolled a 1, great! So now it gets interesting…

-”Can I see the card?”

-”Money first” I reply.

-Of course…Resa puts credchips on the table with a total worth of 2000 credits. That is 2500 less than what was agreed upon (Flashback: Cal was hired for 5000 and got 500 up front as described in session 6).

-”Your math is off.” My hand comes to rest on the hilt of my blaster.

-”Oh, but it is not. See, your little shoot-out got the imperials all stirred up. I had to wait another day after I already assured my employer that I would obtain the card yesterday. See, a lot of things had to be changed around, excuses needed to be made…yadda yadda yadda, the usual, long story short: Hand over the card, take the credits and be happy that you can leave.” He wasn’t joking.

-”Well, lucky me then, because I didn’t bring the original card with me.” I gave him my best grin.

-Hard Deceit check: Yes! Success with a triumph but two threat.

-Apparently he wasn’t expecting that. His facial expression betrayed him. He needed the card desperately and he needed it now. He was staring at me with ice cold eyes, you could literaly hear him thinking is options through. Of course I knew he had backup here somewhere nearby…

-Without another word he reached into his other pocket and put another 2000 credits on the table. Still 500 short, but he did have a point, I know the business. I am not risking my neck for 500 more.

-We made the exchange and I slipped the money into my pocket and handed him the card. “Don’t worry, it’s the real deal. I fooled you.” (9540 total)

-He left, shortly afterwards three more patrons left, probably his backup. Time for me to leave as well.

-As I was about to leave, two stormtroopers enter the cantina (the two threat from my check) and start checking the patrons and asking questions.

-Try to sneak out the back door: moderate Stealth check: of course a failure, but three advantages.

-The stormtroopers notice me: “Hey you, stay there…”

-Time to do the dance again: Hard Deceit check, because of the three advantages I get to add a boost die. Lucky me, success, all threat canceled.

-Thanks to my quick wit and quicker tongue I convince them, that I was not the guy they were looking for.

-Back in my ship, I call up starport services to get a maintenance crew to do some needed repairs: Restore 12 points of hull for 500 credits each: 6000 credits (now 3540 total, ship is at 20 hull from 22 total and has all strain removed), repairs will take 6 days.

-Get 15 XP for the adventure, now at 19 XP. Purchase two ranks in Skullduggery for 15 XP, 4 XP left.

After my shared sci-fi game is finished I am continuing my Edge of the Empire solo campaign with intrepid smuggler Cal Ozan.

When we left him, he was lucky to hitch a ride on a Gthroc transport after he got separated from his ship while exploring a derelict vessel which was adrift in order to retrieve a datacard.

Now, with the datacard and a ride back to his ship it seems like he is back in business…

Again, a handwritten session report.


The journey to the asteroid belt in hex 07 07 in the Tamesh sector would take me about six hours. According to my star chart the asteroid belt was of light density, which should make it easier to navigate it. I calculated a course that would bring me close to the asteroid belt’s edge, but not to close.

About two hours before I was due to revert to realspace I picke up a distress signal: A pleasure cruise liner was experiencing technical difficulties and needed assistance. However, I got careful regarding these matters since I stumbled into a pirate trap that was set-up this way. I was also in a hurry, so I ignored the call and continued on my programmed course.

I exited hyperspace…

“DAMN!” I was heading full speed towards a large asteroid as I reverted to realspace. My calculations must have been off! They catapulted me right into the asteroid belt! A collision was imminent. The giant boulder already filled the transparisteel viewport.

I acted like on autopilot, no time to think. I pulled up and directed all emergency power to the downward thruster. The combination of pitch and downward thrust game me enough time to avoid a fatal collision. A terrible screeching noise went through the ship, sparks flew, circuits burned (again) but I was clear. That was a pretty close call.

I needed a while to catch my breath and just floated there for a while.

But then it was back to business. I had a job to do here. I scanned the area for other vessels. The scopes came up clean. The coordinates my employer gave me pointed further into the asteroid belt. I had to navigate the belt. But thanks to me flying casual and my natural talent I managed to get to the target coordinates without further trouble.

And there it was, my target. A large bulk transport was dead in space amidst the asteroids. It’s massive hull dented from several small impacts that thanks to the slow speed of the vessel didn’t cause to much damage. The scopes picked up no power or atmosphere onboard the other ship, also no life signs.

I brought the Never to Late alongside and docked at an external hatch without to much difficulty. The docking clamps locked the two ships together and my thrusters were programmed to keep us stationary. I modified my shields to encompass both vessels.

Let’s get this datacard and get out of here. I put on my spacesuit, took my essential gear and headed for the hatch. I wanted to try a subtle approach first before cutting the hatch open so I tried to hardwire the lock to restore some power and functionality.

Look what we have here. Underneath one of the panels I found some gold and platinum lined cables of the finest quality. Those metals should be worth quite a bit. A welcome extra income. I cut out the cables…DAMN! I ripped my spacesuit on one of the sharp metal edges. The pressure alarm was going off immediately and the door didn’t move one bit. I quickly moved back into the Never to Late and closed the hatch before the suit was completely depressurized.

Looks like I had some maintenance to do first…

Game Mechanics:
Since I failed the astrogation roll I figured I would be on a collision course but thanks to my advantages I had the possibility to avoid complete disaster with a hard pilot check, which I thankfully succeeded at, but the ship suffered one strain.

To get to my target coordinates I determined that I had to pass three hard pilot checks. I managed to pass all three of them and then asked Mythic if the ship would be there. Mythic said yes. It also said that the hatch won’t open so I had to pass an average mechanics check to be able to open the hatch.
I failed the test with one triumph and two threat which I interpreted as follows: I found some precious loot in the form of precious metals (the triumph) worth 1d6 x 500 credits but the threat meant that I ripped my suit in the process. And of course the door won’t open, since the check was an overall failure.

So, dear readers, I am still on the fence about how to post session reports: Unedited like I did with session 6 or as a narrative like I did here and several times before. I think both methods have their advantages: Unedited is faster, less work and gives more insight into solo roleplaying (at least how I do it). A narrative in my opinion captures the feel of the universe and the story better. So if you have an opinion on the matter, please let me know in the comments.

After we were safe in hyperspace I took a breather and went to look after my Twi’lek passenger. The stimpacks I injected her stabilized her and the bacta already started to heal her wounds. She was in good shape everything considered but then again it was only a shoulder hit.
She introduced herself to me as Val’ryl.

“Nice to meet you. That was a close call. I figured you would eventually mean trouble, but I didn’t think it would find us so soon.”

“Sorry Captain….”

“Call me Cal.”

“Well, Cal, like I said, if I could have taken a passenger liner I wouldn’t need your services.”

“Yeah, I know the business. Well, thanks to our little imperial entanglement I think I better go and see if I can mask our transponder code signiature. The imps probably have us on their wanted list now. We are on route to Ord Tamesh as requested and it will take us about four days to get there. Plenty of time to talk some more later on, I better get the transponder altered, just in case we are interdicted or something.”

“Thanks again for getting me out of there.”

I tampered a little with my transponder code signiature and altered it to broadcast a different ID, however, I burned some circuits in the process. The little girl really needed a good overhaul once I got the money. Since I didn’t trust my passenger I also encrypted all consoles and hatches with a security code, except for the passenger cabins of course and the recreational area. The fact that Ord Tamesh was a military stronghold with several garrisons didn’t make this mission easier. After I while I went to see Val’ryl.

“So, I got our transponder code altered, that should be enough to deceive any imperial patrols, hopefully. Speaking of the imperials, I would think Ord Tamesh is not really the right place for someone like you, who is not exactly on friendly terms with the imperials. What is your business there?”

“Forgive me Captain, but that is none of your business. Like I said, no questions asked. The less you know the better. You know the business.”

“Fair enough.”

Later that day I received a distress signal via hypertransceiver. Apparently a passenger ship has come under pirate attack. Even though I despise pirates the Never to Late was not in any shape for a serious engagement. I couldn’t help it and ignored the call, leaving the poor souls to their fate. For the duration of the trip I tried to fix what I could and get the damage under control but some of it was to severy for my onboard toolkit and my limited ability.

On the third day of the journey the Never to Late received another call for assistance. A pleasure cruiser was experiencing technical difficulties and offered a reward of 1000 credits in casino tokens for assistance. I have a weakness for casinos and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and see what I could do so I altered our course slightly and dropped out of hyperspace at the designated coordinates.

I docked alongside the pleasure cruiser and assessed the damage. I realized it is beyond my ability, however, the grateful travel agency still gave me 100 credits worth of casino tokens for the effort. Never one to let a gambling opportunity slip I tried my luck in the casino but lost.

We continued our trip without further delay and arrived in the Ord Tamesh system. As soon as I exited hyperspace I was intercepted by a pair of TIE-fighters on patrol. They scanned me and checked my transponder signiature but luckily they didn’t find anything at odds with transponder, we came out clean.

However, they noticed that the Never to Late had some battle damage and demanded to know what happened.

“Yeah, that’s battle damage alright. I thought you guys had this sector under control. Apparently not. I responded to a distress signal. A passenger liner claimed to have lost all life support. Guess what, it was a decoy. As soon as I arrived at the coordinates, a bunch of pirates jumped me. I was lucky to get out alive.”

There was a moment of silence…

“Understood. You are cleared to land.”

That worked out alright. I was directed to Tamesh Prime, the planet’s capital city, and put the Never to Late down on a landing pad. Whenever possible I prefer to land at a pad with the clear sky above me, just in case I needed to make a quick exit. Lucky for me there were a few unoccupied pads that met that requirement.

I exchanged contact data with Val’ryl just in case she needed a reliable pilot in the future. I was pleasantly surprised that she paid me 6000 credits instead of the agreed 4000 credits.

“For your trouble and some necessary repairs.”

Then we parted ways. I spent 4000 credits on repairs and bought some armored clothing. Pants and a vest padded with concealed plastoid plates. After the Never to Late was in decent shape again, it was time to look for another assignment…

Game Mechanics:
The journey to Ord Tamesh was handled like a classic hex crawl with random encounter checks made every day. The encounters were inspired by the Mythic action/subject table.
The events after the arrival in Ord Tamesh were triggered by closed questions put to the fate chart:
Has the word of my illegal blastoff spread to Ord Tamesh? Yes
Has the empire increased security? Yes
Am I inspected after exiting hyperspace? Yes
The TIE pilots had to pass an average perception check to detect my fake transponder and they failed with two advantages so they noticed the combat damage.
Cals lie regarding the matter was an opposed deceit check vs. perception which I passed.
After touchdown I asked Mythic if the Twi’lek pays without trouble and got an exceptional yes result, so I figured I would get the 6000 credits that Cal wanted to begin with.

For the third Session of my Star Wars EotE Solo Campaing I continued a different method of documentation that I started in session two: I am still searching for the perfect method of documenting a solo session. I really enjoy writing full prose and dialogue, however, it can really be an effort, especially after a long workday. The thought of sitting down and writing sometimes kept me away from actually playing, because I didn’t feel up to it.

For the last session, I tried a different method and played the scenes mostly in my head while taking sketchy notes by hand in a paper notebook (I do think that some form of documentation is absolutely necessary to stay focused and to make the session count). A day or so later I than wrote the session report in one go from my notes. I didn’t document every roll but documented some key moments or as I thought important decisions or mechanics.

So for this session report I will try yet another approach: I played the session mostly in my head, taking notes by hand while playing. I will write the session report from my notes. I will not document game mechanics or rolls during the write-up but instead in a short paragraph at the end of the write-up. In that paragraph I will highlight some key moments or otherwise important rolls or GM emulation decision.

I am also trying a different perspective. I will write the session report using an I perspective, looking through the eyes of Cal. So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

After the cloaked figure picked up the cargo I was relieved and glad that it went so smooth in the end. Hopefully it will stay that way. The last thing I needed now were some imperial agents that this guy didn’t loose like he thought he did. I still had the the problem of the Never to Late being severely damaged and the 2000 credits which I got wouldn’t ge me far. Even if I hadn’t spent them already.

So I needed a mechanic. I already learned the hard way that the damage to the ship was beyond my limited capabilities. Time to ask around a little for a freelance mechanic. Maybe I would find somebody who needed something done so we could work out some kind of deal. Repairs for a favor or something. I had a feeling that the promenade with it’s fancy shops and restaurants was not the right place for me to look, so I headed for the somewhat seedier industrial zone and worker district in the lower levels of Zelpoint Station.

As I walked down a dimly lit sidepassage I heard a femaly voice.

“Get off me you filthy scum or you will regret it!”

“Oh come on sweety. You know you want it.”

Someone was in trouble. I drew my blaster and quickly headed towards the noise. Coming around a corner I saw two thugs, armed with vibrodaggers, harassing a human female (which was really nice looking by the way). The woman was wearing a tech’s overall and a toolbelt! This might be my lucky day. Without a second thought I intervene.

“Hey fatboy! You heard the lady. Get your damn hands of her!” I got my blaster drawn but didn’t point it at them. Maybe we can resolve this nice and quiet.

The thugs immediatly turned to face me. They seemed unimpressed. They just looked at each other, than back at me….and without another word drew their blasters and opened fire!

But I was prepared so I quickly dove for cover, returning two quick shots while in mid-air. Both shots hit them square, dropping them instantly. The distinct odor of burned flesh was in the air.

“Nice shooting hotshot.” The woman smiled at me while she offered her hand to help me get up.

human teck

“Anytime. The name is Cal. Nice to meet you Miss….”

“Fey, Trisha Fey. But please, call me Trisha. Looks like I owe you one.”

I smiled. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Well…..If you say you….looks like you do. Who am I to argue with a lady? But let’s not stick around for too long. Let’s find something quiet and talk, before anybody shows up and asks questions we might not want to answer.”

On our way to a cantina I asked what this was about. She told me she made some modifications a starship that weren’t exactly by the book. Apparently the guy she did this for didn’t want anybody except himself to know about it, so he decided to silence her. At least that was Trisha’s theory. For me it was as good as anything and I didn’t really care. The important part was, that she indeed was a mechanic. And while she, much to my dismay, resisted all my charming comments and didn’t react to my innuendo she agreed to take a look at the Never to Late and repay me in kind. So, as promised, the next day she showed up in my docking bay, carrying a professional toolkit and advanced diagnostic package with her, together with some standard spare parts.

“Uh flyboy. You got her really messed up. Didn’t they teach you how to treat a lady?”

“Well, you didn’t want to find out for yourself last night, so…”

“Knock it off, as I told you, you are not my type….let me see what I can do.”

Trisha informed me that she would need about nine days to get some essential repairs done and she made it clear she didn’t want me in there any more than necessary. According to her, I had a tendency to get on her nerves after a while, pfff I wonder where she got that idea.

So the first day I decided to raise my funds a little by taking part in some streetside gaming. Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea as I was accused of cheating and got into a little fistfight that night. Even though I won I got really roughed up so I decided to call it a night and headed back to the Never to Late to get some rest, grabbing a quick burger on the way. Trisha was already done for the day.

The next few days I stayed away from gaming and focused my attention on getting a new transport job for when Trisha was done. Thanks to my experience in the matter and my keen eye and good judge of character I came in contact with a slender Twi’lek female who looked to me as if she definitely wanted to keep a low profile. After a few probing questions we got straight to the point. She needed a discreet transport of the station to Ord Tamesh, no questions asked. Since people are harder to conceal than cargo I told her my fee was 6000. She didn’t seem to surprised, apparently she knew the fees for this line of work and how much it costs to run a starship. However she told me she could pay only 3000. We eventually agreed to 4000 credits and I generously agreed to payment after arrival. I told her I would be ready in two days, since Trisha wasn’t done with her repairs yet.

Two days later Trisha was done and she did a really good job. Even though I still wasn’t her type she agreed to exchange contact data strictly for business purposes in the future. You never know when you might need a mechanic.

Half an hour later my Twi’lek passenger approached. I waited in the docking bay entrance when I spotted them: A quad of four stormtroopers bursting around the corner. The distinct mechanical voice echoes through the hallway.

“It’s her! Blast her!”

And so the shooting starts…

Game Mechanics:

The search for the mechanic was an average streetwise roll. I got one triumph with two threat symbols. I decided the triumph would be something beneficial, however the two threat symbols quickly turned into two thugs that I first needed to defeat in order to get my triumph, in this case free repairs as payment for the favor. A roll of 1d6+4 told me that 9 hull points would be restored and I ruled that one point would need one day to fix.

The search for a job was also an average streetwise roll which netted one success with one advantage. I figured the advantage would mean that the passenger was willing to pay 4000 instead of 3000 but the result was not good enough to justify Cal getting the total of 6000.

Cals advances towards Trisha were resolved with a Presence vs. Willpower roll which Cal sadly failed.

The fistfight was a fight against a regular opponent using unarmed strikes in melee after flunking a deception roll.

Next up will be a fight against a four stormtrooper minion squad.

After a long break playing Elite and First Encounters I am finally back at the gaming table. It is funny how after not playing for a while the urge to play another pen and paper session builds up to the point where I can’t resist it and just have to get out the dice again.

So, without further ado, here is session two of my Edge of the Empire solo campaign featuring Cal Ozan, Human smuggler and scoundrel (game mechanics or behind the scenes info is in italic):

Cal was relieved as he made it into hyperspace. He should be safe for now, but he had work to do. The ship was in bad shape and there was some repairing to do.

Since I went through all the trouble and created a hex map I will of course use it and play out hyperspace travel as some sort of hex crawl. I know that once you are in hyperspace you are practically safe in the Star Wars universe but that would not be much fun so I use the following mechanics: Every hex on the map equals one day in hyperspace, multiplied by the hyperdrive rating of the starship (in my case x2 for a standard YT-1300, I use the stats for consumables, cargo capacity etc. from the D6 Star Wars RPG). That means Cal needs two days for the journey to Zelpoint Station. I will assign a 30% chance per day for an encounter. I got one encounter for the first day and no encounter for the second day. The encounter is determined by Mythic GME Action/Subject tables. I get inspect/energy.

So Cal focused his attention on damage control. He got his standard toolkit which he kept onboard the Never to Late and set to work, trying to repair burnt out conduits and wires.

Difficult Mechanics check, failure with one threat, the ship suffers an additional strain and has a current strain threshold of 10.

However, the damage was beyond his skill and equipment, as he learned the hard way as a shower of sparks suddenly burned out another console.

“Damn! Looks like you are in for a little drydock vacation old girl.”

As if that wasn’t enough trouble already, the Never to Late shuddered as she was forcefully ripped out of hyperspace. Cal ran into the cockpit and looked at the scopes: An imperial interdictor cruiser loomed above at starport.

The comlink indicated an incoming transmission:

“This is the imperial vessel Locutus. Stand by for a customs inspection.”

Since the Never to Late wasn’t in any shape to risk anything, Cal complied. To his surprise and relieve they didn’t board his ship but inspected him by means of a very thorough and deep sensor scan.

I used Mythic to determine if the imperials would be satisfied by a sensor sweep only and they were.

To Cal’s relieve that seemed to satisfy them since they jumped to hyperspace without any further communication and Cal could continue his journey.

Without any further troubles he arrived at Zelpoint Station.

The space around the station was somewhat busy with small and large freighters. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and Cal was allowed to dock.

Is he bothered by a customs inspection? somewhat likely, no

So far so good. Cal was assigned a docking bay and was not bothered by any customs inspector. He left the engines in standby mode and did as he was told. He unloaded his ship, sealed his ship but left the docking bay open and contacted the comlink frequency that he had.

“Cal here to whoever is listening. The package is here and awaiting pick-up. Docking bay 342.”

He didn’t wait for a response and decided to spend the time shopping. Since he was payed in advance he had 2200 credits.

Cal headed for the Zelpoint Station promenade where a lot of shops, clubs, casinos and restaurants were located. After a while he spent everything but 60 credits to get some necessary gear.

First he needed new stimpacks so he bought 10 of them together with a leather stimpack bandolier, like an ammunition belt, that provided quick and easy access to the stimpacks in the heat of combat. He also got an electronic lockbreaker (which was not that easy to obtain) an utility belt with some basic survival gear and various other things like extra power packs for his blaster (extra reloads to cancel out of ammo results) and stuff.

He was gone well over thirty minutes as he headed back to his docking bay.

Is the cargo gone? No!

So far everything went smooth, so Cal was very surprised to see the container with the shipment still where he left it. Something must have gone wrong.

Cal tried to reach his contact.

Does he reach him? very unlikely, Yes!

To his surprised, a rough voice answered.


“Cal here. I am standing in my dockinb bay, looking at something that shouldn’t be here anymore. What’s the deal?”

“I got hold up in some imperial entanglements. Had to make a few detours and loose some shadows, I am guessing ISB. Stay put, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Will do.”

Hopefully the guy knew what he was doing. The last thing he needed right now were some tripper happy imperial ISB agents.

After a few minutes a humanoid cloaked figure with a deep rough voice entered the docking bay.

Following some advice in a D&D solitaire article (“Always give yourself a chance to fail.”) I am checking if this is actually a rip deal or double cross. But since I figured the guy Cal is working for is trying to expand his enterprise and therefore needs somebody to do the delivering I think it is unlikely. Mythic thinks so to, so everything goes smooth.

The figure eyes the delivery and seems satisfied. At least he doesn’t say anything and moves the repulsor sled with the container out of the docking bay but not before taking the forged cargo papers from Cal.

“That concludes our business here. Maybe till next time.”

“We’ll see.”

Wrap Up:

I decide the successful delivery is worth 8 XP. I have no real clue how to award XP in EotE, but in the introductory adventure the PCs get 10 XP after a few encounters. Since I had two fights I think 8 is in order. I will set the rewards at about 4 – 10 XP per concluded “adventure” or “quest” and see how it will work out. According to my house rules for character creation and advancement just using the beginner game I pick up the Dodge talent from the Bounty Hunter Talents and have 3 XP left.

That leaves me with 60 creds in my pocket and a severely damaged ship in Zelpoint Station…